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Joe H explains to Mike B

About the right to self  defense

Of course laws will not make violent criminals less violent, and even if you had magic fairy dust to make all the guns disappear.
When the violent criminal element began beating you briskly with a baseball bat, then you might understand.

DOJ Victim study estimates criminals use guns 344,000 times a year

St Louis Law Review study finds law abiding citizens stop violent crimes at least 400,000 time a year. (they deter at least 800,000 more)

No time to post  direct links

Well they were

Thin Mints

Az may have a State Gun too

The Colt Single Action

The Iowa rush is on for CCW

“So those folks don’t know how to manipulate their firearms and they think they’re going to protect themselves,” says Feick. “That’s an absolute joke.”

I have to agree with Mr Feick, back when Ohio was pondering passage of a CCW Licenses, I advocated for Vermont style law, we instead got 12 hours of required training (they did try for 20 hours). Being an Instructor I started conducting classes, and at first when the rush started it was mostly shooters that not only knew how to shoot, but understood the difference in target shooting and self defense shooting.  But as time went on we started seeing a lot more people that were simply afraid and wanted to get and carry a gun.
While one long day of training will not fully prepare them, we hope to give them a pretty good idea of what they are getting into, and hopefully send them in the right direction.

I've heard other Instructors say their students will never need to defend themselves, which is well BS they do not have a crystal ball, at least one of mine was in a shooting and prevailed. The one problem of little, or no training or poor training is the students lack the confidence to carry, which means they won't have it when they need it.

I also fully realize that very likely the only training 90 percent of my students ever get will be that 12 hour class, I give them all I can, in the time I have them.

As a former, and hopefully future student of Massad Ayoob, a quote from his article "Armed & Alive"

Maintaining a deadly weapon for self-defense is an awesome responsibility. It carries the legal power to do something now almost forbidden in even the loftiest worlds of medicine and of law: to perhaps deliberately end the life of another human being under an extraordinary circumstance.

Such responsibility demands a clear and complete understanding of the law, both criminal and civil. It mandates a high level of judgment, and the ability to activate it swiftly. It demands technical skills involving marksmanship and an understanding of firearms and combat ballistics and tactics.

While we can't do all of that in one day we try like crazy to get them headed in the right direction

Sons of Guns

Number 3 on cable

Hardly Paradise

Ohio is fairly restrictive in how guns are carried in cars, and you cannot carry anywhere that serves alcohol

This bill will not allow one to carry into a bar, or consume in a restaurant

Of course this was the burn line
The biggest problem with gun reform is that the state’s gun laws are never localized for rural and big-city cultures, said Charleta Tavares, a Democrat and former Columbus City Council member serving her first term in the Ohio Senate.

So later today I will leave my "Rural area", and drive across the the state including Columbus, if Tavares had her way, I'd be law abiding, then a criminal, then law abiding, then a criminal, then law abiding, then a criminal again, just driving across my own state.

The 4 Rules apply

to air gun too

Like seeing a cow in a dress

Chuck Schumer trys to look like a hunter

Jury Finds Gun Owner

Not Guilty

Maybe its just me, but I do not forget where I left a gun, but I have seen people who do.

While he gets to avoid jail, the whole thing did cost him 50k.

It is truly a shame that your rights as an American vary from state to state

Thursday, February 24, 2011

From an Email

I have a friend who related personally witnessing a negligent discharge at his church just this past Sunday. He said he was sitting in the church (either just before or during services...I forget), when he heard a very loud "bang." He said a man got up and walked out, and then he heard someone yell "call 911." He said some initially thought it was a drive-by, but it turns out that the man in question had a pistol in his waistband, which had apparently fired when he bent over. My friend said he went to where the man had been sitting, and there was a hole in the seat and in the floor. Police responded and took a report while the man was taken for medical attention.

My friend said he didn't think it was in a holster, which was my first guess as to the cause (the "Plaxico Burress carry"). The man was injured, in a life-changing if not life threatening way...he was apparently using a half-assed appendix carry (sans holster)...and shot off the end of his "equipment."
I have not been able to find any news coverage


Inside of police car

Officers survived, but it was one of those routine calls, there are no routine calls until they are over.

I'll bet it was exciting

WikiLeaks exposes true origins

of Mexican cartels' weaponry

Hardly an epidemic

6 semi auto hi cap guns in 25 years

A case of


Did ATF let it happen, so they would have a case to present to congress, why there was a need for more restrictions, and a bigger budget for the agency?

Thousands of guns went to Mexico not due to rogue dealers, but due to a rogue agency?

So many questions............

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Judge Rules

NYPD has to release reports on over 800 shootings

Not A Good Idea

to say "I double dog dare ya to shoot me" to a woman thats been drinking

Now that is a good bill

Firearms Training For Abuse Victims

But to really work, it has to be more than just a safety course

Record Production

5.4 Million Firearms in 2009

There's a headline to make you puke

Rahm Emanuel, the New King of Chicago

But it is Chicago

Remember the primers at the airport?

The guy is still in jail, has been found guility and could get 15 years

Mystery In Atlanta

"It is a disturbing image. It's one, of course, that sends a message of violence, in my view," said commissioner Robert Mendoza.

Wow they even find drawings of firearms violent

Not Going to Happen

"Congress should enact national CCW reciprocity and soon,"

The states are not going to accept it, as a lot of states only perform a background check to issue A CCW, and Vermont does not even require a license. (Nether do Arizona or Alaska do to carry in state, but they do have training classes for those that want to carry out of state)

So unless those states set up an optional training program to go along with the carry license, it will be an up hill battle with the states that have mandatory training.

It would have to be set up similar to drivers training, while requirements vary from state to state to get a drivers license, they all cover the basics enough to get the other states to accept each others licenses.

Reciprocitys were once written in regard to drivers licenses, and try crossing a state line to hunt, with your state issued hunting license.

Modern Translation:
A *well trained and well equipped people, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

functions and how well trained are the militia members. It does not refer at all to the degree to which the government controls the militia or the members of the militia.

Appears Common Sense does exist

No One Shot, No One Arrested

Must Have Got Them at A Gunshow

Mexican marines find 72 sticks of explosives

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Hatchet Man

Robs Buy & Fly

Saved By the


A Friend of mine is a retired deputy sheriff, was shot two different times, both times by other officers

Murders in Chi Town

But, more startling is that 87% of murderers had prior criminal records, and 80% of murder victims had prior convictions as well.

The Liberals would call that a tragedy

I'd call it house cleaning

Cylinder & Slide

Producing 100 1911 Reproductions

So explain the record breaking sales

Gun Ownership is Down?

Also to dispute the 90% myth, we should count the guns not recovered???


Should car manufacturer liable in shooting?

After all no car, no drive by

Guns In Georgia

Reporter seems a bit uncomfortable, but a fairly positive article

Smart Gun Laws

Save Lives

Flordia Officer shot down

3rd St. Petersburg Officer Killed

Monday, February 21, 2011

I have to ask

If he had hung himself would you be chanting for rope control?

At least she admits to PTSD (A mental illness), Colin Goddard likely has it after VT, and Sarah Brady likely has it.

Likely explains why they hate inanimate objects


Breaks into Police Station

So Much For Peaceful Protest

Fighter Jets Strafing Crowds

They can't control guns or drugs

But banning a video game will fix the problem


The other day I pulled my Kimber Custom II, it had been put away dirty, and was more than just gummed up, so today was cleaning day.
I thought while I was at it, I'd pull firing pin and spring, and extractor, and clean those areas as well, imagine my surprise if you will, when I was removing the plate the extractor launched itself across the room!

It is ether something that requires talent to get the spring loaded firing pin, and spring loaded extractor all back together, or 3 hands.

While the extractor always work, taking something from one piece, to 3 pieces, and a spring is more than a bit silly.

So he is ok with 10 people being shot

Says 10 rounds  are enough for self defense

So why don't the cops use 10 round magazines?

Also, What does need have to do with it? You don't need a V8, a 3000 sq. ft. house, a 42 inch TV ether.

Talk about issues

If this guy gets a "Sick Thrill out of jacking a gun", I'd say he has issues well beyond guns.

Holding the gun by his side, as we strolled down the street in broad daylight, he said, "Hey, I'm 100% for gun control. But I know this block. I'm no damn fool."

Clancy nether are the rest of us, we just don't talk out of both sides of our mouth

He would rather lay down and die

Rather than Fight

He said: 'People tell me that if they would have been there, they would have shot that guy. That offends me.
'People want to be the hero, I understand that. They play video games and they think they understand the reality. It's nothing like that.'

Colin sorry you are offended, but I'd rather go down fighting, than curled up under a desk begging for my life

Friday, February 18, 2011

Darwin Moment

Boy holds lighter to rifle round till it goes off

How do we know

they are going to the cartels?

With all the violence down there, I would imagine that there are Mexican citizens that have said "the heck with the law, I'm going to protect my family"

Since the cartels can very likely obtain "Full Auto" AKs out of South America at a lower cost with less hassle.

Perhaps the businesses, and people of Mexico have grown weary of the government's ineffectiveness.

Think about it for a moment, when Barky got elected, and people thought he would push gun control, sales nearly doubled here, Ammunition sales sky rocketed. Down in old Mexico otherwise law abiding people are afraid, and are going to find ways to protect themselves

Its human nature

Thursday, February 17, 2011

NO Excuses!!

Four year old dies of gun shot wound

If you have small children secure the firearms, it is just that dam simple.

His father is a Deputy, he knew better

One of these days

I'll have to consider owning a Glock*

*I'm not Polymer-Phobia, I've owned several XD's (one before they were XD's) and have 2 M&Ps, and an FNP just never a Glock

Chicago is not on the list?

11 most dangerous cities

Although unless it changed recently the Windy City does not take part in the UCR

But you can find it here: Chicago Crime Every Block

Looks Like a Good way

To get your Butt Kicked

Going to ask them if they are having a bad day?

"I don't like the idea of combating violence with violence," Helmke said in regards to students carrying weapons to class on the off-chance that a university would be faced with a shooter. "In 2011 we should have better ways to deal with that than just, 'I'll shoot them before he shoots me,' " he said.

Once violence starts your options become very few, very quickly.

They are: Run, Hide, Die or Fight

Colin Goddard

Compares Wayne LaPierre to Mubarak

Yes what has happened in Eygpt has been fairly bloodless, slightly over 365 dead so far, countless numbers injured, but only because the Army sided with the protesters.

Peaceful protest didn't work here

It does not appear to be working here or here

Gene Lyons

Shooting Blanks

Lyons says he is not anti gun, just anti Semi Auto, and pretty much bases his attitude on emotion, rather than fact, I had a series of emails with him. As with most of them, he would rather not have his beliefs clouded with facts

Stephen Hunter

Goes to Bat on NPR

Mayor Mike

Has a new truck

It is clear he thinks every gun death is murder, but in a number of those cases it was a killing and not a murder. There are clear differences in murdering and killing.

An example would be yesterdays gunfight in WV, the US Marshal was murdered the suspect was killed.

As Clint Smith says "Some people just need to be killed"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Officers down

ICE Agent Killed in Mexico

Deputy US Marshal killed serving warrant

So Liberals admit

That Iraq did have WMD's

Thousands of them

Survey Shows

Nearly Half of All Handgun Owners Plan to Apply for a CCW Permit in 2011

“I see a real growth opportunity for qualified firearms instructors and shooting facilities in providing the training that many states require in order to secure a CCW permit,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates,

Special 1911 Centennial Celebration Class

Coming to Ohio

Vickers & Hackathorn, and 1911's it will be a great weekend

Gun safety starts with finger off the trigger

Washington Post article:

I'd been so mesmerized by the kick of the gun, the flash from the barrel, ejected shell casings flying everywhere, the smell of gun smoke and the adrenaline rush from nicking that paper plate that I didn't realize my finger was still curled through the trigger guard, unaware if only for a moment that the pistol was primed for an accidental discharge.

Lord of War Arrested

Had ties to Sabre Defense

The indictment alleges that Savage directed the illegal activities from his personal residences in the UK, as well as from a related company owned by him, Sabre Defence Industries LTD (SDI-UK), which is a licensed manufacturer, distributor and importer of firearms and firearms headquartered in the UK. 

Josh says forget what is

and embrace his fantasy

Monday, February 14, 2011

High Cap Magazine Poll

At USA Today

Daly is not done

Wants more useless gun control passed before he leaves office

Kudos to Crimson Trace!

The set that was on my Gunblog 45, from 2008 suddenly got a picky switch, and sometime they wouldn't come on at all, sometimes real dim, and sometimes real bright, sent them back for repair, and a brand new set arrived today.

I always recommend them, and will remain a loyal customer

Knife Assault!!

3 elderly customers stabbed at NJ restaurant

Of course NJ prefers to keep their citizens helpless, But they allow off duty cops to carry in bars I've never really had a reason to visit New Jersey, I have even fewer now.

What no crys for Assault Knife control??


They have "No Gun" signs

Should arrive any day

CT Master Series Grip

Guns on Staten Island

"The numbers speak to how responsible gun owners are and have been," he said. "All their legal guns have not resulted in illegal actions, shootings, murders."

Put down the cigarette or we will shoot!

"It's a lit cigarette. He can use it as a weapon, either burning the officer or poking him in the eye with it -- anything," Chornley said of any potential suspect who is smoking while cops close in.

A step in the right direction

In Wisconsin

Judge rules concealed-carry ban unconstitutional

Must have been one stout

Soup ladle

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Down on the Border

Most gunnies have seen this

But the point of how fast you can shoot a semi auto, you can shoot a revolver faster:

Well if we passed a couple of more laws:

And, once again, we feel the need to point out that Steve Scumbag was a violent felon who was forbidden to own guns, and yet was still carrying a concealed firearm. Once again, criminals do not obey the rules. Gun-free zones are meaningless. Gun control in this instance was a complete failure. Not only that, but someone so wildly unstable as to be ready to kill someone over a $300 electronic device? He's out on the street? That's the truly frightening part...

NEW! Guard Dog Ammo

From Federal

Looks alot like EFMJ's:
Guard Dog

Federal EFMJ

Funny How Terms Change

Use to be Gun Control Laws, now it's Gun Safety Laws

So this guy points out all these violations of the law, including Mayor Mikes sting in AZ, so since people are already ignoring the laws already on the books might as well pass a couple more they can ignore.

None of this is about safety, it is about control.

Gun Offender Registry

Cause it has worked so well with sex offenders....

Why you might ask?
All guns start with a legal sale from a licensed dealer. Yet in Connecticut, more than 85 percent of gun crimes are committed by people who cannot legally purchase guns. Based on a review of 290 incidents of gun crime where the origin of the gun was identified.

Some of them might be guns the cops just left lying around

Run , Hide!

Glock on the loose!

Cop leaves gun in bathroom, wonder if it will end up in Mexico?

I'm a gun owner but...

"they should limit magazines to 10 rounds"

At least he does admit:
Buried in the Federal Assault Weapons Ban's meaningless restrictions on cosmetic features was a ban on magazines of over a 10-round capacity.
The ban was porous. It did not include magazines manufactured before the ban, and such magazines were widely available.
He suggests that the AZ shooter would not have been able to aquire a 30  magazine as his was made after the ban sunset. Yet they were quote "Widely available"
In his Book: Outgunned: True Stories of Citizens Who Stood Up to Outlaws--and Won John Waters profiles the attempted bank robbery in Northfield MN, and points out due the diffculty of reloading a cap & ball revolver, that many of the men carried 6 to 8 revolvers
So even if there was a magazine limit of 10 rounds, those intent to do harm would just bring more guns to the party, or learn to reload quicker

Iron River a Myth

The liberals will get all butt hurt over this one

"These clowns want to ban magazines,"

Wayne LaPierre addresses CPAC

LaPierre said U.S. gun laws provide more protection to killers like the Virginia Tech and Tucson shooters than to the victims of their attacks

The media and "political elites," he said, "won't admit the truth." He said it's "dishonest" to suggest that by passing laws we can "legislate evil out of people's hearts."

The media "turns a madman into a hero for every potential deranged copycat out there," he said. "It's sick, it's wrong and the media ought to be ashamed of themselves."

On on a CBS news site, amazing

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gun Porn

New Aussie Enfield

There ought to be

Assault knife laws!


Glock Revolver

Oh reporters should be kept for pets, they can be amusing, but likely annoying like those little yappy dogs.

Reporter sees the


Bronx Officer

Shoots person by accident turning on light

This is a result of the booger hook resting on the bang switch, while the other hand is doing something else, turning on a flashlight, keying the mic. on a radio etc.



XDm Kabooms using factory ammo

Indiana Guns at Work

Mother Jones is hand wringing about the  people having guns in their cars

Any employer that cares about their employees should like this bill, they will know that their employees have a means of protection from home to the workplace.

The disgruntled, fired worker that wants some kind of sick revenge, will just go home and then come back later, or they will have it with them anyway, then what are you going to do?

Of course most employers don't give a dam about their employees, and just try to cover their own butts by banning guns, so they can't be found liable.

They ban your means to self protection, and provide no real security to protect anyone, then when someone goes off the deep end, they get on the news, and say its not their fault they have a policy against guns, they even have a sign in the parking lot.

Anyone have a clue what that is a photo of in the article?


Has replaced the AK as choice weapon of Active Shooters

Chief Deputy Dave Gladieux/Allen Co. Sheriff's Department: " How many rounds are needed to assure personal protection. Is it six rounds, is it ten rounds, is it 32 rounds? If it's 32 rounds, you're having a bad day. I don't see a need for civilians to be carrying 32 round magazines."

Well Deputy, if I only need one or 2 I'm likely having a bad day, I hope to live a full life and never "need" any.

If we are going to limit civilans to 6 or 10 rounds why not limit LE to the same?

The Sheriff is likely Correct

"When you hit them as hard as the sheriff's been hitting them taking their money taking their drugs stopping their operation trying to put them out of business they're going to react to it,"

I predict it won't just be on the border

50 Caliber Belt Fed seized

Before it got to cartel

Well a Belt Fed 50 converted to semi auto is going to set you back $8000-$10,500, I'd think it would be easier to steal a fully automatic one from some army in South America. It really isn't something that  most gunshops stock.

Of course the Billons in profits the dealers make, 10 grand is peanuts.

As long as these guys are reaping these kind of rewards they will find weapons, and even if ATF gets tracking on long gun sales near the border, they'll just start buying farther north.

The drugs are the problem, and unless we as a country want to really declare war on drugs it just going to continue.

Gun control in America will not solve the problem, or save a single life here or there

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What a deal!!

50 rounds of 22's for $30

A savings of $35! 2000 sold

The Warrior Summit

Akron Ohio Feb, 26-27

David Arnold, a lawyer and NRA Instructor, will be giving a four hour presentation on legal considerations and preparations for violent encounters and the resulting legal aftermath as well as focusing on how those legal considerations are affected by your natural reaction to stress.

Ian Kinder, owner and trainer with Live Safe Academy, will be giving a four hour presentation on unarmed combat with a focus on skills, stress inoculation, and the development of killing enabling factors.

Joe Ferrera, one of the nation's leading law enforcement trainers, will be presenting a four hour presentation with a focus on the physiological response to violence and why proper training in skills, stress inoculation, and the development of killing enabling factors increase our rate of survival in violent encounters.

Brian Bastianelli, founding member of the Great Lakes Self-Defense Association and a law enforcement trainer and an expert in police physical skills, will be presenting a 4 hour presentation on Krav Maga with a focus on skills, stress inoculation, and the development of killing enabling factors

Both Days only $150 Link Here

Crimson Trace

Has their own You Tube Channel

Not That you Need it

But another reason for High Capacity Mags Feral Hogs, they do not always go down quick

Chickens with Knives

Can kill you

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ronald Reagan 100

Mamie Van Doreen is 80

The Tucson Shooting

The Chain of events in the shooting (3 parts)

Why 33 rounds makes sense in a defensive weapon

Washington Post article by,  Stephen Hunter

Really not much new under the sun

Reporter blows it, again

During one visit, Z pulled out two 9-mm revolvers from a drawer and showed them to me. Illegal weapons. "You can find a gun anywhere, and if you got a couple dollars in your pocket, you can buy one," he says.
He sees 17-year old kids who have 40 Glocks -- 9 mm's with 30-round extended clips. "And I'm looking at them, like, damn, I've got only 9 bullets in mine.

Now I know there are 9mm revolvers, I have one, but they are fairly uncommon, but this guy has 2?
Now all the 9mm wheelguns I know of are ether 5 or 6 shot, so how does he have one that shoots 9?
Now do the 17 year olds have 40 9mm Glocks, or do they have a Model 40 Glock, (which is not a 9 mm), or do they have 40 cal Glocks, which the 9mm High Capacity magazines are not going to work well in, as well they are 2 different calibers.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Antis so belittling

Beware of fake experts on Say Uncle

So I send the guy an email:


Your Instructor was an idiot, and truly had no business teaching

Of course you are clearly anti gun, and should likely just get a whistle or maybe pepper spray, or just roll over and be a victim, it is a choice afterall

Now being a reporter and all, I guess it would be to much trouble to look up all the times guns have been used for self defense, but you seem to have made upp your mind, and why clutter it with facts

Of course many times guns are used to defend and are never reported, I had it happen twice, but both times once they saw the gun they left, no one got hurt, or robbed or died, and I didn't call the police.

Likely lead me to become a firearms instructor

His response?

A recent study at the U of Penn found that
people carrying guns were 4.5 times more

likely to be shot during crimes than

unarmed persons.

Most people panic in the clutch and very

few can shoot worth a damn.

Otherwise, you need to work on reading

comprehension, or perhaps practice counting

higher than two. There are more colors than

black and white.


The U of Penn Study:
Penn researchers investigated the link between being shot in an assault and a person’s possession of a gun at the time of the shooting. As identified by police and medical examiners, they randomly selected 677 cases of Philadelphia residents who were shot in an assault from 2003 to 2006. Six percent of these cases were in possession of a gun (such as in a holster, pocket, waistband, or vehicle) when they were shot.

These shooting cases were matched to Philadelphia residents who acted as the study’s controls. To identify the controls, trained phone canvassers called random Philadelphians soon after a reported shooting and asked about their possession of a gun at the time of the shooting. These random Philadelphians had not been shot and had nothing to do with the shooting. This is the same approach that epidemiologists have historically used to establish links between such things as smoking and lung cancer or drinking and car crashes.

Oh yeah if someone I don't know calls and ask if I have guns I'm going to say what?, "Sure buddy, and the house is empty from 8am to around 4:40pm

My reply to his email:
Yeah the Dept of Justice Reports 800,000 crimes stopped by armed people each year, and there are several other studies that put the number a lot higher.

Yes sir there are a lot of shades of gray, and yes I can count beyond two, but anytime I do try to reason with your type it turns to insults.
Have a great day, and keep living the dream
Yeah tell the Ladies at the Lane Bryant in Chicago about the U of Penn study.
As you said it's not all black and white.

His reply:
I'm fairly sure the number of crimes committed
with guns dwarfs that statistic.

My Reply:

Well if the FBI Uniform Crime report has an average of 1,400,000 violent crimes reported each each year (Not all involving firearms) 800,000 defensive Gun uses is a fairly significant number.

The DOJ is the most conservative of the DGU studies

His Reply:
Sorry, you're comparing apples with
oranges. Most crimes stopped by gun
use are robberies, vandalism and
various kinds of malicious mischief.

Most often by people in homes or
businesses, about which I said
nothing. Except that I'd have
shot an intruder in my house
at 2 AM.

The issue is crazy people and violent
criminals in possession of weapons
no civilian has a legitimate use for.
That, the gun cult refuses to deal with.

My Reply:
Then why not work on laws controlling those people instead of the devices?
Also what supports your theory that DGU is limited to home & business, and is limited to robberies, vandalism, and mischief?
Here is a real apples to oranges, Happy Land Fire, you may recall it if not here is a link:

Now if he had used a Glock semi automatic with a 30 round magazine, oh imagine the cry for more gun control, but since he used a couple gal. of gas, it was "well no law will stop a nut case"

Cause G-whiz Gasoline was not designed to kill, and guns are, I would also imagine fewer than 87 would have died that night had he, had a Glock.

So what laws would you want passed if Loughner had used molotov cocktails?
You know we need to control crazy people, and violent criminals from aquiring weapons like gasoline

I take this as he final reply:

I don't think any of you gun nuts
are capable of logic.
Common knowledge. When people
are set upon by criminals, they file
police reports. Those reports are
often printed in the newspaper.

The great majority--indeed, almost
all where I live--happen in homes
or businesses. Which is pretty
much where the money is.

Of course most people with
concealed carry permits don't
actually carry, as guns are
uncomfortable, and in many
settings, embarrassing.


So I just could not help myself but send him this:
Percentage of Violent crimes reported just at 50%
Percentage of Property crimes reported just at 40%
Bureau Of Justice

The BOJ also has this summery
In 2009, U.S. residents age 12 or older experienced approximately 20 million crimes, according to findings from the National Crime Victimization Survey.
-- 78% (15.6 million) were property crimes
-- 22% (4.3 million) were crimes of violence (more than triple the FBI report)
-- 1% (133,000) were personal thefts
In 2009, for every 1,000 persons age 12 or older, there occurred

--1 rape or sexual assault
--2 robberies
--3 aggravated assaults
--11 simple assaults.

Murders were the least frequent violent victimization -- about 5 murder victims per 100,000 persons in 2009.

For more information about homicide, see Homicide Trends in the United States and Data Online

The FBI's Uniform Crime Reports Program (UCR) collects information from local law enforcement agencies about crimes reported to police. The UCR crime index includes seven offenses; homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reports --

The violent crime rate decreased 6.1% from 2008 to 2009. From 2000 to 2009 the rate fell 15.2%.

The property crime rate decreased 5.5% from 2008 to 2009. From 2000 to 2009, the rate fell 16.1%.

For more information about the purposes and advantages of the UCR and the NCVS, see The Nation's Two Crime Measures.

Link here:

Ether Florida or Texas did a study of the states license holders and did indeed found that only 20% carried fulltime, and right now we have 6 million license holders, so that means only approx 1,200,000 carry every day

Where Will You Need Your Gun? By Tom Givens

Many, many people, including some who should know better, mistakenly believe that your home is the most likely place for one to need to use a defensive firearm. To me, this premise is obviously incorrect, so why do so many people believe it?

The answer is simple. Whether you read the newspaper, search the internet, or watch TV news, most of the legitimate self defense stories occur in the defender’s home. Since most of the defensive incidents you become aware of happened in the defender’s home, you begin to become convinced that the home is where most attacks take place. There is a ridiculously easy explanation for why the home is so overrepresented in these reports.
According to various studies, about half of the households in the United States contain firearms. So, when at home, 50% of the US population has access to guns. Conversely, only 3% of the population has a handgun carry permit, so the vast majority of the US population does not have access to firearms when away from the home. Duh….. If you don’t have access to a firearm when attacked, you will not be able to defend yourself with a firearm. So, the only reason the majority of successful defensive gun uses occur in the home is that is the only place most people have access to a gun. Simple.

In fact, you are far more likely to be attacked in a life-threatening manner away from home. Thus, one should be armed whenever one is away from home. That is the purpose of a carry permit and skill with a personal sidearm—the sidearm is the weapon carried away from home. To illustrate, here are some statistics from the United States Department of Justice, looking at Robbery Locations for the year 2007:

Street- 43.8%
Commercial- 13.9%
Residence- 15.2%
Banks- 2.1%
Gas station- 2.6%
Miscellaneous- 16.8%.

So, you are almost three times as likely to be robbed on the street than at home, and in the home only accounts for 1 robbery in 6. Similar patterns exist for rape, aggravated assaults, etc. In fact, good locks, an alarm system, and proper lighting can reduce your risk of violent crime at home to very low levels.
Once you leave your home, though, you have no control over such items. The one thing you can control is having your emergency safety equipment with you, so you can respond to emergencies that occur away from home.

And This:
Criminal Victimization, 2009
Michael Rand, Jennifer Truman

October 13, 2010 NCJ 231327

Presents the annual estimates of rates and levels of violent crime (rape or sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault), property crime (burglary, motor vehicle theft, and property theft), and personal theft (pocket picking and purse snatching). This report describes the year-to-year change from 2008 and trends for the 10-year period from 2000 through 2009. The National Criminal Victimization Survey (NCVS) collects information on nonfatal crimes, reported and not reported to the police, against persons age 12 or older from a nationally representative sample of U.S. households. During 2009, 38,728 households and 68,665 individuals were interviewed twice for the NCVS. This report also includes data on the characteristics of victims of crime; estimates of intimate partner violence; and use of firearms and other weapons during the crime.

Highlights include the following:
An estimated 4.3 million violent crimes, 15.6 million property crimes, and 133,000 personal thefts were committed against U.S. residents age 12 or older in 2009.

Violence against males, blacks, and persons age 24 or younger occurred at higher or somewhat higher rates than the rates of violence against females, whites, and persons age 25 or older in 2009.

About half (49%) of all violent crimes and about 40% of all property crimes were reported to the police in 2009. Violent crimes against females (53%) were more likely to be reported than violent crimes against males (45%).

Offenders used firearms to commit 8% of violent crime incidents in 2009. (344,000) (So 800,000 times a year guns are used to stop crime is dwarfed?)

Part of the Criminal Victimization Series
 About the Source Data
National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

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Surprised he send a reply

This is where we came in.
You're conflating property crime
with violent crime.

Again, I'm confident most
crimes foiled by guns are
the former.


My Response:
Show me your numbers

4,300,000 Violent Crimes, Firearms used in 8%

800,000 to 2,500,000 Defensive Gun Uses Depending on which study you use

So show me where the majority were to stop property crime

His reply: (Feb 9th)
Well, if I were Gun Czar, I'd let people
have shotguns, rifles and revolvers.
Semi-auto weapons, having no valid
civilian use, would be reserved for
cops and soldiers.

Background checks would be enhanced
and universal--meaning gun shows and
private sales. Penalties would be
enforced. Persons who illegally sold
weapons later used in crimes would
suffer penalties.

You can't transfer ownership of a car
without title. You shouldn't be able
to transfer guns. I'm aware of the
paranoid fear that licensing will lead
to confiscation, although it's something
most concealed carry fans forget
when they want to.

None of these things would change
the world overnight, but in time they'd
lessen the carnage without trampling
anybody's legitimate rights.

But of course I'm not Gun Czar, so
most of this--especially the first part--
will ever happen.


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