Thursday, August 22, 2013

Be prepared before hand

You won't learn a damn thing during the fight

I have heard people say that if they are ever in a gunfight, they hope they get lucky, Note: you are not lucky if you are on the downrange side of lead

Monday, August 12, 2013

22 for self defense?

Article here

I seldom recommend 22's, but I do at times, once had an 82 years young lady, that could not handle a revolver or centerfire semi auto, but she could rapid fire a 22, I had a lady with cerebral palsy, and she couldn't hold onto anything bigger than a 22, and last week had a very petite senior, after 10 rounds of 38 special, simply said "no more", I loaned her an M&P 22 and within 30 minutes she was shooting coffee cup size groups, so sometimes it fits. 

This is not the Instructor

you want

actress shoots


Monday, August 05, 2013

A new place not to shop

Owned by Dicks

Really strange AD yesterday

A student in a CCW class if they could see my Wilson CQB, I drew it removed magazine, racked out the one in the chamber,and checked chamber, handed it to the student muzzle down, he then racked the slide, (from where I was standing, I could see the chamber and it was still empty) and dried fired pistol, he racked the slide again, but this time when he pressed the trigger it went "BANG" instead of click. Well we all jumped, but he did have it pointed at the ground it was nothing more than that.

So what happened? I'm pretty sure when I removed magazine, the top round peeled off, and was laying in the mag-well, and since we were keeping the muzzle down, it just laid there, after being racked a couple of times the round slid from the mag-well into the chamber, and at least "safe direction" saved us from anything bad happening.

After the class left I did try to repeat it, but couldn't get a round to peel out of magazine, and by just laying the round in mag-well, I couldn't get quite get the angle for it to "feed" into chamber, in 6 tries, I only got it to slide across the chamber, looking like a stovepipe. I guess the student was just holding it at an angle that allowed it to shimmy into the chamber

Sort of a perfect storm, but one that will not be repeated

His age has nothing to do with it

If he had dropped the gun, he would be alive today

How did Patton defeat Rommel?

He read his dam Book, and the anti's have theirs

Nothing new

We have been noting this for years