Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Enabling drug traffickers 

Most Sex offenders and drug dealers should be locked up

Zimmerman has been perhaps


Tell them to get


In Regard

To this Post

I refer to this article

Ted Nugent may at times seem like he is over the top, but he has no qualms about expressing his believes, and well if it offends someone, it is their problem not his.

Being less than forthright, and not wanting to offend has indeed lead us in many ways to the mess we are in.

Sad when freedom of expression whether it is a prom dress, or political opinion is only ok when it does not offend anyone.

Guess it was good, that the Founders of our country didn't mind be offensive   

Another sign the America we knew is gone

Labor dept to replace 4H

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Take

Fewer people really carry with little to no training

I have talked to a lot of people who took short classes and about half decided not to get their license or if they did, not carry a firearm, as they 1. had no clue what or how to do it, or 2 the instructor told them the liability didn't make carrying worthwhile. Then those that took the longer classes felt more at ease in carrying, and around 90% did carry. It is a human trait not to do things they do not know how to do.

Among law abiding folks, I see 4 types Gun owners, People who own guns, people who don't own guns, and anti-gun people. Now for the vast majority of Gun owners they are pretty knowledgeable and some fairly skilled, then of the people who own guns, some have knowledge, and a few have some skill, a lot are like Barney Fife when it comes to anything beyond shooting paper. Then when the people who don't own guns start signing up, Instructors can take the time to educate them, or just process them through.

Do not assume they all know what you may know, and trainers should remember that their students may only have what they learned in class to defend themselves

That's why we can't have nice things

That's why there is a rule about no live ammunition in the classroom, weather it is a classroom or a livingroom


They have the bestest gun control laws in the world

Armed Grandmother

Stops Armed Robbery by Shooting Back

Editorial Oversight 48 caliber?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whitney move aside

Dick Clark died

Frozen Cows

May need to be blown up

Tax Refund?

Buy a gun

I had to pay so no refund

Holly Adams

Says it like it is

The majority of the time signs and regulations do not stop these killers, bullets do their own or someone else's

H/T to Say Uncle

More like completely stupid

Rule 1 Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction

Reporter finds

One member to interview

Another I'll report what happen in a negative way


Stand Your Ground

Knowledge is a powerful source of strength, and if your concealed carry instructor does not give you the information, then you are responsible for finding out.

To quote Massad Ayoob:

“Maintaining a deadly weapon for self-defense is an awesome responsibility. It carries the legal power  to perhaps deliberately end the life of another human being under an extraordinary circumstance.
Such responsibility demands a clear and complete understanding of the law, both criminal and civil. It mandates a high level of judgment, and the ability to activate it swiftly. It demands technical skills involving marksmanship and an understanding of firearms and combat ballistics and tactics.” 

Pondering Gun Rights

NY Times

Of course I'd use more than the NYT's as a source of information


On Guns & Gangs

Sign of the times

Last year 14,460 permits were issued statewide compared to 12,214 in 2010. And 36,804 firearms were registered in Hawaii in 2011 compared to 31,390 the year before.

If FedEx gave a dam about employees

They wouldn't fight this bill

When employers do not allow guns on company property, it means they have disarmed all of those folks on the commute from and to home. So anywhere along the way those employees are defenseless against criminal attack. If FedEx valued their people, they as a company would not remove the means that employees could protect themselves. But as with most companies FedEx is just worried about covering their own a**, and the employees are just overhead, and replaceable.

I'd also ask how their policy prevents someone intent on doing harm from bringing a weapon to work, and causing mayhem. The policy didn't keep an ex-FedEx employee from carrying a shotgun into the company  facility in Chicago last fall and offing himself.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Note of interest

Did see the new M&P Shield for sale at local gun show Sunday $400

I said it was crowded



To unarmed victim zones

Not my year

NRA show this year was great, but not my year to be there I guess, somewhere Friday misplaced my credit card, and thankfully canceled it. Did not pack modem or power cord for lap top, and left camera in the car as it was pouring rain when we arrived

The best parts were seeing people I know like Massad Ayoob, Marty Shaw, a quick hello with Julie Golob, and some of those I have trained with, met Ron Pincus. Perhaps I wasn't in the blogging  mood.

Did see and handle the new M&P single stack and it looks to hold some promise for the ccw crowd

Perhaps the silliest gun I saw was the lever action Circuit Judge
Between Rossi and Taurus they have sold a boatload or two, and I suppose they ride that horse as long as they can.

All the NRA shows I've attended have been crowded but this one had gridlock, and it seemed to much trouble to try to fight the crowd to get back to the few products that might have proved interesting. But it is good to know so many were attending, and perhaps we will have the numbers in November.

I didn't attend but saw some of the speeches on C span, and I did find Newt moving, it was the idea that "All" men should have the choice to be armed, not just here but everywhere.

Well there is always the next time...........

Steve Lee

Has a new video

Saturday, April 14, 2012

NRA Meeting

Very crowded, it was packed tighter, than any of the last 4, will be interesting on final tally

More later

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Liquid gel

Body Armour 

Anti's say licensing will save lives

Register guns like cars and save lives

“If I were to, let’s say, arrest a 17-year-old this afternoon who doesn’t have a driver’s permit, never had a driver’s permit, that 17-year-old could pay $75 at the local police station and be on the street in a car an hour later,” he said

But cars don’t kill people, people with cars kill people, but no one is calling the American Automobile Association (AAA) to task.  Nor or they calling Ford or Honda GMC, or Toyota out.

So how has all this licensing and registration saved lives?

Oh yeah I’ve never had to submit to a federal background check to buy a car. And you are not required to have a drivers license to buy a car.

So perhaps we need more motor vehicle laws?

It has been done

You choose to ignore the data

Mass stabbing do happen here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here, the list goes on

The research has been done here, here, here, here, and this list goes on.

St. Louis University Public Law Review
Concludes there are at least 400,000 "fewer violent crimes due to civilian self-defense use of guns" and at least "800,000 violent crimes are deterred each year because of gun ownership and use by civilians."

His words ring true today

From My Cold Dead Hands

VPC will cry out that gun control

would have prevented this teen from committing suicide, while they ignore the two ax murders, he committed. 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Laundry should be left to professionals

Even if it saves the life of one child, it will be worthwhile

Cop shoots tourist

by accident

Really it is not that hard:

Keep your bloody finger off of the trigger

About that UN Treaty

According to Sen. Rand Paul, the U.N. "Small Arms Treaty" will almost surely mandate tougher licensing requirements to own a gun, require the confiscation and destruction of unauthorized civilian firearms, call for a ban on the trade, sale and private ownership of semi-automatic weapons, and create an international gun registry

They have no logic

Are anti's incapable of logical thought?

Although I never needed my gun at work, although there were a couple of events that I thought I might, I was more concerned about the trip to and from, that something might take place. Both events at work the persons in question left, went home and returned  with a gun, luck or something stopped them from hurting anyone. Once a manager came and ask me if I had my gun with me, I said yes, why?, and he said so so had left and had threatened to come  back with an AK, and he wanted my gun in case he did, I said no, if he comes back, I'll take care of it. He didn't so nothing happened. Even though it was against policy, the managers were fine with the fact I had a gun at work. 

Maybe we should ban

Skittles, if he hadn't had them this wouldn't have happened


Making something that is already illegal, more illegal won't fix the problem, this is all about control period