Thursday, July 28, 2011

TV Host

Chases Burglar

Not in Denial

Training officers for active shooter response

A Bill who's time has come

HR 2613

Citizens Protection Act of 2011

Well he proved himself right

He said ‘No look, guns don't kill people; people kill people.’"
The 14-year-old told family members that her uncle was showing her the safety feature on the gun when the gun went off and killed him.

Protecting his home from intruders

While Bracey is being called a hero by many, the question looms did he do the right thing?

Reporters ask some pretty dumb questions

Type of rifle made little difference

"You can say that if he had had a different gun like a bolt-action rifle it would have been different,"
With a bolt-action rifle "you can fire probably 20 to 30 rounds a minute depending on how trained you are and how many magazines you have.

Mom trys to light cigarette

Shoots daughter

Denny says Norway shooting is just an exception

Because restrictive gun laws keep people safe

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt honored at Camp Perry

“The first step in the direction of preparation to avert war, if possible, and to be fit for war, if it should come, is to teach men to shoot.”

Allen Schulman of Canton Ohio

Is a frothing idiot

I really do not think the actions of one officer, reflects the Dept. or the city,
but in earlier coverage, the Canton Police Chief, stated his dept was still adjusting to the concealed carry laws, excuse me but it has been 7 years!. If your officers and dept are that slow in adjusting, perhaps you should get out of police work, and open a fast food joint.

Since Allen is city Council President, it reflects that the entire city government has a negative attitude toward concealed carry, and citizens right to self defense.

But note Mr Schulman the problems you are having with guns in your city, are not the guns carried by license holders. The problem you have is an individual officer stepped way out of line.

I have talked to 2 lawyers, and several officers who have reviewed the video, and they all said the same thing, the officers involved, did not use correct  procedures, and they were in fact lucky, that the driver was a licensed armed citizen, and not an armed felon, or video might have shown an entirely different outcome

You never Know unless you try

You Never Know
Written by Gary Witt

Sunday, 24 July 2011 08:43

Sometimes when we talk to people about concealed carry we wonder how or if our words and actions will make a difference in the attitude, outlook and decisions of others. Other times we may wonder what prompts a business decision to post or remove “no guns” signs. OFCC member Sean Maloney found out both after teaching a CHL class earlier this year.

Sean contacted OFCC on July 21st about a former student who talked to him regarding the no guns signs at United Dairy Farmer stores. In his words “I had an UDF Official take my CCW Class and he informed me they were considering it...... He informed me last week that the policy change was official, the signs were coming down.....” He also wrote that he was told by his former student that the regional managers had been removing them as they visited each store, and that UDF phones were ringing because CCW holders noticed.

The UDF corporate office in Cincinnati confirmed to OFCC that the policy to remove the signs went into effect July 13th and Sean gave permission to contact his former student for some background information on the decision.

Zone manager Bill Bales, Sean’s student, spoke with OFCC. He was sent to the class by UDF to get more information and Sean provided information and statistics that he provided to UDF upper management for them to use in making their decision. Some UDF stores have Class D liquor permits (although he didn’t specify which ones) and Mr. Bales said that when Senate Bill 17 was signed that removes the restriction from CHL holders from being in an establishment that had a Class D permit, removing the signs became much easier for UDF. Mr. Bales indicated that many in UDF upper management have CHLs and the company welcomes CHL holders in their stores. OFCC took the next step of notifying its members and supporters through a post on the forum and deleted the fifty-three UDF stores listed in OFCC’s Do Not Patronize While Armed database.

So pack up yourself or yourself and family and support the company that welcomes CHL holders by stopping, whether it be for picking up some small items, a quart of milk or some great tasting ice cream. While you’re there, think about thanking the management for removing the signs.

Note: the UDF did not post until about 2 years after CCW went into effect in Ohio, and at that time appeals to take down the signs fell on deaf ears. In this case it was finding the right person to listen, and Sean got it done

Ok one more time


1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you have made the decision to shoot

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Louisiana Homeowners' Association

Has no honor

No Match for


Another way Cartels get guns in Mexico

They take them from the police

Quote of the day

“Clearly the media is no longer taking a passive role, or even objective reporting. The media has become an activist voice for supremacists and the far left.” Pam Geller

Get your heart pounding

Shoot in the dark!

Leave it to professionals

You are not capable, wait for SWAT, even if it takes an hour or more for them to arrive

I myself wouldn't say if someone had been armed they would have stopped him, but someone armed could have stopped him, or at the least slowed him down. The killers biggest fear was failure, but he used deception to draw people in, including what security they had. Then there was no one to stop him. The arriving professionals didn't shoot him ether.

If the camp had an armed security team, he would have picked a different target, why aren't there any mass shootings at police depts?, because at least here the cops have guns too.

Yes it would be tragic to shoot someone accidentally, but no more tragic than watching them be hunted down and murdered.

Many say that our children are the most valuble thing we have in this country, and they likely feel the same in Norway.

Why can't we put as much effort into protecting our children as we do our gold?

There is a quote, and I can't remember who said but it goes something like this:

Children do not need to be told there are monsters
Children know there are monsters
Children need to know we will protect them from the monsters

 Al Qaeda's blatant threat to exterminate 2 million American kids remains unheeded.

Nut cases like the VT killer,and those with agendas of violence, have the schools, the youth camps, etc. square in there sights, and before you say the classic line "It won't happen here", That is what they said last thursday in Norway, thats what they said at Nickel Mines PA, thats what they said in Bailey CO. It can happen anywhere anytime.

Get ready, because it is not going to be pretty.

Parents rasie hell at school board meetings, contact your state reps, but we need to do something before we have our Beslan, or Ma' alot.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Firearms do seem more civilized

than hacking them to death

Hate when that happens

Corpse awakes, scares staff

No you can't use bathroom

Stay down!

Feds give felons green light on gun purchases

"You cannot sanction the violation of federal law by enabling or co-enabling prohibited persons, which includes felony convictions, from purchasing firearms," said Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., a former federal prosecutor and a member of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, which is investigating the botched ATF operation. Gowdy said he would discuss the apparent violation with committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

Some good news from Norway

Death toll reduced


Adams Arms Introduces the lightest piston driven AR upper

The Retro-Fit Piston Driven System developed by Adams Arms will transform and revolutionize the AR15/M-16 Rifle into a modern day platform that will continue to be relevant for many more decades to come.

Seems we have heard that before

San Francisco Considers Legal Protection

 For Criminals

But it happened anyway

 Norway already has some of the toughest gun laws in the world

We do not need more laws, we need more armed sheepdogs!

Here we go again

A gun in the hands of a maniac is most powerful weapon of all

Of course if one or two adults responsible for those in their care had the proper tools, he could have been stopped, watch the focus be on the guns rather than the 6 ton bomb he built.

Always a first time

Why you should have guns in the wilderness

The youth are the future, and we should have the tools at hand to protect them from viscous attacks

Didn't the Brady's say if our

weapons were  registered it would put a stop to gun violence??

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good Hands on Training

From Promoter email:

Finally got the details all together on the next Warrior Summit.

It will be occurring on October 15th and 16th, 8AM-5PM both days. There will be some later night activities as well on Saturday night TBD.

It is taking place at the Ashtabula Comfort Inn, 1860 Austinburg Road, Austinburg, Ohio 44010
Rooms are available for $79 per night.

We have a three tiered pricing thing here...
Sign up BEFORE August 1st, 2011 for our early bird special of $175
Sign up AFTER August 1st, 2011 and BEFORE September 15th, 2011 for only $200
Sign up AFTER September 15th for $225


David Arnold, NRA Volunteer Attorney and Firearm Instructor, and Christopher Archer, NRA Instructor, will be giving a presentation on the LEGAL aspects of self-defense. This presentation will include discussion
of violent encounters in general using an AOJP model.

Ian Kinder, owner and trainer with Live Safe Academy, will be giving a four hour workshop on unarmed combat with a focus on skills, stress inoculation, and the development of killing enabling factors. This workshop will be physical in nature. This workshop will go much farther than the one experienced in the February 2011 Warrior Summit (with no previous experience needed).

Joe Ferrera, one of the nation's leading law enforcement trainers, will be presenting a four hour presentation with a focus on the physiological response to violence and why proper training in skills, stress inoculation, and the development of killing enabling factors increase our rate of survival in violent encounters.

Brian Bastianelli, founding member of the Great Lakes Self-Defense Association, a law enforcement trainer and an expert in police physical skills, will be presenting a 4 hour presentation on Krav Maga with a focus
on skills, stress inoculation, and the development of killing enabling factors. We missed Brian at the Feb 2011 Warrior Summit and are very happy to welcome him back!
I attended in Feb. and found the training offered to be extremely good for the price, recommend it

Woke up and found

it already hot and humid, more later

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Question of when?

"Right now only states like China and Russia have the capability to launch a cyberattack that could take down this country's power grid or banking system. But once a rogue state or terrorist group with no stake in the world economy gets it, the U.S. will be facing the threat of an attack from cyberspace by a weapon of mass disruption."

You to can fix the budget

After all it is just a game

South Carolina Deputy Fatally Shot

Deputy Roger Rice was shot during a homicide investigation at a home in Clinton shortly after 11:30 p.m

Operation Fast and Furious

Designed to Promote Gun Control

Good, it died in Committee

“This amendment gives the attorney general a carte blanche to determine if someone is suspected of terrorism,” Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) said. “We need to defeat this amendment and not further inhibit the Second Amendment rights of Americans.”

About Flipping time

Legislation Will Protect Gun Rights on Army Corps of Engineers Land

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MO now allows CCW license

for those 21, they also require you qualify with both a revolver and an auto

Yeah they were not likely going target shooting

67 rifles, and 20,000 rounds seized in TX

Senator thanks for your support

But show some common sense!

Now that is Funny right there

Many current and former ATF agents said that if the new reporting rule had already been in place, it might have deterred the types of mistakes made in Fast and Furious

Since they had FFL's calling them, they still let them cross the border

What a joke

Latest in Dumb ideas

Gun dealers in Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico, required to report multiple sales

They will ether recruit more straw buyers or just drive another state over

Terre Haute IN loses officer

Officer Brent Long Killed, and his partner Shadow wounded

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


This one involved a 5:11 Thumb drive holster

All in One

A high intensity light, (with strobe) pepper spray, stun device, and it's also an impact device, but its designer points out that with his weapon, you can use all the options at once.

The Iron River


Safe Schools

Remember active shooters are not looking for a fight, they are looking for a high body count

Just because you don't have one

does not make a gun, a penis

At the time it was written: a well regulated militia meant "trained and well equipped people"

"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed." Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-188

"The great object is, that every man be armed. [...] Every one who is able may have a gun." Patrick Henry, speech of June 14 1788

Such are a well regulated militia, composed of the freeholders, citizen and husbandman, who take up arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as freemen. "M.T. Cicero", in a newspaper letter of 1788

Licensed CCW holders

Not bound by ban at University of VA