Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh by the way, She died

The man accused of critically injuring a 52-year-old Strongsville woman over the weekend is a career criminal who has been out of prison less than two weeks, Parma police said today.
Todd A. Torok, 39, of Parma, is charged with attempted murder, felonious assault and aggravated robbery. Police said he has a nine-page rap sheet and has been arrested at least 36 times.
Torok was released from state prison on April 30 after serving two years for robbery, drug possession and failure to comply. He is still under the supervision of the Adult Parole Authority.
Police said the victim,
Chevonne Ecclestone, was walking her poodle Saturday at the West Creek Reserve in Parma when Torok hit her repeatedly in the head with a rock that weighed 15 to 20 pounds.

So we are ask from time to time why we carry, we carry because of the people we love, & this lovely lady was not prepared for the horror that descended on her. If there is a woman in your life, mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, spouse.. teach them mindset skills, give them the tools they need to fight. Someone ask me why I gave Lady D a Surefire flashlight for valentines day, & I replied the same reason I gave her a SIG 226 for our anniversary, because I love her.

One of the photos of the victim was at her wedding, perhaps if her wedding was like this group, she wouldn't be dead,

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good thing they have Gun Control

According to the latest government statistics available, 32,155 people killed themselves in Japan in 2006. (Population: 127,720,000)

United States, 2005: 32,637 (Population: 304,177,000)


Friday, May 23, 2008

Solo officers vs. active killers: Officers speak out

All I can say is one armed man "Right Now" is of more value than 100 armed men in an hour! can be entertaining:

Browning High Power
FN (Fabrique Nationale)

This pistol was captured in China during the Sino-Japanese War. It is a pre 1930s FN Browning High Power. It is in very good condition with aftermarket Z Coat finish
Wow that is rare, pre 30's hmmm weren't introduced until 1935.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So what do they put in the Ice Cream?

Toilet Fire Damages Ice Cream Shop

sometimes a headline just comes along.........

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mind boggling

So many anti's cry about how guns cause all the killing & shootings etc,
So with an est. of 70,000 people attending, & both open & concealed carry being allowed (Except for McCain's appearance on Friday evening), plus thousands of guns on display, & nary a shot fired. Gee Sara, Josh, Paul how do you explain that one??

NRA Annual Meeting

Well they do know how to put on quite a show! We really went not see the "Newest & latest"
But more to just see it all, a day & a half is not enough to do that!.

Concealed carry is legal at the expo center, & being Kentucky Open carry is pretty popular, & I did see, some of that. We didn't carry at the show, & it was from a comfort issue, besides with that many gunners in town we figured most of the bad guys would be in Lexington for the weekend.

We got in Saturday, & missed the press-room, & ended up missing all the bloggers.

We did see a lot of people we knew, ( which with the sheer size of the show was surprising)
& we got to meet a few new ones.

Lady D did get to meet Mr Selleck, but they do keep him busy, so it was brief

Liked the new XD-M from SA, although I looked I didn't see any models with the manual safety, which is a feature I desire on a carry gun.

First-Light has a nifty tactical light

Kimber does offer several 9mm on the 1911 frame, & with the price of ammo, I am considering a Stainless Custom II

I did get to handle of couple of Novak's custom guns, & it is decided I will be sending at least one Hi-Power in for mods before the end of the year.

We both met The Gunny, R Lee Ermey, really a nice guy

Kim Rhodes from the USA Shooting team, really a nice young lady. She is now shooting International Skeet, so it will be a different game for her in China.

I did bring home a ton of information, which I will need th shift through, which may add to this.
But still a bit to tired to mentally wrap my head around any of it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

911 & die

Well if someone is trying to kill you & it takes law enforcement 2.5 hours to arrive, you are likely dead. So much on relying on 911..........

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Legal help for CCW'ers

The Network’s goal is to prevent miscarriages of justice through—
Educating members about the legalities of using deadly force for self-defense and how to interact with the criminal justice system after a shooting.
Creating a nationwide network of attorneys and legal experts which the member can draw upon in the event of a self-defense shooting.
Granting financial assistance from a separate non-profit foundation to members who are facing unmeritorious prosecution or civil action after a self-defense incident.

This sounds like a very good thing, I joined

Spent 40 hours with Massad & other Instructors this weekend.

Although we did do some shooting, LFI-1 is more on mindset & legal training.
Perhaps next year if both time & money allow I'll return for LFI-2

his site is

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Couldn't happen there

They banned guns.........................
Seems Scotland Yard is in some type of gun battle???

Gunman in stand-off with police

May be related: Roads reopen after 'gunman' reports

HT to Snowflakes in Hell, & Of Arms & Law

Teens fuel gun crime surge

A devoted care worker was killed in a shoot-out between two youths "reminiscent of the Wild West", the Old Bailey heard today.

Gee as I recall that is the Brady Center Paradise of gun control

Well at least it's not limited to guns, & this one will be harder to solve:

Boris war on knife gangs

Knives are pretty basic tools, & nearly impossible to ban

I offer here an Obama quote, “...I think there is nothing wrong with a community saying we are going to take those illegal handguns off the streets.

In comments I loved this one: Look at the school shootings in Virginia and Colorado! Tougher punishments and not letting criminals have all the rights are the answers!

Then we really don't need any additional laws, if it's a illegal handgun, & then it is likely a stolen firearm, & we already have laws for stolen property.

It is actually more likely a illegal person in possession of the firearm, since it's against the law for a felon to have a firearm.

As to the comment about "look at the school shootings", Tougher Punishments? Someone who is planning to kill themselves after a shooting spree, what are you going to do, lock their dog up??, as a tougher punishment?
If you going on shooting spree & then kill yourself we'll revoke your libary card & fluffy is off to Sing Sing!, so there.

So you idiots want more laws that will only affect those that already abide by the law, & since the laws that are already in place are not being enforced, so why would a batch of new ones be enforced??

Monday, May 05, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

Guns don't usually do that by themselves

"when one of the officers' handguns discharged. Another officer was hit in the chest, but he was wearing a protective vest and suffered minor injuries. "

So they are standing around in the bank, & the gun just went off??, Not likely I'm guessing a BUG in a pocket.