Friday, August 28, 2009

Ammo Test 4

I decided to get a bit more serious, and use a pistol rest, again 7 yds, test gun Para LDA commander, 45 auto

Acme Ammo on the left

Blazer Brass on the right
We are more dangerous how?

Funny how the anti's want more laws, yet those of us that are obeying the law are not the problem, and those that don't obey the law will continue to ignore the law, no matter how many laws are passed.

H/T to David Hardy
Would this be considered a Hi-Cap?

That would be nice addition to my collection
Shame this isn't the "drug" Problem we have

I got "drugged" a lot when I was younger

Training once a year is not an option

I know a lot of armed citizens do not train on a regular basis, a study of Florida license found that only about 20% of those that are licensed even carry all of the time. I would hazard to guess only around 5-10% train at all. I'm not sure you have to shoot a 1000 rounds every month to stay skilled, but ya know going once a month & shooting 50-100 rounds would go a long way.
Remember every time you miss the target, it's going to be someones property, or even a bystander, and you will be held responsible for those rounds. In the long run regular practice will cost less than, reimbursing people or worse paying for an innocent life.
Looks like Indy this weekend!

I haven't been there since like Jan of 2002, looking forward to it
Tam's advice on Gun School

The less you have of equipment malfunctions, the more you can wrap your head around what is being taught, and really learn something, the important part of learning to defend yourself is not about shooting.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Off duty officer saves the day, but it could have been an armed citizen going to the aid of the officer

When the off duty arrived, the officer under attack was able to defend himself

Mallory had bitten an eyebrow off Anderson, punched him, choked him and slammed his head against the pavement. The fight ended after Jim Weakley, an East Moline detective who happened to be passing by on the bridge, stopped and attempted to get Mallory off Anderson. Weakley couldn't, but Anderson then was able to remove his gun from his holster and shoot Mallory, officials said. Anderson will require plastic surgery.

Note how quick after the taser is fired the suspect attacks
Stoner Holsters

Jeff Stoner makes a number of custom holsters, & I've been using them for a over a year now. He offers custom quality, quick turn times, & service after the sale. I am a fan of paddle holsters, and I really like his, very well made, secure. He uses an interesting paddle that allows the user to cant the pistol forward or back, or leave it vertical. He also makes a couple of interesting inside the belt holsters, one with a 25 degree cant that allow one to conceal a large pistol with ease.
Acme Ammo test 3

Well I'm not use to a double action, even if it's an LDA
Test Gun: Para LDA Commander
Left Acme 230 Gr 45 Auto
Right: Blazer Brass 45 Auto
7 yds
Ammo test 2

The test gun a Kimber Warrior,
Left: Acme ammo target, I pulledthe top shot
Right: Winchester slightly better, but had a failure to go into battery
Acme Ammunition LLC makes , .223, 22-250, 308 for rifle and 380 auto, 9mm Luger, 38 Special, & 45 Auto for pistols
Contact info Phone 513-582-2839, email
PO Box 237 Milan In 47031

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ammo Test
It was packaged in plastice bags, & the overall visual quality was very nice.
The target on the left was the Acme, & the target on the right was Winchester.

Mike at Acme Ammo, sent me 200 rounds (100 9mm, 100 45 auto) to test. So today was the first one, pretty simple really 8rds at 7yds from a S&W 1911PD for the 45, I shot a mag of Winchester to warm up, then shot the Acme, then a mag of Winchester to compare the 2.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Got Ammo?

I'm still in decent shape, pick up enough to maintain the stock, and although they have dipped a bit , still, have plenty, I got in the habit I guess 17 years ago. Everytime I'd go to a gun show I'd pick up at least 1/2 case, sometimes a full case. It was plentiful, & cheap & if stored in a reasonable fashion has a long shelf life.

Then 3 years ago when ammo got higher at the gunshows, than at Wal Mart, I'd buy 5 boxes anytime I went to there. I know of a few that had stockpiled more than I did.

So now that it is coming back pick up an extra box or two and the next time there is an ammo shortage you will have hedged your bets.
Speaking of Maddened Fowl & Sitting Ducks
This is bad how?

So what if they "scared" the detainees? If it got the results, the answers, what's the flipping deal?

Use to be parents would threaten to cut their kids ears off if they didn't behave, I still have yet to see an ear less child.

If those that threaten or attack our country, get to live with all their joints & fingers intact they really should consider themselves lucky, its really not torture till it kills or cripples.

As I scan the www I see a lot of articles of how they beat, dismember, decapitate, yet we are the bad guys because we said mean things??
Tactical Item

Water Bottle Holder Carabiner
Designed to carry a water bottle, the O ring can be attached to most small tactical lights,
It works a lot like a shortened lanyard,in that you can "drop" the light to use the hand, & then recover the light and it allows you to hook it to a belt. For around $3 it seems a practical tactical item.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sheriff White argued that armed civilians on campus have the potential to end the threat quickly. And he stunned the room with this assertion.

"In actual shootings, citizens do far better than law enforcement on hit potential,” said White. “They hit their targets and they don't hit other people. I wish I could say the same for cops. We train more, they do better."

Hat tip to Survivalist blog

So no wonder the White house seems unconcerned with right wingers carrying openly

Every presidential assassin in the history of the nation has been a liberal—or has had no politics at all. None were right-wingers. Actor/Activist John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, because he was opposed to Lincoln’s Republican war policies. Booth, the Tim Robbins of his day, left a letter with his family explaining his actions, saying he loved “peace more than life” and denouncing Republicans for foisting the war on the South. He may have even used the word “Quagmire” to describe Gettysburg.

Charles J. Guiteau, who shot President James Garfield in 1881, had a long relationship with a utopian commune called tThe Oneida Community, where free love and communal child-rearing were practiced.
Leon Czolgosz, who killed President William McKinley in 1901, was a socialist and anarchist (okay, that’s redundant) who was captivated upon hearing a speech by radical socialist Emma Goldman the year he shot McKinley. If memory serves, Goldman’s inspirational speech had something to do with “hope” and “change.”

John Shrank, who shot and wounded Teddy Roosevelt in 19212, seemed to have no political beliefs other than a strong opposition to third terms, —which Roosevelt was then campaigning for.

Giuseppe Zangara, who narrowly missed shooting President-elect Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, was consumed by envy of the rich and sought to assassinate “all capitalist presidents and kings.” Earlier, Zangara had plotted to kill Republican President Herbert Hoover, because both Hoover and Roosevelt were “capitalists.” Yes, you heard me right: This would-be assassin was to the left of FDR.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, was a stone-cold Communist ever since he read a Communist pamphlet about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as a teenager. Incensed by racial discrimination in America, he defiantly rode in the black sections of buses as a child. Oswald studied Russian and moved to the U.S.S.R. in his late teens, hoping to avoid the rush. When his application for Soviet citizenship was declined, he slit his wrists. Oswald eventually returned to the U.S. with his Russian wife and child, where he continued to plot an escape to a socialist paradise such as Cuba or Red China. Ginned up by publications of the Communist Party and Socialist Workers Party—, “The Worker” and “The Militant,” respectively—, Oswald first tried to kill Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker, a John Bircher. Ten days before shooting at Walker—and missing—Oswald had posed for a photograph holding his guns and copies of the socialist publications denouncing Walker. Some of you will recognize this photo as Randi Rhodes’s screen saver. Oswald next plotted to kill former Vice President Richard Nixon, but got distracted the day Nixon was in Dallas. He spent the next several months passing out “Fair Play for Cuba” leaflets he had written himself. In between “You never take me anywhere!” arguments with his wife, Oswald tried to talk her into helping him hijack a plane to Cuba, so he could fight in defense of the revolution. When he was arrested for shooting Kennedy, Oswald immediately placed a call to John Abt, lawyer for the American Communist Party, planning to ask Abt to defend him, so he could use his trial to showcase his Marxist beliefs. He never got the chance, thanks to Jack Ruby.

Sirhan Sirhan, who shot Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Robert Kennedy on June 5, 1968, was a Palestinian extremist angry with Kennedy for his support of Israel. For more on this worldview, see the works of Noam Chomsky.

From Ann Coulters book, Guilty
Posting will be light

Heading out of state to help another trainer

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another reason to carry

Authorities are looking for the last few wild dogs they believe were part of a pack that killed an elderly couple in northeast Georgia.
Why some women don't like to shoot
Never thought that!

I mention this last point because some of the people who want a safety on their gun seem to think that a gun can just jump up and start shooting through its own free will.

I think a safety is real handy if someone grabs your gun, & tries to shoot you with it, while they are trying to figure it out, I can run like hell, or grab another gun.
Home Security

Brigid has some very good advice

I know where I live, it would take LE at least 15 minutes to arrive, let alone an alarm company.
We use dead bolts with an extra inch of throw, & the door frames are reinforced to defeat someone trying to kick them in. We also have motion lights, & wireless motion detectors, while the motion lights would not wake us during the night, the detectors will. We keep loaded pistols, & an AR along with tactical lights & a handheld spot light at hand.
Never saw this even when Clinton was President

"Phoenix police said the gun-toters at Monday's event, including the man carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle slung over his shoulder, didn't need permits. No crimes were committed, and no one was arrested."

Yep the people are not happy, maybe the country is not as liberal as they thought.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Say it isn't so...
Thought Russia had gun control

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Seven women were shot dead in a sauna

Always something....

Yesterday getting ready to take a shower,noted that the divertor was stuck , likely a bit of lime build up, in attempting to remove the spout, I snapped the pipe in half.
So a quick trip to the hardware store for a new spout.
Got home glued a coupler on the trimed pipe stud, & installed new spout, turn on the water and............nothing.
Turned water off and heard dripping in the wall, had to remove vanity, & found I had also snapped the pipe inside the wall. but I was lucky in that I had the repair parts I needed & was able to fix it without an additional trip to the store, ..........well sort of.
The vanity faucet had been dripping so since I had bought a replacement & while I had the sink out I guessed my "round tuit" had arrived for replacing it. The replacement faucet had been here for at least a year or two, opened the box & found the supply lines were already installed, great but only for a moment, they were to short to reach the existing plumbing.
So sometime today I'll pick up a new faucet.
The blades arrived for the lawn mower yesterday & since we have had a bout 6 inches of rain, in the past 10 days. that is past due so I'll get those on today since the plumbing project diverted me yesterday
The good thing about cvpc plumbing is it's cheap, easy to install, & easy to repair, downside it gets brittle over time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Instructors are not suppose to do that

It shouldn't be in the crime section, but more like the stupid section

Link fixed
Uncle has this one

I was a bit more amazed on the comments than the article
View from the window:
This morning

View last spring
Didn't they do that in the 90's?

"I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials." George Mason (3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

"The militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves, ... all men capable of bearing arms;..." -- Richard Henry Lee writing in "Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic", 1788, page 169.

"Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom? Congress shall have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American ... The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the People." -- Tench Coxe - 1788.
Not a dry summer

We have about half of our range done, we have the dirt to finish the other side, but we keep getting enough rain (more than enough of late) that Sunday when he came with the front end loader, it was like trying to stack soup, then we got about 2 inches of broth on Monday to make more soup, waterfowl may make it a home soon.
One I'd just like to get it finished, there are a couple of rifles, I want to sight in, and two I'd just like to have it done.

One bright spot was at the local big box Wal Mart & they had both 9 mm & 45 Auto on the shelf, 3 100 count boxes of each, I was in the middle of purchasing 2 of each, when my excavator walked up & bought the other two, so Wal Mart is out of ammo again

Monday, August 10, 2009

Crime in America

check the last forty seven years, even right down to the county
GOP couldn't pull this off

Americans are dammed pissed off, & those in Washington better get a handle on it, it' won't be the NRA they have to worry about, it's going to be a bunch of senior citizens going after them, and since they are retired, they have the time to do it.
These are individuals a that have turned into a movement, sorta of like the Tea Tax in Boston, that went well for the king.........
They say we are unpatriotic, then so was Adams, Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, they plead the case for the colonies to no avail, & then did what had to be done, lets not let them down.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Well it's not just childrens books

Well ok it is so far, but next could be any of those radical old books they don't like, like say bibles, as a child may well come in contact with them, remember this has nothing to do with your first amendment rights, it's about child safety! Guess they could come up with the same back door approach to guns, after all most of them contain lead, at one time or another, and even if cleaned could could retain trace amounts of lead. It's not about your right to keep & bear arms, they will be doing it for the children!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sotomayor OK'd for Supreme Court

Well see how your senator voted, if he/she voted for, & is running in 2010, do what you can to defeat them.

We will remember.
The New Holster

Went with something a bit fancy

OK I'll admit it!

I don't like Obama's health care plan, now you don't have to go tell him

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Uncle says we are winning
New source for ammo?

Acme Ammunition LLC
Milan Indiana

They make their own, & the pricing is not bad

.223, 22-250, .308 in Rifle
.380, 9 mm, 38 Special, & 45 Auto

We will be testing some 9 mm & 45 shortly

Monday, August 03, 2009

$21.99, 8 LED's, flasher, (not sure it's the correct speed for tactical use) & a laser, it also sports a metal body, & "O" rings to keep water out. Some folks just can't bring themselves to buy Surefire, or Blackhawk or one of the other better brands of light.

Maybe this one will do the trick. We bought two to test & check out, one was broken when I opened it, but the company says they will send a replacement with no hassle, so if they are willing to stand behind it, it must have some quality. If you are going to carry you need a light to ID your possible threat.

As to ammo

Did find Fiocchi 45 acp for $20 a box at the gunshow, so I bought all 6 they had left, avg price for any 45 was between $35 and $40

Seemed around $16.50 was avg. price for 9 mm

.223/5.56 still high

funny stopped at a big box store on the way home, & they had .25 acp on clearance for $5.99 a bx. guess they don't have much demand for it, knew I didn't have any ether, called my FFL friend, & he said he couldn't use it ether, even at that price.
Busy weekend

Saturday did a Utah CCP class, it is suppose to go 4-5 hours we went over 6, & I kept the breaks as short as possible. But wanted to cover as much as possible. so we ran over, nothing new there.

Went to the local diner in town, & halfway through my Mushroom Swiss burger, the cell phone rings, I have an Instructor in a panic, he is in the middle of a ccw class, & can't shoot the two hours, & is there anyway possible for him to use mine. So we hurried up dinner got home, & I assisted him for slightly over 2 hours getting his class done. It was a tough rangetime, Lot of micro guns, air weights, several 40's & one 10mil, and no one really knew how to shoot, & I'm not sure he had covered the fundamentals well. Also the other Instructor is real big on 45acp, & had anyone shooting anything smaller than 40 shoot his 1911, I was well like if she is having trouble shooting a 9mm, why do you think she will do better with a 45?
But we got done, & he passed everybody, & encouraged everyone to get more training, so all in all Saturday was busy.

Sunday we went to a gunshow, last time was I think in May, it was really nice, no crowd, which is when I tend to spend money, when it's crowded, it is almost a hassle to get someones attention to hand them money, but yesterday we could stroll & look, and oh & ah over things.

Did see my man Jeff at Stoner Holsters, & ordered a new paddle holster for my commander 1911, & picked up one for the Government model, he hand makes a dam good paddle holster, for $60, & if you want python trim it's $120. Highly recommend his work, told him I had a bit of an issue with one I bought a year ago, & he said simply he would ether fix it or replace it.

We always have about half a dozen 22's for students to use, but we have a malfunctioning Buck Mark, & a S & W 22 in the shop, & I stumbled across a slightly used Sig Mosquito at Loveland Shooters Supply, so we picked that up.

All in all a good weekend

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Which side??

Find it interesting, there have been a number of pizza delivery guys robbed & assaulted in the Cincinnati area, so last night on the news they announced that pizzas might be delivered by undercover cops, nothing like giving the BG's a clear warning. Why not deliver in marked patrol cars, & uniform officers??
I'd think if you are going to run an undercover operation, it should stay undercover until completed, but now a days we have to make a public announcement about it, it seems more like they are trying to make the sheep feel safe than catching BG's.