Friday, August 26, 2011

In God we Trust

But not in New York City

Man calls police

12 times to get arrested


Have you seen my Rifle?

Bacon helped defeat the Nazis

That's because bacon contains glycerol, which becomes nitroglycerine and TNT

Burn Notice

This has become about my 2nd favorite show, just behind NCIS

Of course without cable, I'm sort of stuck with what is in syndication

Boston wants to license knife sellers

They are selling quote "dangerous aggressive weapons"

Knives are aggressive?

So by limiting the number of knife sellers, they will reduce violence?, next step limit the number of kitchens?

Then perhaps address the knife show loophole, and knife trafficking from states with loose knife laws?

In Japan

Full Auto, Magazine Fed Rubber Band FN P90

PSH in England

"dumbest monkey-see, monkey-do determinism"

Comparing Olympic events to crime


Sounds, like something I want to use

A Non Haz-Mat Event

Bull Semen Leak in Tennessee

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just how fast are you?

215ms is average, I was a bit slower

my avarage was 240ms

I swear the end is near

Don't they know the fact we draw air offends them?

New York

Has all those great gun laws to keep people safe

Just another reason to own guns

They are coming

An Aussie

Speaks out

When Chuck Norris says it

It must be true

Last Call

We have a few openings left:

Gun Threat Defense Seminar

August 27, 2011 9am to 4pm Hosted By Mad Duck Training

With Guest Instructor: Tom Everett

Contact: Mad Duck 937-787-4414 or

Location: Mad Duck Training Facility

When: August 27, 2011 9am to 4pm

Cost: $125.00

Equipment needed: Appropriate clothing

Personal firearm with strong side holster

You may bring a blue gun or Airsoft of your personal firearm if you like

Open mind and good attitude

This seminar is a hands on training event, part of the seminar will deal with you having no personal firearm avalible and having to use your attacker's and also with you deployoing your own gun.

Classified as a gun threat defense and not to be confused with gun defense, where the only defense is to seek cover and return fire, this seminar will teach you how to negotiate the disadvantage of having a firearm stuck in your face. Although a very dangerous situation it is not the end of the world and can be dwalt with in an effective manner, provided you have the skills and confidence to effectively control the situation. You will learn how to defend, disable and disarm your attacker and what to do after you have gained the advantage of the situation.

Reality Based Self Defense Training

There are a lot of times when you cannot carry a weapon with you and times where you need to get to it or fight for it. Not having empty hand skills will only limit your ability to defend yourself and your family. Modern Defense Tactics provides you with reality based self-defense training that does not take a life time to learn.

Modern Defense Tactics has successfully integrated various styles of martial arts into one cohesive system that will work for anyone. These techniques are not complicated or impossible for the average person to do.

Studies have proven that your ability to use fine motor skills during stress-induced states are not possible even for someone with a lot of training and actually being put in those situations on multiple occasions. So we developed and focus on EASY to IMPLEMENT but effective technique.

You can experience the confidence that comes with having the proper tactical skills and psychological mindset necessary to survive a violent attack.

Most self-defense training takes too long to develop proficiency. What if you don’t have 5 or 10 years to train? What if you are needed to know how to effectively defend yourself tomorrow, next week, next month? Do you want to risk not being ready?

Our programs will teach you simple, COMBAT PROVEN tactics that do not take a lifetime to learn or to become proficient at. They follow simple patterns with many commonalities, but the bottom line is what we teach you works, period!!

Tom Everett is the founder of Modern Defense Tactics. As a military veteran and a martial arts practitioner of over 36 years, he came to realize that there are many martial arts techniques as practiced in “traditional” martial arts that just plain don’t work. To combat the ongoing need for everyone to have the skills and ability to protect themselves and their families Tom Everett founded Modern Defense Tactics providing REAL WORLD self defense training.

Tom Everett holds two 6th degree black belts in Karate, one 2nd, two 1st degree black belts and is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is a Master level Instructor for Modern Defense Tactics in Unarmed Tactics, Knife Defense, Gun Threat Defense, Tactical Knife Concepts and Force on Force Defensive Training. He is a former elite commando trained U.S. Solider having served in several theaters of operations. He has trained Military, Federal, State, and local Law Enforcement Agencies and Personnel. He was involved in an operation in Virginia and Washington DC areas with DEA and U.S. Customs, and is currently training Military and Police Officers in Modern Defense Tactics. He is a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor, NRA Personal Protection in The Home Instructor,NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home,NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. His firearms training stem from a life-time of training and shooting. Tom Everett has a extensive background in tactical firearms training and experience. As a trained sniper and avid 1000 yard competitive shooter he continues to develop his skills to the highest level.

Due to the extreme training nature of this event all personal firearms will be downloaded and must remain that way until the training day is over.

NO Exceptions!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Concrete tent

New canvas material turns solid after soaking

Quote of the Day

"It's just a good thing I can't pack a gun on the Senate floor."

Well there is a difference

between a trim and a cut

When the libs don't like the answerr

They eat their own

Donohue sounds like that movie line:

"Truth, we don't need no stinkin truth"

At least she knew to index

The answer is the same as it was in 97, Rifles

Over 40 to 1 Odds

The Battle of Mirbat

Ohhhh Pick me!

I have the answer for this:

"What we see now is smaller plots," she said. "We are also seeing a rise of activities by individuals who are actually in the country, and they are acting by themselves and that kind of attack is the most difficult to prevent because there is nothing to intercept."

Armed citizens!

Bulletproof Skin Fails

Artist deems test a success

Monday, August 15, 2011

Only if congress adopts the same


In Training a professional does not shoot behind the firing line

The current economic downturn

is even affecting strippers

Trying to look cool

is not tactical

I'm very sure it will not be that "exciting" when I train with Ken Hackathorn, and Larry Vickers later this year.

Sensible Knife Laws needed

6 dead 

There's a lesson here for Americans.

  A disarmed society is an uncivilized society.

Drowning them in paperwork

Will stop the cartels

One Field of Business Booming

Safe sales are up

Making their 'gun facts" law?

But it is San Francisco

Saturday, August 06, 2011