Friday, May 27, 2011

NRA & Patriot Act

From email:

As often happens with complex issues, NRA's position on Sen. Rand Paul's defeated PATRIOT Act amendment is being mis-reported by those who either don't understand the facts, or prefer their own version of "facts."

This amendment was rejected by 85 Senators, which included many of the strongest Second Amendment supporters in the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, Senator Paul chose not to approach us on this issue before moving ahead. His amendment, which only received 10 votes, was poorly drafted and could have resulted in more problems for gun owners than it attempted to fix. For this reason, the NRA did not take a position on the amendment.

To be more specific about the amendment and its problems, the amendment would have prohibited use of PATRIOT Act legal authority for any "investigation or procurement of firearms records which is not authorized under [the Gun Control Act]." There have been no reports of the current PATRIOT Act being abused with respect to firearms records, however supporters suggested a far-fetched scenario in which every firearms sales record in the country--tens or hundreds of millions of documents dating back to 1968--could be sought. Again, we nor anyone else is aware of any case in which this authority has been used to abuse gun owners. (In fact, published reports indicate that few of these orders are ever sought for any reason.)

In particular, the amendment appeared to be aimed at so-called "section 215 letters"--orders from the FBI requiring the disclosure of "tangible things" such as records and documents.

Under the current PATRIOT Act, an application for this type of order with respect to firearms sales records has to be approved no lower than the director or deputy director of the FBI, or the Executive Assistant Director for National Security. The application is made to a federal judge based on "a statement of facts showing that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the tangible things sought are relevant to an authorized investigation ... to obtain foreign intelligence information not concerning a United States person or to protect against international terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities." The judge has the power to modify the order and must direct the use of "minimization procedures" to protect the privacy of Americans.

If the Paul amendment were adopted, the FBI would have used other ways to access whatever firearms records it might need for intelligence or anti-terrorism investigations. This is especially troublesome for gun owners.

This would result in United States Attorneys simply demanding the same records through grand jury subpoenas, which require no judicial approval before issuance. Fighting a subpoena after the fact can be very costly and carries legal risks of its own, including possible charges for obstruction of justice.

Even worse, the government would have used the Gun Control Act's provision that allows the Attorney General to "inspect or examine the inventory and records of [a licensee] without ... reasonable cause or warrant" during a criminal investigation. That means by simply characterizing its activities as a "criminal investigation," it would enter a licensee's premises and demand these records without "reasonable cause or warrant"--in other words, without judicial oversight of any kind, and without any of the procedural limits imposed by the PATRIOT Act.

Therefore, given all of these potential problems for gun owners, the NRA could not support this poorly drafted amendment.

From: Parsons, Rachel
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2011 7:20 PM
Subject: NRA on Amendment #363

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So why isn't there a

Walking Policy Center?

Taking your kids cell phone

can result in getting skewered

If you run out of bullets

you can beat them to death
Attaches to the bottom of magazine, and can be used during any "Use of Force" situation

Several Days of Shooting Goodness

Starting tomorrow, going to put on 3 days of NRA Personal Protection Instructor courses.

Each person will be shooting from 150-450 rounds depending on which course or courses they are taking, the Personal Protection courses are great building blocks for people to advance from a basic or CCW class.

They rank 6th on Brady Report

Hawaii Has Double the National Rate of School Firearms Incidents

Bet TSA Didn't

Grope his crotch

If you can afford an XD

You can afford a proper holster

Monday, May 23, 2011

Interesting day

Tiring too started with a long drive on a 2 lane for 75 miles in not the bestest of weather, and 8 hours of seminars

Sunday, May 22, 2011

60% drop in homicides

Juarez Mexico April's 166 homicides reflected a 60% drop

Inciting the "Lone Wolf"

Current issue of Inspire

"Authorities for some time have been warning about the possibility of lone wolf terrorists attacking targets within the United States," Snyder added. "What better protection against that possibility could there be than the armed American citizenry ready, willing and able to resist such attacks?"

They say:

Licensing and regristration will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, so explain this

It is not just common criminals anymore

Inspire, the online magazine published in English by Al Qaeda in Yemen, routinely sings the praises of Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, who in November 2009 killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood using two handguns. Inspire's creators - cleric Anwar al-Awlaki from New Mexico and graphic designer Samir Khan, formerly of North Carolina - would like nothing better than to see other American Muslims follow Hasan's lead.

I carry a gun

Because they don't make holsters for German Shepard's

I did agree with the title

"Right to carry concealed guns comes with responsibility"

But suffice to say at odds with some of the content

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Knife

Cold Steel Laredo

Always wanted a decent quality Bowie, and Cold Steel seems to have filled the bill

My Big Plan is

To come home

If going over a 100 miles, there will be a trauma kit, rifle, and magazines, and a 72 hour bug out bag that is in addition to my standard stuff, handguns, magazines, blades, lights etc.

I was nearly stranded in Colorado years ago, a late May blizzard hit, and even though I was on main roads, it was a question if we were going to make it out anytime soon, we were both prepared, and lucky

To say you have never needed it, does not mean you will never need it.

Training Sheep

Of course being a campus the sheepdogs are unarmed too

GET OUT of the area to somewhere safe. Leave the room and go in the opposite direction from any shooter. (most classrooms have one point of entry/exit)

CALL OUT to 911. Give as many details about what you saw or heard and your current location. Do not assume that someone else has called – you may have new information for the police. (Only if you have made it to a safe secure location, 911 takes seconds, and the police are only minutes away, and if it is a school the 911 lines will be busy from all the calls)

HIDE OUT. If you can not leave, turn out the lights of the room you are in, and hide until help arrives. Avoid hallways, turn your cell phone on silent, and remain as quiet as possible. (Hiding under a desk is not hiding, it is just making you an easy target)

KEEP OUT. Lock, block, or barricade the door with any available furniture. (this does work, but you need to work fast, and being wrong is ok, barricade now)

TAKE OUT. This is a last resort when you have no other option, this is the life or death situation. Attempt to take out the shooter however you can. (This is a viable option, and if the shooter is in the room may well be your best bet, this guys are not looking for a fight , just easy targets. Attack with whatever you have and be loud about it, and do it swiftly)

It seems to matter

What color whistle you use

It really pays

To check the laws before you are on the plane

The UN & Guns

When you hear of a refugee dying from cholera, you don’t normally think “Oh, another gun death.”

Didn't you get the memo?

TSA runs terror drill, but forgets to inform cops

Now that is funny

DEA seizes ATF guns

Walgreens writes:

From: "consumerrelations bb"
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 1:46:14 AM
Subject: Ref #3084662

May 20, 2011

Dear John,
Thank you for contacting Walgreens regarding this matter. Our policies in this area are designed to maintain the maximum safety of our customers and employees.Store employees receive comprehensive training on our company’s robbery procedures and how to react and respond to a potential robbery situation. In past incidents, employees have told us they’ve found this training effective.These policies and training programs are endorsed by law enforcement, which strongly advises against confrontation of crime suspects.Compliance is safer than confrontation. Through this practice, we have been able to maintain an exemplary record of safety.We’ve made significant investments in security technology in recent years, including increasing the number of digital surveillance cameras at our stores.With upgrades to security technology, we are able to provide police with high-resolution photographs and video of crime suspects.We continue to invest in state-of-the-art security measures and high-definition surveillance equipment and hope that the apprehension of robbery suspects in the Benton Harbor area will prevent future crimes. Thank you for contacting Walgreens to share your comments.

Rori R

Consumer Response Representative

My Reply:
Dear Rori,
You can still take your policy and ram it,

When one has a gun pointed at their head company policy pretty much goes out the window.

Cameras provide historical data, as to what happen, and they do not prevent crime, yes they may solve it at a later date, but that is of little use to the victims. Big brother watching me does not increase my security.

Your policy is against personal defense, and compliance is getting people killed

Really law enforcement is telling you compliance is better?, as the FBI has reported several times the worse choice a victim can make is submit to an attacker.

Nearly every week we review robbery videos of clerks in stores being shot in the head, after they complied.

A couple of high profile cases the Lane Bryant robbery in Chicago IN 2008, five dead when they complied with the robber, or the Wendys massacre in NY in 2000, again 5 dead.

Cases like Michael Swanson killing two store clerks in November of 2010 in Iowa, (Video shows clerks complying) when ask why he killed them, he said because he could are growing evermore typical.

We have arrived at a new age of vicious criminals, that will kill, and maim, whenever given the chance.

Behaving passively increases the chance of injury or death by 1.4 times

Your polices are outdated, and today's criminals are more violent, more determined that they were a decade ago

Your polices are against human nature and life, and are designed to cover the company and not the people.

If an employee stands their ground and stops a robbery or worse, the company could be held liable, but dead employees can be replaced.

Your polices are about protecting profits, not people. If Walgreens truly cares about both customers and employees they would have fresh eyes look at those stated polices, and revise them for today's violent criminal element.

As long as Walgreens maintains its anti-self defense policy, I would not feel safe shopping in any of your locations, and urge others that feel the same way to shop elsewhere.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walgreens can go F*xK themselves

Employee stops armed robbery gets fired

Walgreens Customer Service page if you would like to contact them

Bath School Bombing

Biggest Mass Murder in a US School

Nobody Move!: THIS DAY IN CRIME HISTORY: MAY 18, 1927

Blank Cartridge

causes a school lockdown

Chicks and Guns

More women acquiring CCW

What women talk about when shooting (at least in NYC?)

Maine SP

Want new guns, although installing new sights would be cheaper, after all we know they haven't been shot a whole lot

Well you should be opening businesses here

Not there

Sorry Dave, I can't do that

One,  It is not: The American Rifles Association It is the National Rifle Association

Two, There have been several studies, from the St Louis Law review to Gary Kleck that find ownership of guns resulting in the owners and their families being protected, from 1.2 to 2.5 million times a year.

Three, I own guns because there are, Guns in the hands of people, especially angry, insane and undesirable elements

Four, I do have confidence in Americas law enforcement officers, but you have to understand their role is most of the time is historian, as they get there after the fact, and record what happen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'd of shot him

When he got to the fender

If they do not heed your warning the 3rd time they will not heed it the 7th time

Update: Found a longer video of shooting, seeing it I would have shot him sooner about the 24 second mark

Friday, May 13, 2011

Indiana Supreme Court

 No right to resist illegal cop entry into home

H/T to Say Uncle

Can't blame the dog

He didn't have his paw on the bang switch!

Federal Suit

Filed in Illinois

Well every time a felon tests

the system, no one does anything about it

Worked part time at a gun shop in 94, a convicted felon tried to buy a gun, and no one wanted to pursue filing charges, so if there is no punishment, why not?

Well Duh!

There are more people in big cities, so yep the homicide rate will be higher

Signs prohibiting guns

going into production

Left breaks out in

sarcasm concerning concealed carry

Flash Mobs turn into


Well it's back up

still missing a couple of posts from yesterday

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Fav Tactical Pants

Are the Tru-Spec 24/7 series

I've tried 5:11, Blackhawk, and a couple of others and these have been the most comfortable, and handy to wear of all of them.
The front pockets are big enough I can stash my Para Carry 9, the side slot pockets will hold ether a knife or a surefire flashlight, the leg pockets have magazine slots, and make a great place to carry spares, when I don't want to carry the mag pouch.
I really like the comfort slide waist band, all in all they work about the best for me.

They come in ether 100% cotten or 65/35 Poly Cotton rip-stop I like the heavier cotton in the fall and winter, and the ripstop in the warmer months.

(FCC I paid full price for these so bugger off)

New SG Pouch

Made by Condor, holds 25 rounds

Result of Booger Hook on Bang Switch

In this case, Death

More Women overcoming fear

of gun ownership

Ladies nothing to fear, and you'll find it empowering!

NRA looking to recruit more women as Instructors

That's it blame the rabbit

ATF sets off wildfire

DC Gunshop to reopen

Gura filing lawsuit

Friday, May 06, 2011

2012 agenda

Barack Obama is committed to stealth gun control

That is not a joke

He intentionally pointed a loaded gun at his friend

Ohio misses a perfect score

by 9 lousy points

Moore says

Bin Lauden denied due process

Yes you are


Officer wounded in training

They have no clue

Put your roadblocks in

The North bound lanes

NO CCW for you

Illinois House fails to pass

Rep. Monique Davis, D-Chicago, said she finds it hard to believe that guns are still manufactured and sold in a "civilized society."
"America is no longer the wild, wild West," Davis said.

Yep, Chi town is about all thats left of real wild west shootouts

Monday, May 02, 2011


Hardly 71,139 attend annual meeting

George Morris lost his wife in the Tucson mass shooting, and is addressing the NRA Board.
“I will be your spokesman, as my wife would wish, to be your spokesman, to tell everyone that it wasn’t a gun that killed my wife.”
“I will be your spokesperson in protecting the Second Amendment going forward.”

From the news in Pittsburgh I've heard the antis had between 100-250 at the protest on Saturday

Crimson Trace

Master Series G-10

Home Invasion

halted by neighbor

Congrats go to

Linda Walker

Great Kickoff for

Reelection campaign

Sunday, May 01, 2011

What the?????

3 Convicted terrorists granted citizenship

And they worry about a watch list??

You know you are tired

When you think the headline reads:

Lady Gaga survives air strike

Expanding SG Slugs

D Dupleks, I missed the table, but these do look interesting

At slightly over $3 a round they are not cheap, but it appears they would get the job done

More posts tomorrow

Left the show around 11 am, and drove straight back, just in time to help an instructor with 2 hours of range time, and have a 12 hour Ohio starting in a couple hours.

But it was great to see some of the folks from the Gun-Blog Blackwater shoot, Uncle, and Caleb, had time to say hi to Breda, and met Jay G, and a few other new faces.

Didn't take enough pic. and in the rush (late arrival Friday due to Pittsburghs lovely trffic patterns, and had to get back yesterday) missed  some good stuff

Open Carry is one thing

But going strapped with 3 guns is over the top