Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twiddle your thumbs

while people die

I've said, Tam says it "You are on your own"
Update from Acme Ammo:

The weekend of July 31/Aug 1, we will be appearing at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville. The is the same complex as the National Gun Day show, but in the West Hall. The following weekend, we will be appearing in Columbus, OH at the Franklin County Veterans Memorial on Broad St.

We just completed a contract to deliver ammo for a sniper training class. The requirements called for a .308 Winchester round loaded with a 175gr Sierra Match King at a nominal velocity of 2600 fps. This combination was tested and delivered a .820" 9 shot group at 100 yards. It would have been a 10 shot group had the shooter not flinched on the first shot. OK, I'll admit I was also testing .300 Win Mag on the same day and I left my Macho Merit Badge at home. Anyway, as we usually do, we manufactured several thousand additional rounds so our regular customers could sample this very accurate round. This round is available at $41.51/50, $203.77/250 and $405.66/500.

We have also begun to manufacture .41 Magnum rounds. We have two choices available, both 210 grains. One is a normal flat-point target round at $32.08/50. The other is a Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point at $43.40/50. There seems to be two extreme schools of thought on this caliber, one that it's obsolete, the other that it's optimum. We fall in the optimum category. It packs more punch than a .357 Mag without the punishing recoil of the .44 Mag. Another reason is that we've seen a number of S&W revolvers in .41 Mag going for a song because the ammo has been hard to come by. What's not to like?

Last, but not least, we finally have .300 Winchester Magnum available. These rounds are loaded with a 178 grain Hornady A-MAX bullet for optimal accuracy. In testing, this round produced a velocity of 2804 fps with a standard deviation of 14.3 fps. A five shot group measured .644" at 100 yards. This is a round with significant downrange wallop. We have this premium grade ammo priced at $33.96/20 rounds.

Here at Acme we are very value conscious. Normally, we don't plug products here other than our own, but we recently picked up a Thompson/Center Venture rifle to use in developing our .300 Win Mag product. What caught our attention was the $449 price tag and a 1 MOA guarantee. Yes, this rifle did live up to that promise. In addition, it has a user adjustable trigger with no take up. While it doesn't have the crisp clean break of a nicely tuned 1911 trigger, it is firm and distinct....... much to our liking. Check it out; if a plain, blued rifle with a synthetic stock floats your boat, you may like this option.

As always, if you can't make a gun show, our products are available for shipping via UPS ground. The "Brown Truck of Happiness" will bring ammo right to your front door. Just call us at 513-582-2839.

We are currently making plans for business expansion. Watch our website and e-mail for a major announcement from us within the next 60 days.

As always, thanks for your continued business and support.

Mike & Stephanie Mulcahy
Acme Ammunition LLC
Just like a scary movie

"I screamed, he bit harder, I screamed harder, he continued to bite," she said, adding that she could hear her bones breaking.
Crossbows are same as pistols in NC
Why not make your parks alcohol free??

Instead of trying to ban guns ban the alcohol, as it is what seems to have started the confrontation in the first place, as alcoholic beverages inhibit sound judgement, and wisdom. Also banning alcohol in the parks would make the streets safer when the drunks go home.

Monday, July 26, 2010

One woman, one knife, 3 officers

To bad they couldn't shoot her sooner

Two of the officers suffered serious wounds; one officer suffered stab wounds to his back, shoulder and arm and the other suffered stab wounds to his back and arm. The third officer suffered wounds to his hand.
Attempted Murder

One method that would be hard to ban
And they whine about our gun shows?

Prison guards release prisoners, give them full auto weapons, and vehicles, to carry out killings

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Once your dead, your famous
Gee Charles

The 2nd Amendment is over 200 years old, and trumps your later day laws.

Let me ask you this what if your brother had say been stabbed to death, would you champion Knife control?, or if he had been beaten to death, would you champion Club control? You are only looking at the method rather than the cause.

Yes people have and will do bad things with guns, but when they can't get a gun they don't turn in to choir boys, they just chose another means.

One example, I'll bring to your attention, Japan has extremely tight gun control, but they have a suicide rate higher than the US of A, so they have no "handgun suicides". So when a gun is used here to kill ones self, it just a means to an end, it does not mean they won't use another method to end their life
Another Liberal leftest view

If I had the time, I argue you point for point, but I'm sure you would reject facts over your emotional fear, it would be like talking to a wall.
UN after both guns, and free speech

From the Washington Times a laundry list, Micro Stamping, Registration of both guns, and ammo, Restrict trading among individuals, reduce violence in the media, including video games, and reeducation of citizens.

To quote the article: The Obama administration strongly supports the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and no doubt will use the process to push for gun-control regulations that it can't get through Congress otherwise.

Sorta of sounds a bit like the scene at the Drive In in Red Dawn, so is it just smoke, and mirrors?
Or is there a bit of fire to go with it?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The percentage is higher than the actual number

While every LE death is tragic, 43% sounds more dramatic, than 26 more killed than last year

Another "Elite" Gun Handler

Yep thats what they look like, and they hurt like hell too
An up and coming Gun banner

She is even in England seeing the model of gun control

Of course if you disarm the law abiding, the BG's don't really need guns, they can use knives, and clubs, or just physical strength, and in addition the UK has made self defense pretty much illegal, so the general population make for a perfect victim pool, a lot like Chicago.

Since even the police don't carry guns, assaults on officers have soared over 7000 in Scotland last year, an officer assaulted every 20 minutes

While here the FBI reports that violent crime has dropped the past 2 years, in England serious injuries from violence has risen 6.6%

Really Rebecca take off the rose colored glasses, and really look around
You are not all that "elite"

When you shoot yourself with your own gun, note to officer there is no room for your digit in the holster, once you are done firing, take finger out of the trigger guard.

In other words "keep your booger hook off the bang switch" when not actually firing
Home Invasion turns deadly,

for invader

Victim decided not to go quietly into the night

Another example of picking the wrong career when intended victim shoots you with your own gun
First it was a misdemeanor assault.

Then the cops played the tape and it became a

felony assault

A common example of under reporting crime, without the video it would have amounted to nothing

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man shoots wife with toilet paper

Winston-Salem reported that the gun used in the shooting was a "black powder pistol."
Back Door Gun Control

It is anticipated that the final treaty will attempt to register all firearms, require micro-stamping, destruction of surplus ammunition on a very set schedule, registration of all firearms and restriction on any transfer of arms including between private individuals and many other restrictions. If the United States is a signatory and this is ratified by the U.S. Senate, this UN treaty would be the law.

Ya all need to get out and vote
It's the same in the civilian world

Some Instructors couldn't teach a monkey to eat a banana
Zombie Satellite
As our national economy waxes ever weaker,

we will continue to see similar manifestations of personal desperation
Police chase horse & buggy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Officer resigns, over midget porn star
Unemployment rate falls in June!!

Mainly because more people gave up searching for work and were no longer counted.
Stripped Lowers Now Banned???

I think this one is a bit bogus, but if anyone, has more info, leave a comment
4 dead in shooting at training range
Well if they are donating, I'd gladly accept
Air Dog One ??
You talk Like they were Boyscouts

members of each group had gang affiliations. And many had firearms.

Justin Cunningham, 30, of South Seattle, is believed to have fatally shot Yang Keovongphet, 33, (A Convicted Felon)

But as usual we hear:

But, Marcus added, Cunningham was "a nonconfrontational, diplomatic guy who often sought to resolve disagreements through words."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blog, Turned 4 last Saturday

Guess it was busy week
The NRA Protects Serial Killer

The usual Huffington Post crap

Cliff is frothing at the mouth
Dennis Henigan cheering

For those in the extremist gun lobby and the libertarian right who view the Supreme Court's recent Second Amendment rulings as assault weapons ready to blow holes in America's gun laws, the Seventh Circuit's ruling this week in US vs Skoien.

About the only misdemeanor that strips your rights away

While I don't condone domestic violence, if it's a misdemeanor, you pay a fine or whatever, and you go on with your life, I know what fellow that never even touched his wife, he kicked a coffee table over, but got a MDV conviction

Well I suppose there will be more appeals, and lawsuits
They will blame the Gunshow Loophole

Cartel uses car bomb in drug war

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Booger Hooks & Bang Switches
Might be sober, by the time the translator shows up
Para Super Sale at Buds

These guns are Manufacturers Display Models.
They have been opened and handled, but each gun carries a new gun Para Ordnance Warranty.

Prices appear to be pretty good
1911 Question

click to enbiggen

New Springfield Armory 1911-A1.

What would cause the slide to hang up, there is no magazine in the gun, and the slide stop is not engaged, the first and only time I attempted to shoot it, it did not want to go into battery. First thought was, it might be the slide stop. Field stripped the slide does not run smoothly on frame, there does not appear to be any burrs or anything on slide or slide rails. The only change I made was the grips.

So I'm guessing ether the frame or the slide are out of spec? Or they are both within tolerance, but opposite ends of the scale.

Time to send it back to Springfield?

Took it to the dealer today, and he agreed that the slide shouldn't just hang there, so he is shipping it back to Springfield Armory for me.

She says she understands, but what she didn't say was she does not agree
Goat-sucking beasts return

La Chupacabra !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We could all die from a massive earth fart

While not likely, some scientists think so:

Ryskin published a paper in 2003 titled "Methane-driven oceanic eruptions and mass extinctions" in which he theorized that "mass extinction"can be caused by an extremely fast, explosive release of dissolved methane," an eruption that would release "deep anoxic waters that cause extinctions in the marine realm," with extinctions on land brought about by "explosions and conflagrations that follow the massive release of methane" and by "eruption-triggered floods."
Obama Administration Delays BP

The delays were a stunning setback after the oil giant finally seemed to be on track following nearly three months of failed attempts to stop the spill, which has sullied beaches from Florida to Texas and decimated the multibillion dollar fishing industry.
New Gun show in area

I have Saturday open, I may check it out
He didn't get those at a gun show
Jumping through hoops would be easier

Mandatory registration of firearms.
Mandatory Training to own
The Chicago Firearms Permit would cost $100 and have to be renewed every three years
The Firearm must be kept within the confines of the residence
Only one firearm can be kept in working order
No Gunshops (or sales) In the City of Chicago

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shooting Victim Takes Gun, Beats Suspect

Ya know, you ought to find a different line of work, when your victim takes your gun and beats you with it

But the nearby St. Louis Tea Party had an all-hands-on-deck response to the NAACP's plan. The group has drafted a resolution of its own condemning the civil rights group for reducing itself to a "bigoted" and "partisan attack dog organization."
If Axes were banned

"Call the police, call the police. I'm going to kill this bitch," the older woman responded.
'Invisible Gorilla' Test

Shows How Little We Notice
They take a swing at the NRA
Buckeye Firearms Fundrasier

Take your self-defense preparation to the next level ... and learn mental skills for even the worst lethal force encounter!

Bulletproof your mind! Spend September 11 with Col. Dave Grossman

You've rehearsed shooting an attacker, but have you mentally prepared for being shot? You know how to fight when everything goes right, but do you know the steps to take when everything goes wrong? Because it almost certainly will!

Your worst enemy isn't the thug about to beat you with a tire iron.

Your worst enemy is denial.

Denial that you will actually be attacked. Denial that your body will shake and your hands will tremble. Denial that you will hesitate at the final moment to do what needs to be done.

With most donations you might get a cheap "Made in China" knife, Buckeye is giving you training to live by.
Good advice from Massad

While IDPA is not the same as a gunfight, it helps hone the skills one might need for a gun fight. As Dave Grossman notes little of the training we do prepares us for true human aggression, as everyone knows unless there is an unfortunate accident, everyone is going home. Unless one has access to a private range, they are pretty much stuck just standing still, with gun at the ready on a paper target. IDPA is open to pretty much everyone, and the local clubs welcome new shooters.
Monkeys with Guns

Taliban trained

"The Infinite monkey theorem states that if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters they will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare."

The internet has proven that theory wrong
Its not easy to teach gun safety to a dog
These are not the droids you are looking for

"We want to know who has weapons so that first responders can be aware of that information before they enter a home," said Police Supt. Jody Weis at a news conference.

As an officer, I wouldn't be to worried about responding to a call from a citizen that has a registered firearm, as I would know it was a abiding citizen, I'd be much more wary of responding to homes that do not.
NRA Expands Agenda?

The N.R.A., long a powerful lobby on gun rights issues, has in recent months also weighed in on such varied issues as health care, campaign finance, credit card regulations and SCOTUS nominees.

But only where those issues affect firearms
'bullet-proof custard.'

Nope not something to eat, something new in Body Armor, it's liquid, and its bullet-proof!

It's suppose to be lighter weight, and more flexible, nothing was mentioned of possible flavors

Thursday, July 08, 2010

'mama grizzlies'

“This year will be remembered as the year that common-sense conservative women get things done for our country,” Palin says.

Later, she says: "You don't want to mess with the mama grizzlies."
More reasons not to Brady
Prepare to be Taxed

Well who did you think was going to pay for all those bailouts, and "Free" healthcare?
Ah Hi-Points

I was helping another Instructor during a class, one of the students had a new Hi-Point 45 Auto, nether the student nor the Instructor could hit the target with it. So the Instructor loaned the student his Glock 22, and, and wow holes began appearing in the targets, but the student continued to lament how great his Hi-Point was, and how he really liked it, and that it was as good as the Glock. New targets were hung, and the Hi-Point blissfully missed them all, back to the Glock, and holes once again appeared in the paper, the student continued to brag how his gun was as good as the Glock, the Instructor took a new track he said "Let me show you how to hit with your gun, You bring the gun back as far as you can and throw it as hard as you can, and you might hit them with it."

Change camera angle to students face wide eyed, and jaw agape
Last Night in Chicago

Series of shootings leave 2 dead, 12 wounded

Chicago cop killed with own gun
Find another line of work

"I think it's excellent. We need to let all the crooks out there know that people carrying guns are willing to use them. It helps protect us," Bill Bradshaw said.

You know you are not very good, when your victim takes your gun shoots you, and your buddy
Facts and law aside, gun control advocates are right

Not quite what it sounds like

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"Grim Sleeper" Caught??

Can't help but wonder if one of his victims had been armed, he might have got caught a lot sooner
What the heck?

Mob Assaults Illinois Police Officers

The attackers apparently intended the assaults as entertainment for a hundreds-strong crowd of adults and children who had gathered at the Oakwood Housing Complex

"I'm so angry," Hayes told the newspaper. "This type of conduct is not supposed to happen in civil society."

Apparently Chicago, is not the only uncivilized city in Illinois
Linda Walker for (NRA) Board of Directors

I know Linda, and she really works hard for shooters rights, support her!
Bad enough impersonating a police officer

but calling for back up?
They will kill you over a cigarette

Man beaten to death for a cigarette
People will use anything in an Assault

including deer antlers

Usually only deer use them for that
McDonald a Race Case?

How times change. An amendment that helped blacks protect themselves from the KKK terrorists now is being used to help protect a black Chicago man from gangbangers

If Mayor Daly will let you

NRA has pointed out for years gun control was founded in racism

I've said for years when you see a "Gun Control Bill", drop the word gun.
Israeli Security Team Loses Glocks

Article describes "4 Powerful handguns", umm they were Glock 9mm's, powerful in a handgun is more like 44 Magnum or 500 S&W
Utah Concealed Carry

Perception is not reality.

Good quote of the day

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Samantha Osborn, was denied entrance because her tattoo "condoned violence."
Ranting about Utah CCP

"The course itself will NOT make you a trained gun fighter."

True, I fully agree

But taking a driving test will not make you Mario Andriette ether.

"In this particular instance I am forced to agree with Peter Hamm, too many issuers are lax in the way they do background checks."

Hmm, Utah uses a background check conducted by the FBI.
But, There are already a whole bunch of laws addressing that!

Firearms in the wrong hands are also a threat to community safety

Solid first steps would be to close the gun show loophole that allows the sale of guns on a cash and carry basis, with no identification required. Add those who commit crime(s) with a gun to the Predatory Offender Registry, and require them to register where they live and when they move, as we now do with sex offenders and other predators. And we should enact an assault weapons ban.

So if we harass, constrain, control, and limit the law abiding citizen, we might some how control those who live outside the law??
Win a 1911

Buckeye Firearms Patriot Gun Giveaway!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Its easier to blame guns, that fix the problems

In too many low-income communities of Chicago, the schools are in shambles, quality after-school programs are scarce, well-paying jobs are almost nonexistent, and the family structure is in full crisis. It is an easy notion to disregard, but many of these children are struggling daily to thrive in an environment that fosters failure.
I am (was?) A Gun Owner But:

It is that the lunatic-fringe gun owners, and the weak-kneed politicians who serve them, have now gone too far.

Not only are we right wing extremists, now we are lunatics too
So it's ok for police officers to be in possession of illicitly purchased machine guns ?

The guns, which were destroyed by the city three years ago, were India-made, fully-automatic rifles classified as "machine guns" by the U.S. Treasury Department. The military-style guns were purchased at sharply discounted, tax-exempt prices that relied on false assertions by city police that they would be used for "official duties only, purchased by the department for departmental use only

An investigation by the Times Union revealed the guns changed hands over the years as officers sold them to one another and also to others outside the department.
One Judge away from losing your rights
Meanwhile in Wisconsin

District Attorney say he won't enforce gun laws

But he does seem at odds with the sheriff, and local police chief

Friday, July 02, 2010

15% off

Coupon code: JULY2010

La Police Gear
The Court Ruled

Then They Voted

Chicago is not going to get any better any time soon, and now they will blame the SCOTUS, instead of their short sighted limp wristing rules.

I call for a boycott on Chicago, since they wish to hamstring the law abiding citizens
Mayor Daly Continues to ignore the facts

As gun sales have skyrocketed since 2005, violent crime has dropped precipitously during the same period.
Only Gangsters and Government will have guns

Why does it seem Mayor Daly is protecting only the thugs?
I was behind them several times yesterday
An outbreak of rabid raccoons in New York City
Are firearm rallies turning U.S. into a Wild West?
In Browsing the Net:

22 million out of work

1.3 million losing benefits

8 million jobs gone forever

Now the Prez wants to reform immigration, make 11 million illegals legal, and I suppose open the floodgates to millions more, yep we can turn the US of A into a 3rd world world nation in a jiffy.