Friday, October 26, 2012

Where there is a will

Man will find a way

But Canada has all those great

Gun Control Laws

Of course they will blame our lack of laws

Young & Naive

Ah Johnny, you were so close to getting it, then you lost your grasp of the real world

My first question how are they going to force people to prove they turned in all of their firearms? waterboard them?

You really think passing an addition law would stop someone determined to commit a crime? I mean if people are going to follow the law, the protection order should be enough, shouldn't they, they carry the weight of law, just not the enforcement of the law.

Also understand anyone can acquire a court order, if they can reasonably explain to the court they have a real fear of another human being. If the court accepts that the fear is reasonable, they can issue a restraining order, and if there is evidence of "real" potential violence a protection order.

Now no crime has been committed, and in very likely over 99% of the cases crimes  will not be committed. There is only a real belief of the defendant being in  fear of physical violence.

Look at it from this angle college students are known to party hard, and I have real belief that you will operate a motor vehicle while under the influence, (Since DUI's kill a lot of people every year), and run me down. 

I go to the court express my fear, should the court order you to turn in your car, until you reach a certain age or leave college? You have committed no crime we have only shown the potential for a crime.  (do not tell me that a car is not a weapon, why do they have crimes listed as vehicular homicide, and vehicular manslaughter?)  

Now since you have given up your car, what is going to prevent you from buying, borrowing, or renting or stealing a car? After all, aren't pretty much all the automobiles titled licensed and registered?   I know we can pass another law.

Your president may not have passed any anti gun bills, because in he wants a second term, but during the debate, he said he was in favor of a permanent assault weapons ban , and some kind of control on cheap handguns so poor people can't defend themselves, so that is not an attack on gun owners and the Second Amendment? 

Understand laws are only effective, if people wish to obey the law, tell me you have never broken the speed limit? 

There are only two ways to deter crime:
1: Surety of capture 2: Surety of punishment

So you may like to drive faster than the sign says (signs do not enforce the law), but when you hit a section of the road that cameras are installed you slow down (Surety of Capture) and the ticket in the mail (Surety of Punishment)

Now just for the sake of discussion let us say instead of a "No Guns" sign, the sign stated "Licensed Concealed Carry Holders Welcomed" and suspect knew half the staff were licensed to carry, we wouldn't even be having this discussion  

New Sniper Scope

"One Shot" optic sight

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ted Turner thinks

Soldiers committing suicide is a good thing 

Proving you voted

Could win you a rifle

Hopefully even in Cali

they can see the folly of this suit

Political Documentary of Seal Team 6

 “Obama Infomercial From Michael Moore’s Favorite Producer” which they say is essentially “about the man that sat on his ass while they (SEAL Team Six) risked their lives.”


Booger Hook on Bang Switch

While reholstering

Selling your car does not make you a dealer

It is also naive to believe that paper, plastic signs, or verbal orders will stop evil  Your personal security is your responsibility, whether you are a man or woman, if the suspect had flung a molotov cocktail into the beauty salon, the body count would have likely been higher, and the discussion would be about how evil some people are, rather that trying to change the law governing an inanimate object  

If he is re-elected

He has plans for you

Shoot-em with a .380

They may just chase you down and kill you

Glad the officer prevailed

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guns featured in

Political Ad

No mention of having her shoot 3 inch magnums

But pretty well sums up why women are not supportive of shooting

I tell all of my new students do not buy a gun, until you take a class, but most of the ladies who did were sold a "J" frame air weight or something similar, and it is not pleasant.  A couple of shots and I hand them a 22 semi auto usually a Browning Buck Mark, then when we finish the course of fire, I let them try 2 or 3 9mm semi autos. Few return to the dealer that sold them "that there is a perfect woman's gun" 38.

I've always said they were as accurate

Just harder to shoot accurately 

Small sights are hard to see, as we get older even harder to see, my Colt Commander is a fun gun to shoot but that little bump they called a front sight is nearly impossible to see anymore

Fake Article

Everyone knows carrying a gun into a church in Georgia is illegal

Old fashion values made this country great

Guns and bibles were two of the most important of those values, and the more they take those away the further we spiral down. Things like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, are what brought people here, and guns let us keep both.

Bad info and PSH

Mr editor your fear of inanimate objects is noted, now tell me two things what is the one thing keeping any kind of cap on crime, and why aren't there mass shootings at places that allow guns?

Gun control does not work

When you can't keep guns (including machine guns), ammunition, and C4 out of a prison, how are you going to control them in a free society? 

Well Carolyn (the shoulder thing that goes up), you might want to check the link above, and you will see that criminals will always get guns

They have very strong gun control laws

yet people find a way to get them

Never Know what you'll find in

Public bathrooms, DEA agent leaves gun behind

Why I avoid public transportation

Nothing like being stuck in a cigar tube with some punks, but sword bearer stops the attack (strong language)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hmm he must have never heard of

The Viet Cong,, or Russia's run in with the Taliban, not we that are doing a whole lot better, but both of them,  both mostly guerrilla armies with rifles 

Hat/Tip to Gun Free Zone

I have thought this more than once

But he said it

I've said many times, that people would actually save money, by taking classes, and learning how to correctly shoot, but I've heard over and over again "But the guys at the gun shop said, If you buy this one you can't miss"......, and going to the range and standing in some stiff legged modified weaver, with your index finger curled around the trigger guard, (because that is how the actor held it on Thursday night prime time), and slapping the trigger a couple of hundred times isn't training, it may feel good , but it isn't training. Leaning back, and holding your gat in the cup and saucer mode, might in your mind be a cool looking way to shoot isn't training, not sure I'd even call it shooting. "I know how to shoot", is now countered with, "yeah, ok but do you know how to hit?, see teaching someone to shoot is easy, you can teach a monkey to shoot, matter of fact they can figure it out themselves.
But learning to hit, repeatedly, no it is not like the lottery, where you score once in awhile, is getting your mind into it, 99.9 percent of the time there is nothing wrong with your gun, and your ammo is not out of date, or isn't a bad batch, it is you.