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Hope you have a wonderful

A lady made a profound statement

"I can call the dog back, I can't call a bullet back"

Massad Ayoob "If your only tool is a hammer, soon all your problems look like nails"

I admit it is a hassle, and it is costly, but I believe adding a properly trained service dog, I'll have someone watching my back, She can hear and smell what I cannot see.

So just a salute to those warriors, that ask for so little.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Just because no one else has done it

Does not make it a smart thing to do

Deal Alert

SOG Tomahawk $20.54

SOG Fast Hawk $15.99

Get a grip

On your slide

For those with weak hands the extra purchase on the gun would aid in racking, plus when your hands are wet or cold might be that extra bit to get your gun back into action. Sheepdog knives and guns can install these.

Not the way I have always done it.

Some thoughts on not wasting your training dollars 

Training is not just a monetary investment, it is an investment of your time too. Now do keep in mind that at least 75% of learning takes place after the event. You are not going to learn new things in class, you will be shown new things in class, to really learn them you have to practice them the way they were taught in class.
When I trained with Todd Jarrett in 2008, throughout the weekend Todd kept coming to me, saying "Just try it the way I showed you", and I replied "I'm trying too"
I came home and  for 4 weeks shot one box of ammo a day, mentally working on what he had shown me till I got it right, and even 6 years later those old bad habits still show up, but in working on what was shown, I did become a better shooter. It is not like flipping a switch, you have to un-learn things sometimes to make space for new information.

Improving trigger control

Finger exercises to give you better control

Dog bites man, not news.

Dog shoots man is news

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