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UPS better get their act together!
The Bloggers who won & went to Blackwater

A Keyboard and a .45
Of Arms & the Law
View From The Porch
The View from North Central Idaho
Call me Ahab
The Smallest Minority
Sharp as a Marble

Check their posts on the weekend & most have photos posted
Next Trip

Note to self: Next trip make sure you have the jack in the car, in case of a flat.
Todd Jarrett Wow where to start? He is a bit of a rare bird, I've seen top shooters, that simply could not or would not tell you how to go about learning what they do.
I've seen some try, & fail, I've also seen a lot with ego, & they fall out pretty quick too.

To be a good trainer you have to have the desire to teach & train! You have to have the presentation skills, & you should at least be a good shooter that fully understands the fundamentals to teach them.

But Todd has the desire & the skill to teach plus he is one of the top shootists in the country & when you combine all that, you have a formidable package.

I'm an Instructor myself, & I know what it takes to put on a class. Where does this guy get the energy? If you could bottle it you could make a mint!

Todd is hands on! & he is on the move throughout the class, he will pretty much all at the same time teach the entire class, & working with an individual, & doing a demo of what he is doing, & sending assistants to help other folks.

He grounds you in the basics, shows you how to move & shoot He shows you how to shoot movers, & he shows you how to move & shoot the movers.

While he is teaching at least with our class he was also interfacing with a film crew, & he could do it with out missing a beat.

He showed everybody how to improve, those that were newer or maybe just younger, picked up on his advice & instruction quicker.

For me sometimes when the timer went off, I went to auto pilot, & didn't shoot as well as I'd hoped, but that can come from trying new ideas, & working with unfamiliar equipment all at the same time. Although it's good to get out of your comfort zone, & open yourself to new ideas & views, otherwise you can get stale.

He kept it safe, he kept it moving, & he kept himself open to questions, & I'm sure he was more bushed than the rest of us by the end if the weekend.

One of the things besides his teaching skills was his gun handling, when I have seen even very experienced shooters handle a firearm, they always seem to handle a gun like a tool. When Todd handles his it's more like an extension of his body, it was nearly like an art, & I was in awe.
Blackwater Worldwide It's a pretty cool place, 7000 acres, & 650 employees, it is one of the largest shooting (if not the biggest) facilities in the world.

With over 40 ranges at least one going to 1200 yd, & includes at least 3 shoot houses, & a couple of what appear to be urban areas. They also offer performance driving schools on one of 3 tracks.

From the company website: Headquartered in Moyock, North Carolina, Blackwater Worldwide is situated on 7,000 acres. The largest private training center in the United States, our corporate facility is comprised of many unique training ranges, special tactical training areas, and other training support activity centers. We also have extensive technology design and manufacturing capabilities making our Moyock Headquarters a one of a kind center for problem solving excellence.

Courses Open to the Public
Blackwater Open Enrollment Courses
Introductory Pistol
Basic Pistol
Advanced Skills Handgun
Tactical Pistol I
Tactical Pistol II
NC Concealed Carry
Basic Shotgun
Precision Rifle
Blackwater Open Enrollment Driving Courses
Advanced Highway Safety
Bushmaster Weapons Courses
Carbine Operator
Carbine Instructor
Carbine Armorer
Mossberg Courses
Mossberg Shotgun Armorer Course
Close Quarters Defense® Courses
CQD Armed Personal Defense
CQD Women's Personal Defense

They of course offer even more for LE, Military, & their courses are note a whole lot more than a lot of other schools.

International Cartridge Company You would think that when ICC got the call, about the blogger shoot, & asked if they would donate between 18,000 to 27,000 rounds of frangible ammo for a 3 day shoot for bloggers, you would imagine a lot of laughing, & hoots & hollars.

But that was not the case. Dan Smith of ICC brought that much if not more, & handed it to us like it was christmas. Dan was one very popular guy all weekend. ( I thought I said it out loud but perhaps only thought it "we are not in Kansas anymore")

This was my first time with Frangible ammo, & it shot very well. & everything I heard about it, was pretty impressive. ICC is running 12 million 9mm a year, (which is about enough to keep Todd Jarrett supplied)
I didn't get any numbers for any other calibers. It is the future of ammo, at least for indoor ranges & steel shooting. It shoots cooler, it's lead free, & the QC is more controllable than with jacketed ammo.

Dave Hardy covers it here:
Sebastion Covers it here:
Kevin B covers it here:
Crimson Trace They were part of the the Para-USA event Also. I have been a firm believer in CT products going on at least 3 years. I like the fact that the stats show the laser is likely to deter the bad guy, once you light him up, with the laser.

I have also used them to teach sight alignment skills etc, Todd Jarrett takes it to a whole new level, in using the laser & how it moves to diagnose common shooting problems, by reading how the laser moves after the shot is fired.

CT is bringing out a new training video to replace "Shots In The Dark", the new one features Todd, & I am looking forward to getting copies to give to students & fellow Instructors.

Anyone serious about pistol shooting & getting better should really consider hanging a set of CT grips on their gun. Anyone that carries a pistol should really really consider using them, they may stop the fight before it even starts, & if you have to fight you will increase your odds for survival.

One of the cool things about the CT grips they don't alter your gun, & if the CT grips break which seldom happens, your gun will still function 100 percent.

The company has great customer service, as Todd pointed out in 12 years he has broken one set, & he shoots more in a year than most folks shoot in a lifetime. I own 4 sets, & really need to get a 5th set ordered for Lady D's M&P.

Lasers are a lot like electrical ear muffs, you want to put off the purchase, but once you get them you wonder how you got by without them

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blackhawk I remember how when I bought my 1st 511's, & they came in & I was checking out all the coolness features, & then I got to the tag, that said "Made In China", which is all very well for a shirt you buy at wally world, but I felt a bit let down considering it was likely most expensive clothing I'd ever bought. But the cool news is Blackhawk is working very hard at bringing their products back to the USA. From what I understood they have so far saved or created between 150-250 jobs here in country, & that makes them, well very cool in addition to their lines of high speed low drag equipment.

You could walk into Blackhawk, in your shorts, & walk out fully equipped with the exception of firearms, they have the rest. Blackhawk is growing, & seems are always working on new products and ideas. If their R/D group makes it past here I have an idea for a modular mag/light/pepper spray on a paddle, that would work great for ccw''ers. (Rooting in catalog it appears they have such a beast, but I was hoping for 2 mags & a pepper spray;-})
Their line of Sherpa holsters are really nice, & they are not Kydex, they are a Carbon Fiber mix, making them stronger than kydex. You also have the option of belt loops or paddle with every unit. The paddle is very comfortable, & really "locks" in place.

Very generous hosts if I might add. They also provided the company bus for transporting the Blog group from Norfolk & back.
Para-USA Para-USA held the contest for the bloggers to attend the Todd Jarrett Training at Blackwater. The fellow that put it all together was Kerby Smith, & that in it self was an undertaking, Arrangements for lodging, working out details with Blackhawk, Crimson Trace, & International Cartridge Company. They also put in a special run for the pistols 10 9mm LTC pistols, & 15 45acp LDA's. All were outfitted with fiber optic front sights, & the Para Coat finish in desert tan, & all the pistols were outfitted with Crimson Trace Grips.

The guns were all commander size which is an ideal size for both concealed carry, & for tactical training. They made a very good choice for the event, & no nobody got a free gun, but they did offer us the guns at reasonable prices Photo:

CEO Thanos Polyzos, informed us that Para is moving all operations from Canada to Charlotte NC. Production will be in full swing in the mid part of 2009.

Para offers all new owners a lifetime warrenty, & is the only company that tests every pistol with a proof load before shipping.

They were the first with Hi-Cap 1911'2, they designed the LDA trigger, & the Power Extractor.

They are now coming out with the TTR Tactical Target Rifle, it's hybird of sorts, it is an AR lower, it's not a gas blowback like the AR, & it's really not a piston rod set up like an AK, it's called (I quote) The new Para Tactical Target Rifle with its Direct Impinged Gas System™ (DIGS™) & frankly there is no recoil whatsoever in this gun.

Para will offer both complete guns, & uppers that can be mounted on standard AR's, in the coming year.

"For the past decade one of my top secret weapons in the competition world has been the Tactical Target Rifle. I have trusted it and used it exclusively for over ten years. Its unique design lets me get on target faster with accuracy and reliability unmatched in any other rifle. And it is just fun to shoot." - Todd Jarrett, World Champion Shooter and Instructor

If you are looking for a quality 1911,or ever wanted a 1911 but preferred a double action, or a new patrol rifle, check out the growing Para-USA line of products.

How did the guns run? I went through 4 the first night, on Saturday morning, they gave me my original one back & it ran fine the rest of the weekend, Mr Polyzos did tell me Sunday that they make the guns pretty tight & there is a bit of break-in. Some of the folks with the LDA's were having some issues, but in fairness it was a system that they were not fully use to, & that is where the training counts. I understand the issue was in pulling the trigger & then finding the safety was still on, the slide had to be jacked to reset the gun. I for one am a big fan of a manual safety on a carry gun, that in the event of a gun grab the safety will slow the bad guy & give me the time to do something other than get shot. Para has a different system, & one would have to learn the system to be proficient with said system.

I usually carry a Browning HP, in leather. & the switch to the 1911, in the Sherpa holster I found it bit fumblely for lack of a better word, the grip was different, the height the gun rode was different etc etc. I sometimes finding myself flipping safeties off guns that don't have safeties.
I noticed that Todd had none of the issues with his gun, but he is use to the LDA system.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Leaving Blackwater

We finished up with the Para TTR & had turned in our special Para Gun Blog models,
since I had driven I was pulling out as Nick arrived with the Blackhawk bus to pick up the rest of the group, & headed home.

Driving west my mind went over the training of Todd Jarrett, & how the companies Para-USA, Blackhawk, International Cart. Comp, Crimson Trace & Blackwater, had put the weekend together, & all the products we saw,used & received.
About the other bloggers, real group of good decent people, & some were fine shooters to boot.

I was on the causeway heading west towards the tunnel at Newport News, when an east bound sea gull deposited a fair well gift on my windshield, as if to say "welcome back to the real world sucker!"

I'll post more on everything tomorrow.
The Duck out.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 2 Blackwater

Run Gun & Steel

Todd Jarrett really ran the us through the paces today, Pushed high & tight grip, focus on the front sight all the basic & important stuff. But he puts all the steps together, & creates a dance.

The Para USA Special Editon "Gun Blog" models ran pretty well today, some of the malfunctions yesterday were just due, to new guns fresh out of the box

International Cartridge Company Is supplying us with some fine ammo & it will be covered later.

Great training, Good company It's a pretty decent weekend, check the blog links many of the other bloggers are providing better coverage, than I am.
Blackwater Trip

The trip over was a post in it self
The tour of Blackhawk showed some interesting products, & they seem to be trying to keep as many of their products as they can here in the US of A instead of sending jobs overseas.

Blackwater is impressive, I'd give details, but then black helos may show up & take you away.

Full range day today & we will wring the newness out of the Para-USA guns

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blogging will likely not happen until I get back from the Para-USA event at Blackwater.

Stay safe & watch your six
"Charles S. Morrison, 31, of Greensburg, Pa., was convicted Tuesday of five charges, including felonious aggravated assault with a deadly weapon"

The weapon? Perhaps an assault rifle, a handgun? Shotgun?? Knife?

Give up?

A Garden Gnome,2933,407283,00.html
How they get their guns......................

...........................some ride the bus

11-Year-Old Boy Among 5 Arrested in Dramatic Gun Shop Heist,2933,407062,00.html

The alleged ring leader, Keyser has a criminal history and is on probation after pleading guilty in 2005 when he was 15, to attempted murder and weapons charges in Philadelphia, according to the Daily News.
Packing List

  1. Clothes for 5 days, chk
  2. Shaving kit, chk
  3. Spare Boots, chk
  4. Spyerdco, chk
  5. Advil, chk
  6. Map's, chk
  7. Bandaids, ck
  8. Cash & cc, chk
  9. Hat, chk
  10. Jacket, chk
  11. Camera, chk
  12. BenchMade, chk
  13. Snacks, chk
  14. Cooler, chk
  15. Muffs, chk
  16. Shooting gloves, chk
  17. 9mm 4 spare mags, chk
  18. 2 surfires, chk
  19. spare batteries, chk
  20. AR-15, chk
  21. 6 30 rd mags, chk

Well it appears, I'm pretty much packed for the Para-USA trip, got about 150 rds down range last night. Finally really shot the Warrior last night, very nice what can I say one prettty much ragged hole. Also shot the Sig P6 that I bought in May, & it shoots real well two, not at tight at the Kimber, & of course a BHP, & a Sig 226, most slow fire, but a few rapid at the end.

I was keeping them all on target at 7 yds, just don't want to look bad when I get over there.

Jackpot Meme
You just won the mega powerball jackpot to the tune of 150 million dollars (after taxes)
1. What would be the very first thing you would do? Call a lawyer, to set up a blind trust
2. Where would you choose to live? Likely stay where I am but buy the property around me
3. What kind of house would you live in? same one I have
4. What kind of car would you buy? Happy with car I have, thank you, But I would be ordering a Barrett 82A1
5. Where would you vacation? Life would be a vacation, but maybe Gunsite?
6. Would you have anything on your body fixed? no
7. What kind of hobbies would you engage in? same one I do now guns & shooting
8. What charities would you donate to? Friends of the NRA,, NRA. US Shooting Team.
9. Would you give money to your relatives? No, Friends yes
10.Would you run away from your current life? Well the 825 would have to go
11. Would you continue to work? Yeah, I enjoy training
12. Would the money change you in any way? Not that I know of
Wheres a CCW'er when you need one??

Minor Fender-Bender Leads to Murderous Rampage in Fla.,2933,406762,00.html
230 grain injection of lead would fix that

Noyes wanted them to move in with him, she said, and his intent was to have sex with the woman and her daughter and breed a family of female sex slaves, according to the affidavit .

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What is so hard about pointing in a safe direction?????????

GRETNA, La. — A 23-year-old man's attempt to show his girlfriend a pistol ended in tragedy when the gun discharged, killing her,,2933,406363,00.html

Did I mention the Dave Grossman Seminar??

Well that's kool!!

I liked the Pic too......
Go Granny Go

That's when Smith grabbed her gun and told the teen that she would shoot him if he moved, police said.

Her trainer can be proud

HT to : M Malkin
Many Instructors take a causal approach

But some like Don Myers don't

People who do CCW Training have to take the job seriously, & they have to attempt to give their students everything they can in the time allotted. Over 90% of those that attend a ccw class will never take another training course again, & likely 90% of that 90% will not practice or train themselves. So what they get in a 12 hour class may be all they have in a fight.

I never want to get the call that Don got, I bring as much as I can to the table & give as much as I can to my students in the time allotted. I hope they never have to use their weapon, but if they do I want them to prevail.

Like the trip to the Para shoot, what can I bring back for my students? What will I be able to add, that will increase their chances if that day ever comes.

For those that seeking some of the finest Warrior Mindset training they can get see the post below.
From Buckeye

August 18, 2008RE: Can you help us fill the final 15 seats? Dear Friend, We need your help. Our big Dave Grossman event is nearly sold out.
We have 235 people signed up...but 15 seats remain. We really want this to be a sell out event, and with only a few weeks to go I'd like to personally ask for your help. Please mention this event to your CCW students, friends, family, work buddies, and anything else you run into.

This all-day workshop on being mentally prepared for a lethal encounter is the single largest event we've ever put together. And if we can sell it out, it will pave the way for additional events with big names ... we're tossing around ideas like Massad Ayoob and John Lott. Proceeds benefit Buckeye Firearms Association and our ongoing battle for gun rights here in Ohio. Can you give us a hand? Just send people to our Web site. The information and signup is right on our home page.
Thanks in advance, Jim Irvine

P.S. If you're not signed up for this event, by all means sign up now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Skills Challenge

It's been awhile since I've done any Run & Gun, but yesterday attended the first Buckeye Firearms Skill challenge, sponsored by the local IDPA Chapter, in Oxford Ohio.
Figured it might be a good warmup for the Para Shoot next week, & the money was going to a good cause. Buckeye has done some fantastic work in improving the gun laws in Ohio.

Not as quick as I use to be, & I did get to claim a hit on a "Hostage Target", no one else in the squad did that.........

But anyway, I suppose it is time to get back into it, you can get good lessons on cover, moving & shooting etc.. & doing is on a regular basis tends to reinforce good habits.

It is a game, & it cannot mirror the real thing, but many of the required skills are the same. About the only way it could be the same as real life is if they armed the targets, & had them attack you when you least expected it. But you could move to Chicago, & have the real thing.

Friday, August 15, 2008


BEIJING (AP)—Leonid Ekimov of Russia was leading in the men’s 25-meter rapid fire pistol after scoring 291 points in stage 1 on Friday.
Oleksandr Petriv of Ukraine, American Keith Sanderson and Germany’s Christian Reitz were tied for second with 289 points.
Germany’s Ralf Schumann, a three-time gold medalist, was tied with three others with 288 points.

This is one very tight competition so far
Today in 1888

T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia for his military exploits against the Turks in World War I. was born.
Thank god he didn't have a gun ...

Gun Debate Critic has the story

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Very Cool

Shooter becomes US’ oldest female Olympic athlete

BEIJING (AP)—Libby Callahan will be 60 when the London Olympics roll around four years from now.
So how about it? Will this ageless American shooter be back in 2012?
“I’m not ruling it out. I would not rule it out,” Callahan said. “I don’t want to put any restrictions on myself.”
In Regard to Para Shoot

I've been told if I like the gun, I'm to make arrangments to purchase said gun, or I can plan to sleep on the porch.

Women are funny that way this will be like the 6th gun she has made me buy this year.

Last one was in April, a Kimber Warrior that had made a trip to Wilson Combat,
There were a couple of Browning Hi Powers, & can't forget that Smith 1911 PD with the Crimson Trace Grips, in January She says we have to look at our futures, & the way the stock market has been going, guns are a better investment.

I don't know if other gunnies have this problem or not...................
What Fred has to say on the Russian Invasion

While this crisis plays out we should also note that these events give evidence of a larger reality: the next American President is going to face an international landscape that is more difficult and treacherous than we have ever faced. By now most Americans appreciate the dangers of international terrorism and the fact that a small number of people can wreck unimaginable havoc upon our country and our people if they get their hands on the right kinds of weaponry. What is less understood is that some of the older, traditional kinds of threats are still very much with us, only heightened because of the increasing availability of nuclear weapons and other weapon technologies.
Even when guns are banned, bad guys find a way

Thieves Use Tomahawks in $1 Million Gem Heist at Australian Jewelry Store,2933,402981,00.html

That's like well almost medieval

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Obama ends war!!

According to one of his possible VP's!

Hat tip to Wyatt:
Guns and 2008: A Powerful Unifying Force Overlooked By The Candidates?
That's Loyalty!

A dog stood guard over her owner's body for up to six weeks

Dogs are like that, when my first wife passed her dog guarded her for a week before she was found

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Added the New:

to the blog roll

Obama called on President Bush to put troops on the Tennessee border, in case the Russian Invasion spreads north, it appears he has foreign policy down pat.
It is easier if you are armed

Good Samaritan in Missouri Murdered Saving Female Under Attack,2933,401821,00.html
No Need for Guns In National Parks?

Father, son injured in Tenn. bear attack

If it just saves one childs life..............................

(if you say so Sarah)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama cancels all campaign stops in Atlanta!!

He heard there was a war in Georgia!!

heh heh
A great stress reliever for this time of year!!!

Go ahead, you know you want to...........
From an email:


is intended to be implanted in terrorists.

The implant is specifically designed to be installed in the forehead.

When properly installed it will allow the implantee to speak to God.

It comes in various sizes:

The Implantee may or may not be allowed to choose the size.

The implant may or may not be painless.

Some bleeding and or swelling may occur at the injection site

Please enjoy the security we provide for you.

Good advice Ladies:

Gun Myth 33


Brigid knows what she is talking about

Sunday, August 10, 2008

This May get me thrown off the Bus

While I usually recommend when people take a gun class, that they take proven equipment, it is not unusual for students to show up for a CCW with a brand spanking shiny new gun, and yesterday was no exception. There were two, a young lady who had never fired more than 3 shots in her life brought a new compact Glock I did not note the model, & while the gun functioned well,between the recoil for a new shooter & the short sight radius. it was not long before we switched out to a 22 semi auto.

But the other one was a License holder who had let his license expire & was taking the class over, had a brand spanking new Para LDA super dopper subcompact PTX 45. Of course since I'm attending the Todd Jarrett class at Blackwater this month, I was interested in how the gun performed.

With a MSRP of 1200+ US dollars, I was less than impressed. Or perhaps I was impressed but not in a positive way (Impressions do go both ways.)

Repeated failures to go into battery, & the trigger was hard to describe not heavy, but it was hard to keep the sights aligned through the pull enough to keep it on target.

Perhaps I am bias towards medium to full size guns for carry & fighting, but this is a gun I wouldn't want to carry in a fight, to get hits I had to really setup & take the time to get the shot, & perhaps due to it's size it took a second or two to get the shot, in a world where split seconds are what counts.
I dug out my old Kimber Custom II ($450 used) & lent it to him to finish the course of fire, his comment was at least it wasn't the shooter.

Those that want to carry these small subcompacts for the ease of carrying, really need to put a lot of time in to mastering the gun, & they will burn a lot of ammo learning to control the little beasts.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

American s Killed & Assaulted in Beijing

One killed & one injured:;_ylc=X3oDMTI1NzZyc3Q3BFJfYWlkAwRSX2RtbgN5YWhvby5jb20EUl9maWQDYmRhMGMzMzU0NTFiYmY2YjY0Y2Q0MWRlYjBiYWRlNDYEUl9sdHADMQ--
How about the spin from the State Dept:
U.S. Embassy spokesman Richard Buangan said it was "aware of the reports of the accidents suffered by two American citizens, we are working with the Chinese authorities to find out more on the cause of the incident."

Well I suppose it's a good thing they have stict gun control, somebody could get hurt otherwise.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Perhaps she wants to be a liberal?

Girl, 6, Back Home After Having Half Her Brain Removed,2933,400062,00.html

Yes it is snarky

Really she didn't want to be a liberal she suffered from Rasmussen’s encephalitis, a rare illness that eats away at the brain
Rather Strange Suicide,

John Lott's Website: When suicide endangers others

Once people make the decision, & determine a way to do it, there is not much that can stop them. The more determined they are the less likely they tell anyone what they have planned.
Those who tell everybody they know , are usually asking for help, & will not carry it through, or botch it.
Tam has a story

About Children being raped in Afghanistan.

But we really have plenty of those targets right here at home, perhaps we could make donations to the local police marksmanship fund. But only if they shoot these dirtbags.

Police Seek Man Accused Of Raping 9-Year-Old Girl
Strange Assault

Two arrested after using barbecue pit as a weapon

It just shows, that when people lose control, they will use anything at hand. Whether it's a brick a knife, a bottle, club, or a gun. The problem is often the victim has nothing to defend themselves with.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Beginning to sound like Mad Magazine:

"NRA Had Spy in Gun Control Group; Muslims Have Spy in NRA"
So is California melting now?

"After that we were more cautious about standing in one place for too long," he said.,2933,398484,00.html

So if mudslides, fires & earthquakes haven't worked perhaps it will just melt into a plastic goo
'Dead' Man Awakens Before Autopsy, Shocks Doctors by Asking for Glass of Water,2933,398661,00.html

Of course the question begs, after he had his water did they still perform the autopsy?
He may roll, but he can't run!

Paraplegic Suspect In Tienda Robbery At Large

"A judge wants police to find a paraplegic accused of armed robbery who prosecutors say "rolled himself away."

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blackwater Worldwide announces the creation of a new product - the BW-15 Rifle!Designed by our expert armorers, this exquisite weapon can be modified and built to your personal specifications!Your choose the barrel, you chose the sights, you choose the rail system.
Cat Burgler?, Dog Napper?

IDLEDALE, Colorado (AP) -- A mountain lion crept through an open door into a house outside Denver, snatched a Labrador retriever from a bedroom where two people were sleeping and left the dog's dead body outside, wildlife managers said Tuesday.

Bet that was a interesting 911 call, & remember Mikey B says we only need a cell phone for self defense
The whining has hit the main stream media

Gun-control groups fear top activist was NRA spy

"It raises some real concerns with the tactics of the NRA. If they've got one person, maybe they have more. If they've done this dirty trick, what else have they done?" said Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign, which planned to search its offices for listening devices and computer spyware.

They are the only ones concerned with "tactics" when it is used on them

Thirdpower has some coverage of how they do it:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Couldn't get a sitter?

PHOENIX — A 7-Eleven clerk was gunned down in his west Phoenix store by a gunman, who police say, was accompanied by two young children.,2933,397324,00.html
Rendell backs Islam ?

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Praises Farrakhan and N.O.I. (Watch the video) hat tip Patti
Islam is a faith that respects their women"

Isn't he on Obama's short list for VP?
Running for AG in Ohio

Mike sounded pretty impressive at the OFCC Party in the park
Bring Back Firing Squads!

Ohio inmate says he's too fat for execution

Worried lethal injection won't work?, Lead injection will take care of the problem!

I'm not the only one with an opinion on this

Monday, August 04, 2008

Canada Beheading

I know the story is a few days old, but the one question I had was why did they negotiate with this thing for 3 hours?? The RCMP should have put a couple of caps in him & the whole business would be done.
Go Texas!!

Texas defies World Court, Bush on execution

Time to get rid of the rif raf, get all the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree..........

"The law is clear: Texas is bound not by the World Court, but by the U.S. Supreme Court, which reviewed this matter and determined that this convicted murderer's execution shall proceed," said Jerry Strickland, a spokesman for the Texas Attorney General's Office."

Now thats American!
They have lost my business

Workers at Tyson Foods’ poultry processing plant in Shelbyville will no longer have a paid day off on Labor Day, but will instead take the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr in the fall.
What? No Guns? No way!

Attackers kill 16 police at Chinese border post (& injured at least 16 more)

Weapons: Large Truck, homemade Bombs & knives, & all of 2 attackers!!
4th is going too..............

Under recently disclosed Department of Homeland Security policies, such seizures may be carried out without suspicion of wrongdoing,

Fourth Amendment – Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no
Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Oh of course it wouldn't apply to lap tops The Founders had no knowledge of such things, just like they didn't know about semi automatic rifles. (Until it's the liberals lap tops that is seized)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Ban Graffiti/Save lives

Graffiti vandals turn violent in LA

If lawmakers would just past reasonable graffiti laws, lives could be saved, but the NPCA has to much clout & influence with the politicians
City of Dayton

Police Chief Announces 5-Point Plan In Response To Violence

Biehl said part of his plan is to have more supervisors responding to crime scenes before, during and after a crime has happened.

Hmm, before, during, & after?

What they have a psychic hotline?
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Stupid headline:

17-Year-Old Gunned Down During Shooting (like he would be gunned down during a stabbing)
Follow the link & you can see his booking photo

Just another of those Brady Center Children
Ohio is in need of a new AG

Robert M. Owens Candidate for Ohio Attorney General sounds like a pretty good choice: