Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Man Attacks Officer With Taser Wires

Nearly choked out Police K9 too
Some interesting classes last weekend

The CUES For the Armed Citizen, focused on body language, facial expressions, to use as, well cues to possible motives of people we encounter. There was even a section on spotting suicide bombers.

The Trauma Self Care course taught what and how the student could treat themselves for trauma injury, such as gunshot wounds.

The Defensive Knife course, focused on how to evade, and disarm, and how to use a knife in self defense, including several force on force scenarios, once again proving you do need some space to use a gun, when it's in your face you'll have to resort to empty hands tactics, as there will be no time to get the gun out.
Value of a good safe
National Lawmakers Meet in Chicago to discuss Gun Control

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Physiology of the Grip

Sight alignment, and trigger control are fine, but you can't overlook the grip
BEE Ware
I want to thank Pat Sharp

For proving my point, that active shooters do not do well when the intended victims are also armed.

I'm grateful he didn't go to the nearby college, or somewhere that people were not armed.

But the 5-0 is always going to have guns in the workplace, and for the most part will always be able to stop idiots like this before there is a body count.

Update: He was certified by the State of Texas to work in law enforcement, and he killed himself
A WTF Moment

Court rules in favor of liars

Every want a be hero will come out of the woodwork now............

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yeah What he said.....
From an email

A technical description of the Entabulator.
Take a minute for this one. THIS IS CONSIDERED A MASTERPIECE OF techno-babble.

Before watching the video clip, read the background below. Several years ago, Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty transmission business. They were getting ready to tape their first introductory video. As a warm up, the professional narrator began with what has become a legend within the training industry. This man should have won an academy award for his stellar performance. Now remember, this is strictly off-the-cuff; nothing is written down. I think you will enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime performance from this gentleman.
If Sarah Brady's Dream came true
I have Vista on my PC

Somedays its like a child with ADD!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


People don't need vehicles like these to haul lumber or bring home the groceries
Ammo Surplus ??

I haven't seen it around here

Stockage in some calibers seems to be back to normal, and prices seem to be adjusting, down a bit, not what they were before the rush.
Tom Knapp on Shotguns

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama endorses Mosque at 9/11 site

"Obama said that Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America.

"The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan"

Thomas Jeffersons view on Islam
Mother like Daughter

Sherri Gallagher win NRA HP Championship, and sets a new record of 2396
Likely an "N" instead of a "NO"

ATF revokes license due to gammer errors

Friday, August 13, 2010

That's some well aged whiskey
The same could be said about cars

All occupations have hazards, and with somewhere around 70,000 Instructors, there may be an accident from time to time, in a two year period, two NRA Instructors have wounded students, the one referred to in the article, and one in Michigan. Yes both were avoidable, but that is why we call them accidents.

NRA states that about 750,000 people a year take training from an NRA Instructor, and their safety record far surpasses LE training.

Dennis ask "What Can We Learn?", well Instructors are human too, and once in a great while screw up.

Of course Dennis is also simple minded, in that he thinks guns are complicated mechanisms and the slightest mistake will result in an accident. He really shouldn't drive.

In 2009 the US Fleet was 246 million cars in 2009 33,963 people died in auto accidents, down from 37,261 in 2008 (Of course over 14 million people being unemployed it only makes sense that fewer people were on the road everyday)

There were nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States in 2005. 2.9 million people were injured and 42,636 people killed.

In 2006 Gary Kleck estimated there were 288 million guns in the USA with about 4 million added each year (Taking in account 2009 sales near 14 million, it would be safe to safe to say well over 300 million guns)

2006, there were 30,896 deaths from firearms, distributed as follows by mode of death:
Suicide 16,883;
Homicide 12,791;
Accident 642;
Legal Intervention 360
There were around 200,000 injured

So there are 50 million more guns, than cars, yet the injury rate is 15 times higher with cars, the accidental death rate is over 50 times higher with cars

The number of unintentional deaths from firearms declined 80% from 1997 to 2002 Likely due to all those Instructors giving safety training.

So what can we learn?, We learn we are a lot safer in a class with an NRA Instructor, than we were getting there, or going home; and Dennis is grasping at straws.
Bad Guy looses gun to victim

It is the size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight

Hope New York State Gun Owners can turn the Tide

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Tired Kitten

she fell asleep sitting
They do seem to be getting around

From Arizona to New Mexico, to Wyoming, now Arkansas
"That's a good law," Arpaio said this week.

2 weeks into the law, and blood is not flowing in the streets
Deal Alert

Over a millon served

15% off almost everything

Coupon code: Thankyou
By the numbers?
Poor Gun Control

When the gun went off, Patel was hit in the stomach, but at virtually the same time, a second bullet from the gun hits the robber in the head, according to detectives.

See the video
Well she didn't say "NO"

Alleged killer admits to sex with body

just weird
Headline Should have been "PSH in PA"

The presence of 2 guns, turns into road closures & a standoff between SWAT, and an empty unlocked apartment.
Minnie May be Armed

Disneyland selling wooden guns

"homemade gun factory" busted in London

Monday, August 09, 2010

Assault Knife attack
Some of the finest training you can get

"The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental." ---- John Steinbeck.

Take your self-defense preparation to the next level ... and learn mental skills for even the worst lethal force encounter!

You've rehearsed shooting an attacker, but have you mentally prepared for being shot? You know how to fight when everything goes right, but do you know the steps to take when everything goes wrong? Because it almost certainly will!

Your worst enemy isn't the thug about to beat you with a tire iron.
Your worst enemy is denial. Denial that you will actually be attacked. Denial that your body will shake and your hands will tremble. Denial that you will hesitate at the final moment to do what needs to be done.
But now you can prepare for your worst nightmare and be ready when it happens. Ready to take direct hits and keep on fighting.

Ready to recognize the signs of threat and take control fast and hard. Ready to make that terrible but necessary decision when your life or the lives of your loved ones are at stake.
It's not about bravery. It's about mental preparation.

Col. Grossman says, "Denial kills you physical, mentally, and financially. It has no survival value. Chew it up, spit it out, get rid of it. This is the moment of truth. No more denial. Rid yourself of every ounce."
If attending a Turkish wedding

wear Kevlar

Saturday, August 07, 2010

On This Date In 1789,

The U.S. War Department was established by Congress.

It was changed to the Department of Defense in 1947, and seems we haven't fought to win since.
As is always the case

No one died after the "good guys" with guns arrived

Truly a case for letting good citizens carry in the workplace, the wolves have no problem killing defenseless sheep, but it seems they take the cowards way out when the sheepdogs arrive.

Weather it takes, as in this case 3 minutes, or 4 minutes at Ft Hood, or 10 minutes like Virginia Tech, it's just a killing field, until the "Good Guys" with guns arrive.

Of course the powers that be, will continue to put up signs, and statements in employee manuals, to relive themselves of liability, and good people will continue to die.

Signs do not stop armed bad guys, but good guys with guns do.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Meth Is Coming Back

Depending on which state you reside in the seizure of clandestine labs has exploded. Some states are seeing a 100% increase over the year before.

Not without a license!
John Longenecker has a new newsletter

"You Liberty News/Safer Streets Newsletter"
Officer assaulted with a burrito

well at least it was supreme
Mandatory 5-year prison sentence

for a starter pistol
Plausible but false

Jimmy pretty much everything you said was specious
How to Hit

In self defense, a sudden attack could be in your face, and you may have to go "hands on" with a larger stronger opponent, until you can make a break, and the space to acquire your firearm. A bit of insight on how to hit, so you can avoid a gift that keeps on giving
When In Doubt, Whip Out Your Pistol

But only if you wear a badge

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Miss Observant

So since you be DED, and don't respond I'll just leave a ticket, that will teach ya!
Defensive Knife Course

Mad Duck Training will be hosting this course in West Elkton Ohio

The course will be conducted by
Jim Floyd, M.Ed., CHS-III
Forensic Criminologist & Director of Training Dignitary Protection Group,

August 15th 9am

Gain essential skills to use your knife and/or defend against a knife in a lethal force encounter!
What you you will be doing this fast paced, highly interactive and hands-on course:
Legally using force to protect yourself or a third person
Understanding the force continuum
Making use of force decisions
Reviewing knife laws
Selecting an everyday carry knife
Carrying techniques
Drawing your knife
Gripping your knife
Opening your knife using various techniques
Cutting a practice target
Moving in and out of various ranges
Stepping and footwork drills
Practicing angles of attack
Performing alive hand / empty hand techniques
Activating pressure points with a closed knife
Defending against knife attacks
Deploying a firearm (airsoft) in Force-on-Force simulations
Using improvised weapons to counter knife attacks
Protecting anatomical targets
and More!

Please wear clothing that you typically wear on the street, including the same type of shoes. This is realistic training for the real world, not a gym or dojo!
Bring any (all) knives you normally carry, or intend to carry to class with you. While this course will primarily focus on the use of folding knives, we will be happy to discuss fixed blade knives as well. ALSO, contact Jim BEFORE you go out and buy a knife, especially if you are buying one to use in this course. You can spend a lot of money on a knife (Jim knows, he has and still does!) but there are good choices that are less expensive and work well. We highly recommend that you get/have a MANUAL knife with a THUMB STUD when first learning as they are the easiest to open, properly grip and use (besides being legal in the most states!).
DPG Link
Kristy Lee Cook takes aim at PETA

"Given that hunters have done more for American wildlife conservation than any other group in history, I make no apology for being one," Cook told "Indeed, I join the ranks of millions of American hunters who celebrate our outdoor heritage and who conserve millions of acres of wild lands. These same people support more than 600,000 jobs across the country and provide a critical voice to encourage more investment in American conservation."
Not all aggressors are 2 legged
Evil walks the land
So appointing a new director would fix this how??
But Sarah said if Guns Were Registered

there wouldn't be any shootings

kinda of like protection orders being bullet proof

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Radioactive boars are on the loose in Germany

Clerk disarms robber
EPA wants to regulate Farm dust

Yep dust
So, Was it an assault bulldozer, or a regular bulldozer?

AOL reports 17 dead
Perhaps they should just "BAN" dogs

That would fix the problem
Breaking News

unknown number shot at beer distributor in Connecticut
Easy to get guns in the UK

but they are banned
I've never owned an UZI
Wild night for Indy
Take your marksmanship to the next level

BFA Skills Challenge

Monday, August 02, 2010


Over the weekend, a guy told me his CCW Instructor held up 2 guns in class, a Ruger LCP, and a Ruger LCR, and told them they were only 2 guns suitable for concealed carry, and not get the LCP because they jam.

That was pretty much all the firearm info given in the class