Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well he is right

Not everything on the internet, or at the display case, or taught in some classes is correct

Estimated number of guns by state

and closest foreign country in ownership.

I am kind of surprised at the numbers for some of the gun control states like NY.

Jeff Knox

Picks 6 of my 7

If you are a voting member of the NRA, get out those ballots, and get it done. You do not have to vote for 25, just vote for those that you believe will do a great job!

Yeah, even you pretty people that live in "safe neighborhoods"

Can get killed

Stop blaming the NRA

I would imagine a lot of those donations, were due to media coverage, promising more gun control laws.

While the NRA can raise nearly 95 million, from it's grass roots, and the anti's can only get 50 million from Bloomberg, as Julie Golob said we are millions with $25.

They won't go away

Like an old dog with a bone

Even if you don't need them, always good to have plenty of spare mags.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Military should look to civilians

For shooting lessons

Stupid people giving stupid training

Step back and close your eyes in a confrontation.

Bad advice at a hefty pricetag

Who comes up with this garbage

Campus carry would cost Texas 47 million??

deal alert

"PMAG GEN M2 30rd 10 PACK $89.99"  

Never give up

Sam Colt failed several times before success.

Wow, I mean Wow.

A politician with a brain

Gun Porn

Beretta APX

Just to confirm

The hot new thing isn't

Finding a common soldier

Is a rare thing these days

We have been saying that for years

But it won't stop the anti's from demanding it

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gun Porn

Seen on Brownells Facebook page

How about a closer look at this 1918 Colt 1911 that Clayton, Brownells Director of Merchandising, just picked up! Grips are WWII era, holster shown was purchased separately, magazine is original and was issued with the firearm.

Ah the stories it might tell.

Looks to be a good resource


OK we are 5 million "crackpots"

That represent 100 Million gun owners

Now if the other 95 million would join we could really shut them up!

This had enough elements of truth

to be almost believeable But in truth it is a satire, but so reflects some of the strongly held bias of certain things working better that others.


8 of 7 students braved the storm yesterday, to attend their first day of NRA Pistol Instructor training, they seem to be to a person pretty dedicated, to being good instructors, you usually don't see 100% commitment to doing it right, but this class will I think be exceptional. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snowing like crazy

Have 900 foot driveway  to clear, and need to get a path to the range, so posts might be light, at least the snow blower is self propelled.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


In Slow Mo

Side charger for


Seems a bit pricey to me, but at the prices some get for "tactical" charging handles, may not be to bad. I'm intrigued.

What timing!

What luck! Really glad mom is OK.

Rights Restored

A non violent misdemeanor should never have resulted in him losing his Constitutional Right. 

Poll on should children have gun safety training.

Of course they should

Perhaps A Case Of

Over awareness?

I do prefer not to have my back to the door, but not overly picky at where they seat me.

School stabbing

Guess there ought to be a law.......

Several Links in artcle

In New York

Like England, they want to ban sharp pointy things.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Anti's launch cars vs guns

Breaking down the numbers

If jobs ever come back, car accidents will increase.

So you think you know the law

This guy did, sentenced to 70 years

Yes you need to train and prepare for the worst, and yes you really need to know the law. I'd suggest Andrew Branca's book the Law of Self Defense, and many of Massad Ayoob's writings

From the A Shau to CMH

David Hardy

Reviews yesterday court win

As I tell my students no prizes

For speed holstering

Glock vs M&P

Pretty balanced video

I have both, and I give the edge to the M&P Pro over the Glock 17

Opinion on best

9 mm self defense loads

Bottom line to me reliability 



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gun Porn

1000 rounds in 10 seconds

When Children have Access to Guns

They can save their mother

Win in Court!, Breaking News

Breaking News of a big, big win out of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. Mance v. Holder. The federal interstate handgun transfer ban is unconstitutional on its face under the Second Amendment and the Due Process Clause of the Fifth. Unconstitutional as applied as well.

Surprise, surprise

Imagine that

Gun Porn

Pump action revolver?

No more trips to range

Practice with your AR15 in the comfort of your living room
Kind of like a Sim round without the paint?

So where do you start?

Violated rule #1, , then Rule #2, wait stop, it is just this dam simple, Instructors should never kill a student. Even if a gun is triple checked there is no reason, I can think of to  point it at a student.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Not For Muskets Only

Welcome to our town

Now no misbehaving 

SO New Hampshire

May go with Constitutional carry

Guns in Australia are so wild

They keep them on leashes

Anti's only count defensive use of gun by deaths

Really it is better when no one dies

The vast majority of bad guys are looking for an opportunity, they are not looking for a fight, if it appears the intended victim is armed, the problem goes away. 

Some of what you think are rules

Are not



Gunfighter could use some help

She's A Pistol still closed after attempted robbery

Ultimate Price T-Shirts

Say Uncle likes #1

6 Tacti-Something videos

I'm guessing small caliber

Perhaps deflection?

Monday, February 09, 2015

Talk about needing clean shorts

The turret gunner gets his bell rung and is severely dazed, but continues to scan for targets and even uses a water bottle to extinguish a fire on the outside of the vehicle.

He is so correct

LE vs Civilian

I have seen the same thing in training and competition

So Can Remington Deliver on the Para's

Unlike the P51 and Marlin?

Looking for a cool


It appears the rumors are true

Concerning PARA

I'm not surprised PARA had been plagued with problems since it moved to North Carolina, and being bought up by what is now Remington Outdoor Company, that the brand will be discontinued. As there are mergers and acquisitions, I look for a thinning in the number of brands on the market A while back I read their were over 125 companies making AR-15's and at some point with market saturation it would likely drop to less than 25, it is not a bad thing, it is just what it is.

1911-Glock maintance

As Larry Vickers​ said in my 1911 class, "If you are going to treat your gun like a push lawnmower, buy a Glock". No denial that 1911's do require more maintenance. 1911's are heavy, and they hold fewer rounds. Whereas the Glock drop in parts truly means that, with a lot of 1911 drop in may mean some fitting required.

In all the years I've been teaching and training I have seen both 1911's and Glock's fail, so does that mean we shouldn't buy either one of them, Perhaps there is another?, A magical war club that will never break down, or wear out or fail? Well maybe a real war club made out of a hard enough material, since clubs have been around since nearly the dawn of man, we have made them pretty fool proof.

As mentioned above seen both of them fail, and likely seen more Glock's go down than 1911's, but there are more striker fired guns coming to class. I would place most of the failures on ammo, then on magazines, then lack of lubrication. (Yes Glock's are suppose to run dry, but they run better with at least a bit of oil.)

When I was in the Glock Instructor course 1/3rd of the guns failed (IE: Stopped working) on day one, came down to total lack of cleaning, and ammo being used. I have also seen issues with aftermarket magazines made for Glocks.

With the 1911's most of the time they are just dry, and even production guns are tight enough that spells trouble. Next in is magazines, and I've seen them right out of the box fail to run, switch out to a quality magazine  and then they shoot. I really believe the manufacturers should step up there,, and supply at least one quality mag. with each gun they sell. One class I had 2 students with 1911's and both had ordered ammo from the same reman. company and neither gun wanted to function I finally put some of their ammo in my gun and it wouldn't work either, but it would run in a striker fired pistol. We didn't have a chronograph, but surmise that batch was loaded a bit on the light side, and just wasn't enough to cycle the heavier slide.

I've seen where both guns were run hard and put away wet, one 1911 in particular, it was a 38 Super that had been shot so much, you could run the slide back and forth with one finger. How the spring managed to get the slide back in battery is beyond me.

Another area I've seen failures is with the fiddlers,  they start changing out parts, and springs trying to make it better, Come on guys run it a while before doing that. Also if the suppliers state if you change "this", you really should change "that", you really should change "that".

Are our choices wrong? Not at all, we just have to understand and know the limitations of your choice. You have to learn about your gun and how to maintain it, not just how to modify it.

Buy quality ammo, and magazines, change springs when you should, clean it when you should, not just when you get around to it.  

I am pretty certain that If John Browning was around today with modern machining and materials the 1911 would not look like it does, nor am I inclined to believe it would look like a Glock (Even Browning saw the limitations of the 1911 and although unfinished before his death the BHP  was his effort to simplify and improve the design). If Gaston Glock had to go back to the turn of the 20th century, I'm sure the pistol would not look like what we have today.

Both are proven platforms, and maybe, just maybe, we ought to spend more time shooting them than comparing them.

There really are reasons

why they make plastic training guns, if you insist on using a real firearm, it is a good idea to confirm it is unloaded.

Alright Enough 9 vs 45

How about Apache Helo vs Dragon?

AR-15 madness

I can't see how this is an improvement

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Fed Flight Control

Now in #1 Buck

I have so far been pretty impressed with the Federal 00 in the flight control offering, like to try some of the new #1 buck.

They are not going to buff that out

The story of a major kaboom

Sure he does not work for Bloomberg?

He is ether an idiot, or a plant by one of the gun control groups, I'm guessing idiot.

Revolver or


I'll state my opinion, your's may differ. I've found with training people, especially new shooters the revolvers are harder to  get them successful as quickly, most of the production guns that come through the double action triggers are pretty heavy, although did have a lady last weekend with a S&W Performance Center that did have a smooth trigger. It's not that the triggers are any harder than some of the Ruger LC9's or LCP's. But if the front sight is off the target by they time they get it to go off, it's a miss, and does nothing for confidence.

But also the last few years I'm seeing fewer wheel guns, maybe one in 15 or 20.

We have had to use a rubber mallet a couple of times to get cylinders  unstuck, but have used the mallet to knock a slide back on a couple of semi autos, the majority of the time it was a stuck  steel case, and even a fullback couldn't have popped them loose.

So in  a nutshell, I'd opt for the semi auto, they usually hold more rounds and are easier to reload.

After like 80 years

Someone in Indiana wants to make training mandatory for CCW License.

Bet the range was there first

Stray bullet hits woman in head

Wasn't 9vs40vs45 enough?

Now it's 223 vs 308??

Taliban must not be to bright

Not enough sense to get down after the first few bodies fell

90 in one day? wow!

Gun Porn

1874 Sharps in 22lr

Would look nice beside my 45-70

Army want a new

Compact Sniper Rifle

I'd like to see this bill go all the way.

Legal, law abiding gun carriers are not, and never have been the issue. Killers are looking for a score, not a fight, if they wanted a fight they would go to the police station, that does happens, but it is rarer than shootings in "No Gun" zones.

Gun Porn

NRA AR-15 Only 1000 to be made.

MSRP $2209

It may seem justified

But the jury may not see it as justified.

It seems the majority prepare for the gunfight, and give no thought to legal battle afterwards. The gunfight will last seconds, the legal fight could take years off your life.

Media Recognizing Women

In the shooting sports, including ABC

Maybe they need Machete control

21 dead in machete attack

I'd prefer if I were in an Active Killer event that they bring guns, as the shots would give some warning, people screaming and hollering are not unusual at some events, and you make not realize what is going on until they are very close. I really can see it happening here, and machetes are cheap, pretty easy to conceal, never run out of ammo, and seldom malfunction. 

A view on open carry

Some may not have thought of

Owner of Winchester 1873

Not found, still a mystery

Ruger 9E

Review by Tam

Monday, February 02, 2015

No More Gun Free zones

In Wyoming?

Using food for armor

National Right to Carry

Likely the best chance of it being passed with the new Congress

Hope for the best maybe this time.

Well he lacked safety training

It is not just about shooting

Shooting in itself is only part of the training, and if you plan to defend family, each need to know and practice their role in the plan.

Los Angeles Vs San Antonio

On Active Killers

In San Antionio they address the concealed carry holder, responding to the killer

Of course much higher likelihood of an armed citizen in Texas than in California.


Leads to murder, are you prepared for CQB?


Not all that it is cracked up to be

It was pretty much the last of the wooden stock battle rifles, I suppose some just can't let go.

I'd never seen a $50

Slingshot before I guess it is tactical or something....

Knife Porn

New Knife from Sheepdog Knife & Gun, made by Emerson

Index people

Unless you consider your leg a safe direction

Sniper shot, over 20 years ago.

Sniper only fired one shot during his career on duty

In most states just about anyone can buy a sword.

Perhaps we need to follow England and pass some sensible sword laws.

Of course when the Constitution and BOA was written, the Founders had no idea of those Samurai Assault Swords, if they had, I'm sure they would have written an exception to "arms" in the 2nd Amendment. Since Samurai swords are so deadly. 

Charges filed on improper use of Sig Brace

Looks more like just an "add-on" charge......

That is Pretty Nifty


Sunday, February 01, 2015

They may not see your white hat.

This case is a bit unusual, that the police arrived while shots were still being fired. We tell all of our students do not have a gun in your hand, when the police arrive. Do you have a plan?, and remember it is highly unlikely the police arriving at the scene will know you. If you appear to be the aggressor, they may not spend much time on making an ID before they shoot you.

Watch out for

Clip Feed revolvers

Monotonous caliber wars continue

Better to have something than nothing, as long as you know the limitations of your choice, be it caliber or gun. Those that know me, know I'm not a fan of mouse guns or sub calibers, but a guy I hold high respect for, once said "10 good hits with a 22 are better than a bad hit with a 45", and I had to agree.

I may not agree with your choice of gun or of caliber, but it is your choice, I don't have to carry it, and you'll have to live with your decision. Just as I'll have to live with mine.

Just understand the limitations of your gear, and train, train, and train with it, get as proficient as you can, with what you chose.  

Booger hooks folks

Booger hooks, practice getting as high an index as you can, in caste you do something like fall down. At least this time it was more embarrassing than fatal.