Monday, May 19, 2008

NRA Annual Meeting

Well they do know how to put on quite a show! We really went not see the "Newest & latest"
But more to just see it all, a day & a half is not enough to do that!.

Concealed carry is legal at the expo center, & being Kentucky Open carry is pretty popular, & I did see, some of that. We didn't carry at the show, & it was from a comfort issue, besides with that many gunners in town we figured most of the bad guys would be in Lexington for the weekend.

We got in Saturday, & missed the press-room, & ended up missing all the bloggers.

We did see a lot of people we knew, ( which with the sheer size of the show was surprising)
& we got to meet a few new ones.

Lady D did get to meet Mr Selleck, but they do keep him busy, so it was brief

Liked the new XD-M from SA, although I looked I didn't see any models with the manual safety, which is a feature I desire on a carry gun.

First-Light has a nifty tactical light

Kimber does offer several 9mm on the 1911 frame, & with the price of ammo, I am considering a Stainless Custom II

I did get to handle of couple of Novak's custom guns, & it is decided I will be sending at least one Hi-Power in for mods before the end of the year.

We both met The Gunny, R Lee Ermey, really a nice guy

Kim Rhodes from the USA Shooting team, really a nice young lady. She is now shooting International Skeet, so it will be a different game for her in China.

I did bring home a ton of information, which I will need th shift through, which may add to this.
But still a bit to tired to mentally wrap my head around any of it.

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