Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well the streets are safer now

Here we go again!

On to victory!!

Pretty inventive really
Light posting ahead

Now that it is drying out need to mow, Target racks took a hit in storm and need repairs, chimmey that was added on 25 years ago, by people high on budweiser need to finish coming down, so there is room for the new generator, and try to finish painting the house before the weather changes.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2010 Great American Conservative Women

No bug eyed Nancy's or frumpy Hilary's
First They Hinted at a Shooting

But appears now to be another crime with deadly assault clubs
Did you see This?

well they made an arrest
Cleaning, grips sights etc

Cleaning Products
Birchwood Casey 800-328-6156
Blue Wonder
Corrosion Tech 800-638-7361
J R Dewey
KG Industries Inc
Iosso 847-437-8400
Kleen-Bore Inc
Knock out
Michaels of Oregon
MPro7 Products
Otis 315-348-4300
Outers 608-781-5800
Pro-Shot Products
Sentry Solutions
Shooters Choice
Tetra 973-443-0263
United States Products


American Security 800-421-6142 ext 1015
Life Jacket
Gun Vault
Fort Knox
McIntosh 937-253-8880
Touch Open


Accuracy Grip
Badger Grips
CZ Grips
Decal Grip
Dixson Custom 1911
Grips for Guns
Grip US
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XS 800-744-4880
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Auto Laser 954-321-6354
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always looking for things to add

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Resource Guide Part 1

NRA Insurance
Ohio CCW
Ohio CCW Forum
Handgun Laws
Refuse to be victim
IDPA hunting regs

American Derringer 254-799-9111
Beretta 301-283-2191
Bond Arms 817-573-4445
Browning 800-333-3288
CZ 800-955-4486
Caspian 802-472-6454
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Charter Arms 203-922-1652
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Dan Wesson (see CZ)
Double Star
EAA Corp
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Glock 770-432-1202
Hi-Point 937-454-0363
High Standard 713-462-4200
Kel-Tec 321-631-0068
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Magnum Research
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Ruger 928-778-6555
Sigarms 603-772-2302
Smith & Wesson 800-331-0852
Springfield Armory
STI 512-819-0656
Taurus 305-624-1115
Walther http//
Wilson http//

Part of a resource guide I give my students

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've been pricing these

With this news, although it may take awhile for them to reach retail market. think I'll wait
Heart Breaking

"If you have firearms in your home, it is absolutely essential that you ensure -- if you have any locking devices or safe -- that it is properly secured and properly locked,” said Sgt. Spruill. “It does no good to have a lock on a case or lock on a firearm or a gun safe if you don't have it secured from your children."
Officers interviewed the parents and the boy and are investigating whether any laws were indeed broken. However, authorities said that right now they are giving the family time to grieve.
Authorities said the father is an army reservist. Police said no matter a parent's experience with guns, it's important to talk about gun safety with children.

You have to take precautions if you have small children, ether living with or visiting you. Also when they are mature enough, educate them, NRA has Eddie Eagle for younger children, if the child is mature enough take them to the range, do not make the gun a forbidden object. If they want to do grown up things, they have to act grown up, and they need to understand the power of the gun.
Even when you keep a gun for home defense, you have to consider ALL of the safety aspects, ahead of having instant access. There a number of products that allow both security and instant access, and they not that expensive considering what the cost can be.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They announce what we have known

At Acme Ammunition LLC we strive to supply high-quality ammo at a fair price. We started Acme Ammunition so shooters would have a positive source for American Made ammunition that was readily available. Acme is a family run business. We will keep our manufacturing in the USA, in the heartland of southern Indiana. Each component is hand inspected for quality and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!
Happy shooting, Mike and Stephanie

It is really simple don't point the gun at anything you don't intend to shoot!

You never think they are unloaded:
But that wasn't the case Tuesday afternoon when police say an instructor was doing a demonstration with a pistol she thought was unloaded.

You don't shoot into the air, they do have to come back down, and well there might still be rounds in the gun

Gun safety is no accident!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Xavier Thoughts: Three Stories

Xavier Thoughts: Three Stories

The Para TTR XAS
Range reports to follow
Another clubbing

Maybe a ban on assault clubs, after all they are easy to get no background checks, it's easy to transport them across state lines, even felons & children can get them.

Also here, here, & here

No where in the Bill of Rights does it state we have the right to keep and bear clubs

Don't even get me started on scissors
Anyone know about:

Prvi Partizan .223/5.56x45??

At least the price is better than I have been seeing at gunshows, & other internet sites, never thought I'd say $425 a 1000 was a better price, but I guess time s change.

Depends on type if you purchase a large quanity in the US, Homeland Security checks you out, as a possible Tim McVeigh want to be, but over there we hand it out.
Now that's cool

The one issue I have with the 22 caliber AR's is the mags, putting the 10/22 action in alook alike AR is cool, & mags are fairly easy to get, even in hi-caps. Not exactly like an AR but close enough, now it will be a matter of price when compared to the Colt or the S&W. Plus since the 10/22 is so popular parts should be easier to come by. It is the Chevy small block of 22's

H/T to: Rustmeister

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Once again, There are NO safe places!

NEW YORK — The body of a naked woman with her throat slashed and a knife sticking out of it was found Saturday at a luxury hotel next to Central Park, police said.

You might think a luxury hotel would be a safe place, but you can fall victim even in a secure area, example the Yale student. No you might not be a ble to have a gun, but there are other ways to defend yourself

9/22 Well there has been an arrest, but she is still dead

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not Really

Criminologists consider the murder rate as a benchmark to forecast the overall crime rate.

Modern Medicine has kept the murder rate low, you can be shot pretty well but make it to a hospital within the golden hour, and they will likely save your life. I have to agree with LT Col (ret)Dave Grossman that the true measure of crime should be the aggravated assault rate. Read his book On Combat.

But it is good to hear fewer people are dying
Need a Scorecard

There are resident ccw licenses, & then there are non resident ccw licenses.
The two most popular are Florida & Utah, but there are others such as Pennsylvania,, New Hampshire, Indiana, South Carolina, Maine, 20 in all.

Some are as easy to get as filling out an application & writing a check. Some you have to go to that state for training. One exception is Utah that certifies Non Resident Instructors, that can offer the Utah approved course where they live. Some although the law is in place to issue non resident licenses they are nearly impossible to get (Maryland, New Jersey)

One of the issues is not all states that honor the resident license of another state, will honor the non resident license, of that same state. For example New Hampshire issues non resident licenses, but the only non resident license they honor is their own.
There was a recent falling out between North Dakota, NH & FL. ND honored both resident & non resident licenses, but FL & NH refused to honor ND non resident, license, so now ND only honors non resident from states that honor their non resident.

Several of the states are honor states, Indiana for one will honor a CCW license from any other state. There are states that only honor other states through Reciprocity Agreements, in other words the 2 states in question have agreed to honor each others license. For example Ohio has reciprocity with 18 states, but there another 9 states that honor Ohio's CHL. For example Indiana honors Ohio, but Ohio does not honor Indiana, so for a Hoosier to carry in the Buckeye state they need to acquire ether a Florida or Utah license.

So before acquiring a non resident license, or if you are traveling outside your own state you should know where you can & cannot carry, and perhaps the best & most up to date single source on the net is . Do not check it once & assume you are good to go, as these agreements can change from time to time (Nevada recently dropped both FL & UT, but picked up OH, NE recently changed their law & suddenly honored a bunch of states so things change.

As of today Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, & South Carolina do not honor Non Resident Licenses from anyone but themselves if they issue one at all.

If you are going to carry you need to know, so add Handgunlaw to your favorites, and stay legal.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Only Ones file
National Call for Photos

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) is very excited about our National Call for Photos, which launched at a press event yesterday. We are gathering photos of the 58,261 people whose names are on The Wall for the Education Center. As you probably know, the Education Center is an underground learning facility being built on the National Mall. It will tell the stories of the people we lost in Vietnam and pay tribute to all who served in all of America's wars. We are getting a lot of news coverage about our Call for Photos launch, which is vital to helping us get the word out. CNN has featured our story in a blog post, in addition to the stories it is broadcasting. Here's the link. The blog solicits comments, so we'd appreciate it if you would post a message of support. Thanks for your help! Email
Unusual Creature
More important than caliber

Mindset is what is going to allow you to prevail, it's not going to matter if you have a 22lr or a S&W 500 if your head is not in the game.
Now thats an Idea that has come of age!!
Ultra Light

Latest project, Ultra Light AR15

The idea was to build the lightest AR I could, a rifle that would be comfortable to carry around all day.
Yes it's a bit "Plain Jane"but cool gadgets would have defeated the goal

The target was to get under 6 lbs. it has a Carbon Fiber lower, a slick side original M16 upper*, ultra light Model 1 barrel, and an Ace butt stock. 5.5 lbs empty

*found if the chamber is clean & ammo of good quality you don't need the FA.
I picked up parts as I found them, in pre Barky Bahama times the cost of everything was under $600
Must have been one of those rapid firing black assault knifes!

Assault Ax here wounds 9

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Which Pistol Caliber?

Read this
Seems old is new again

We all know filming has begun on a re-make of Red Dawn

Well it seems a movie verison of A Team is coming, and a remake of True Grit

Not sure how they can out do the orignal Red Dawn, anything has got to be better than the A Team TV series, (The idea was great, but how many thousands of rounds did they fire, and very seldom hit anybody?) and really not sure Jeff Bridges is the guy to play a John Wayne part, but I suppose time will tell.
New Para

Well new to me, a Tac Five, it's been discontinued by Para. It's the LDA action, in 9mm (18+1).

I haven't looked up the specs, but I was guessing it had an alloy frame, as it does not seem that heavy, but considering it must be in the balance of the design, it's still lighter than a standard 1911 (39 ozs). I was considering the Para P18, but there are none around, what with Para moving to the USA, restarting production is no easy task.

This one has a nearly unbelievable trigger, as good as my single actions, and better than my Gunblog 45. (the target was the last 16 rounds in the first box of ammo, at 7 yds. (Given I had been up & down ladders most of the day painting, I'd say gun is capable of tighter groups)

Found Hi-Cap mags at CDNN for $29.99, and if you bought 5 they threw in an extra one.

They arrived today & they are Para mags made in Canada, even with shipping, it came out around $26.33 per mag with shipping

Some may ask what I need it for, but to be honest I passed "need" a long time ago, it was a want.

I know some will say why not 40 or 45?, but with the general lack & higher cost of ammo 9mm will more than suffice, and besides I don't like the "Jolt" of 40, & I don't want a paperweight because I can't find 45, besides I have enough 45's to feed now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

That's just dumb!
New Report Shows Dramatic Drop in Gun Violence

Of course they don't site CCW as a deterrent, but it's good that it's coming down
ALL Churches Are Targets

"People do this because of their love and concern for their fellow congregants," Hecht said. "We are a peaceful people, and the primary goal of a synagogue is peace, love, prayer, Torah study. So it is a shock [to see people training with weapons]. But considering the threats in the world today, why not?"

It's their choice to be ether a hard or soft target
Wheelchair Drive By?
He did the right thing!

Richard Hamblen built machine guns for the Tennessee State Guard after the 9/11 attacks,
details on the case can be found here

His intent was not to have a machine gun, but to protect his men, his unit, and his country in a time of duress, he should be rewarded for his efforts, not prosecuted.

Many of the founders of this country put together arensals of cannon, shot, and powder to protect the colonies prior to the revolution, I don't see that this case is all that much different

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How about a whole bunch of the fringe visited Washington DC Sept 12th?

Seems some think it was over a million, some say it's not, I orignally used the higher number that was reported here, and here which they have now downgraded, and not likely I'll believe much of what ABC says

Hours before Saturday's protest began, it was clear that the crowd of people opposing Obama's big-government policies would be larger than many anticipated. There are no official estimates of how many attended, but there's no doubt that the turnout, from the crush on Pennsylvania Avenue to the crowd at the West Front of the Capitol, was big -- perhaps in the 100,000 range.

Update, 9/15 The British take on the 9/12 march
Update, 9/21
Acorn Axed?

Now the 7 that voted for it need to go, and the 9 that didn't vote, need to be ask why they didn't vote against it.

One of the attendees at the cookout brought his Remington 20 GA this weekend with just this question, we didn't have any true test medium, but we used it on cardboard at about 20 feet, with the short barrel we were driving the load through the card, still in the wad cup, now that's 7/8 ths of an ounce of lead pellets still compacted in the cup, I would imagine the wound would be similar to that of a Glazer Safety Slug, except bigger, and heavier, add in the shock and awe of the bigger "Boom" and muzzle flash of the shotgun over a pistol.

In a safe room the attack is very likely going to be a frontal attack, and penetration is not as big an issue, 6-8 inches is more than enough to hit vital organs on most people, and in most bedrooms the distance will be less than 20 feet, and I advised him if he had to shoot, to shoot until the threat ended, not to shoot & look to see what the results were.
Just to make him feel more at ease, I did locate some 00 buck loads for him on Sunday at the show.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dam, that's to bad

He was a pretty decent actor
Wake up call?

National Park Service estimates it to be the largest event held in Washington DC

Think they will get the message?

Update it was still pretty big!
How many times do you need to be told!

There are no safe places:

The 24-year-old bride-to-be, who had been missing since Tuesday, apparently met a violent death in a secure Yale building accessible only to students and staff

You are on your own no matter where you are, the police can't protect you, it's up to you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


is the annual cookout & shootem up

Targets will include cutting cards, & punching golf "T's among other things,..... now just where did I leave those wooden matches?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Should prove interesting:

Coast Guard fires on boat in Potomac River in Washington

turns out to have been a training exercise
Joe Wilson

Not only does he understand the 1st amendment, he is the type of American that made America strong

Nancy Pelosi wants to alter the Bill Of Rights and not the type of person that built this great nation

Remember the Founding Fathers were as Politically Incorrect as they come.

Lest we forget

It's been 8 years, and many of us have not forgotten, we were attacked, and our foes remain around us, we have gotten some, but not all, and they are still a threat to our way of life.

List of those lost

It is a day to remember, reflect, to perhaps mourn, but today is a day to celebrate being an American!

So do something very American, cookout, speakout or something

Me I'll go shooting

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cut Government spending

Get rid of the Dept of Education, the Dept of Energy, and the BATFE
all pretty much useless, save billions

While we are at it lets change the name of the Dept of Defense, back to the War Department
3rd Jihad
Protection Orders

To understand how a protection order will protect you, simply take an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper, hold it in front of your face, now take your other hand and slap yourself, OK I'll wait..........

Not real effective was it?
A bit of a miracle?
Ongoing at Calebs

my take on it: The majority of the folks that work at Xe are just really wanting to do the job they were trained to do, and well hey the pay is great, with the way things are going why spend 4-20 years in the military, get out & work at Lowes? If instead you can go to work making $1000 a day? Are there some that would go after American citizens if so ordered sure they would, a survey in the early 90's of SF'rs found that around a third would also do the same thing. But the government does not need to round up anybody, besides look at the expense of doing it.

To get the control they want over the masses consolidate the banks, take control of some major companies, & sign some international treaties, and trade agreements and they will strip away most of the rights we have, ignore those that scream the loudest, and have the media label them as extremists.

Even with today's military being all volunteer, the country squirms with every lose of young men & women, but they hardly shrug when it's some faceless private contractor getting blown away. The country wants 2 armies, one that looks all pretty and marches real nice and is the symbol of strength, and another one that does the dirty work. Put a 25 year old in a US Marine uniform and get him killed the country mourns his lost, put that same guy in khakis a polo shirt give him a $1000 a day and kill him, nobody cares.

There was a time when we took care of each other, we took care of the poor I can't help but remember my dad telling the story of one of the neighbours coming over, and explaining how another farmers oat crop had been ruined, and wondered if dad had any oat seed he could give. As it happened he had entire bushel basket of seed in the barn, that he had no plans to use it was a good a way as as any to get rid of the unwanted seed, he started to pour the entire basket into the trailer, but the farmer stopped him, and said "No, just a little, if everyone gives just a little he can get back on his feet" But then someone came up with the not so bright idea, that someone else should take care of people like that, and the idea grew & grew until somebody else was taking care of everything.
For 2 generations we have heard you can't protect yourself, give the bad guy what he wants, & let the police take care of it, let somebody else handle it. Would not the natural progression of that type of thinking be our army really can't defend us, get somebody else who can? So someone else like Erik Prince provides a service for the want, and suddenly he's the bad guy? It is the minority of the people that can take care of themselves, stand as it were on their own 2 feet, and think for themselves, it's the majority that can't, and they want to pass the buck to somebody else. Because well they want someone else to take care of them.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in these images. Everything that you see happened in real time exactly as you see it... The recording required 606 takes and in the first 605 takes there always was something, usually of minor importance, that didn't work. It was necessary for the recording team to install the set-up time after time and it took several weeks working day and night to achieve this effect. The recording cost 6 million dollars and it took 3 months to finish, including the engineering design of the sequence.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Remember this?

there are more....., and the one above is pretty tame compared
Well Barky did one thing for the Economy

Some areas have been brisk, for the past 12 months, see the jump that started last October
Thought Barky said 8%

26 year high, hmm and how many didn't (like me) file for benefits?

Well at least for this year, we will add to it next spring, we have another 180 tons of dirt to add, but want this to settle out first, of course it came in around double what we thought it would cost, but it's done for now, we went from about 21 feet of useable backstop to close to 50 not counting the side walls.


Think we could all be in trouble on this one
Good she can die in prison

Should have been put down a long time ago
The ways we kill
Finger bitten off

Gun toters are the least of worries, nearly everyone brings their teeth

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Reading this:

Pakistan funded and equipped Taliban, & Iran funded & equipped the Northern Alliance, exactly who is on our side again??
I'll wait for the semi auto verison
Leave it to the Brits to twist the words


If this had been a shooting, the American Media would be beating it to death, as it is it's not even on the back burner

Of course don't be surprised, if Sarah Brady quotes the above article
Terrorists in America

"The contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country," Obama said at the iftar, the dinner that breaks the holiday's daily fast.

some contribution

If only one throws the fire bomb, but a 1000 support him?

"As we know, there are lots of Muslims who are brainwashed so they believe in terrorism but there are also big sections of Muslims who sympathize with terrorists," says Salha. "We are targeting those people and trying to explain to them that terrorism is not a good thing."
Tam hit 2 mil!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's been 5 years

Many times I wonder when will they try that here?
If you travel

You might find this useful
Fix it Kit

Something else that we never leave home without is a compact well equipped trauma/first aid kit.

We can cover bug bites headaches, & yeah gunshot wounds.

We use the 511 first aid pouch, everything except the Quik Clot, The Asherman Chest Seal, & the Dyna-Stopper, were found at dollar stores or local drug stores. The black items at top are gloves, (sorta of tactical). Myself and all of my Instructors have taken the "Point of Wounding" course, & had general first aid training. It makes sense to have a kit, and the knowledge to use it, as much as it makes sense to take firearms training. The kit is small enough to drop in a range bag, or car console, so there is no reason not to take it.
Real Good Advice
What I carry

This is what I usually have with me, it can vary a bit, I may be down to 2 lights or 2 blades
Of course we have a Browning HP, 2 spare mags, mini baton, battery carrier Surefire E2D, E2, G2Z, Benchmade Pika, Gerber Fast Draw, & a Jess Horn Spyderco, cell phone, and a small trauma kit (we keep several of these around, at home, in range bags, car consoles etc)
Light'em up Dano!

Sebastion has a thread on Fenix lights, I put my 2 cents in comments.

I haven't tried the Fenix light, but I I’ve found the SureFire E2D very easy to carry, as it clips inside pocket, I carry it on the off side & is not as bulky as the 6P, & is now being offered in LED, as backup I carry an E2, same light with out the strike bezels fore & aft. on my strong side. Of course my “normal” dress is some type of tactical pant, I also carry an NRA SureFire combatlight in the left leg pocket. As Clint Smith says one is none, two is one etc... With 3 lights it's unlikely I won't have some type of light source, when needed.

I have checked out a lot of lights, Surefires, (6p, E2, E2d, G2Z, & the 6P LED Defender)
Streamlight, Blackhawk Gladius ( which I really like other than the bulk of said light) I have a couple of Digilights, but they ether went out of business or changed their name.

If you are going to carry you do need a light, a lot of shootings take place in low light and you have to "ID" your target. Plus reports from the field, show, that there are times a bright burst of light tends to make the roaches go away, which means I don't have to shoot, and that is even better.
There is no excuse, even if on a tight budget there are a lot of LED lights out there for under $20, and some of them are pretty bright, and small.