Monday, August 03, 2009

Busy weekend

Saturday did a Utah CCP class, it is suppose to go 4-5 hours we went over 6, & I kept the breaks as short as possible. But wanted to cover as much as possible. so we ran over, nothing new there.

Went to the local diner in town, & halfway through my Mushroom Swiss burger, the cell phone rings, I have an Instructor in a panic, he is in the middle of a ccw class, & can't shoot the two hours, & is there anyway possible for him to use mine. So we hurried up dinner got home, & I assisted him for slightly over 2 hours getting his class done. It was a tough rangetime, Lot of micro guns, air weights, several 40's & one 10mil, and no one really knew how to shoot, & I'm not sure he had covered the fundamentals well. Also the other Instructor is real big on 45acp, & had anyone shooting anything smaller than 40 shoot his 1911, I was well like if she is having trouble shooting a 9mm, why do you think she will do better with a 45?
But we got done, & he passed everybody, & encouraged everyone to get more training, so all in all Saturday was busy.

Sunday we went to a gunshow, last time was I think in May, it was really nice, no crowd, which is when I tend to spend money, when it's crowded, it is almost a hassle to get someones attention to hand them money, but yesterday we could stroll & look, and oh & ah over things.

Did see my man Jeff at Stoner Holsters, & ordered a new paddle holster for my commander 1911, & picked up one for the Government model, he hand makes a dam good paddle holster, for $60, & if you want python trim it's $120. Highly recommend his work, told him I had a bit of an issue with one I bought a year ago, & he said simply he would ether fix it or replace it.

We always have about half a dozen 22's for students to use, but we have a malfunctioning Buck Mark, & a S & W 22 in the shop, & I stumbled across a slightly used Sig Mosquito at Loveland Shooters Supply, so we picked that up.

All in all a good weekend

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