Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rule 2


The M&P

Adopted by 3 police departments 

Although the article does not state they are replacing Glocks, it is inferred 

That wasn't murder

It was a killing, and there is a difference

Families herded "like sheep" to die

When you are unarmed, about all you can do is die

Guns and Civil Rights

"We kept the guns loaded. If we hadn't had loaded guns, I wouldn't be here. None of us would have been here," she said. "They would have burned us up in that house that night. They got scared because of him firing back so fast."

Ammunition to be added to

the UN Treaty?

Seems to be a weird year

We all seen the headlines about the face eater in Miami, you may have missed the coverage, of the MMA fighter that cut open his buddy and ripped his heart out. Now there is this guy that removed and threw his guts at cops

Carry spare magazines

Senior expels Invaders

Homeowner goes hands on, with punks

The craze is sweeping Vegas

Almost all customers come for the machine guns.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gun Porn

Not sure of the caliber

Testing AR-15's

Not the usual tests...

Marines back on drawingboard

For case-less ammo

I don't live in fear ether

and Mason is a fool

The National Rifle Association often says that if we limit the right to bear arms, then only criminals will have guns. I say that if everyone has a gun, we are no different than criminals.

No Mason, when I bear arms, my intent is to not commit a crime

A strict constitutional constructionist would interpret the Second Amendment only as it was intended by our Founding Fathers. When it was written, the only arms were swords and muskets.
If conservatives are consistent with their constitutional views, they must agree that we have the right to bear only muskets and swords.

If we were to be that consistent with constitutional views we wouldn't have an Internet

I'll also refer you to this post if you think bearing swords makes you safe

All Guns are Loaded

Friend kills friend 

In passing Tom Givens mentioned at Rangemaster he unpacked a new S&W pistol from the factory , fully loaded, and no one knew how that happen.

So all guns are loaded

Rangemaster Day II

Tom Givens gave a good accounting of the FBI Miami Shootout in 1986, it was a bad day for the Feds, but even when a shoot goes bad there are things to be learned. Mainly in this case you can miss across the hood of a car, you can't miss fast enough, and the bad guy is not down until he is down.

With Rangemaster, you are not just learning to shoot, you are learning the how and why of a fight. That it is not speed that wins, but control that wins. It is usually the person with the first hits that win, not those that shot first.

On the range, other than some stoppages all the guns made it through, nothing broke, there was a an XDm, one Sig, and the air-weight  S&W, the rest were a mix of Glocks, 1911's and M&P's

The Doctor from Louisville with that hammer less pocket rocket, got applause from the entire class for shooting the entire course fire. Not sure if I would have hung in there for 2 days.........

Although Tom had more drills planned, but the heat and humidity took the class down more than the heavy rate of fire. As he said people suffering heat exhaustion do dumb things, and it was time to bring the class to an end, while still on wave. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rangemaster Day 1

Your's truly is not shooting, I told Tom I would if there was space, but it filled to the gills., so I'm more in RO mode, I'm guessing they shot about 500 rounds today from 2 yards out to 10 yards.
So far 3 Glocks had issues and which were quickly cleared, everything else is humming along.Of the 3 two had some kind of aftermarket mods, so that may explain that. I truly felt for the lone revolver guy shooting a "J" frame airweight.

It was hot and that took more of a toll than the shooting

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Back to stand-by only

2 seats left

Tom Givens from Rangemaster will be doing a 2 day Pistol Combatives course here at Mad Duck May 19th & 20th 2012 
Combative Pistol, Two-Day
This is an intensive weekend course that covers all of the essential skills involved in fighting with a handgun. Training is conducted all day Saturdayand Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00pm both days.

Topics covered in this course will include:
  • Rapid presentation from concealed carry
  • Effective gunhandling techniques, designed to work under stress
  • Rapid reloading techniques
  • Disability drills, shooting with either hand
  • Precision shooting at mid-ranges
  • Proper defensive mindset and more.
Expect to fire about 800-1000 rounds of ammunition.
You will need a good handgun, holster, belt, and magazine pouch, at least three magazines, a ball cap and concealment garment (vest, jacket, windbreaker, etc), eye and ear protection, and rain gear (we train rain or shine). Snacks and drinks provided both days Lunch Provided Sunday

You will need a quality handgun and gear. It is a good idea to bring a second gun just like your primary, in case something breaks on your primary gun. Please bring good quality ammunition. You will shoot better, your gun will function better, and you will learn faster.
Your primary instructor will be Tom Givens, of Rangemaster. Tom’s credentials can be viewed under Staff Qualifications . He will be assisted by other Rangemaster staff. 

Tuition is $400.00.
A deposit of $100.00 will hold a space, balance due 15 days before class. 

Wasn't his gun, wasn't his grave

The myth continues

The Constitution Authorizes Congress To Require Citizens to Buy Guns and Ammunition.

“To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”

Why do they make it sound like

A dirty word?

Is it somehow better to be a victim?

Never know

When they might still have some bite in them

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

When you just give it away

People buy crap they don't need

What are the top brands?

  Top shotgun brand: Remington (24.6% of all purchases)    Top muzzleloader brand: CVA (37.2% of all purchases)    Top rifle brand: Remington (16% of all purchases)    Top handgun brand: Sturm, Ruger (17.1% of all purchases)    Top scope for firearms: Bushnell (16.7% of all purchases)    Top rifle ammunition brand: Remington (25.5% of all purchases)    Top shotgun ammunition brand: Winchester (32.1% of all purchases)    Top handgun ammunition brand: Winchester (20.7% of all purchases)    Top blackpowder brand: Pyrodex (47.9% of all purchases)    Top balls, bullets, or shot brand: Hornady (31% of all purchases)    Top arrow brand: Carbon Express (39.6% of all purchases)    Top fletching brand: Blazer (23.6% of all purchases)    Top broadhead brand: Rage (28.7% of all purchases)    Top archery target brand:  The Block (14.1% of all purchases)    Top decoy brand:  Mojo (16.5% of all purchases)    Top game call brand: Primos (28.7% of all purchases)    Top reloading bullet brand: Hornady (33% of all purchases)    Top reloading powder brand: Hodgdon (36.7% of all purchases)    Top binocular brand: Bushnell (31.3% of all purchases)    Top holster brand:  Blackhawk (15.1% of all purchases)    Top knife brand: Buck (19.1% of all purchases)    Top cover scent brand:  Wildlife Research Center (25.7% of all purchases)    Top shooting target brand: Shoot-N-C (29.5% of all purchases)    Top clay brand: White Flyer (42.4% of all purchases)

Deal alert

Thunder range DVD overstock sale and Clint's new DVD

Get your learn on

Once again

The FBI held their hands and guided them till they had enough to arrest them

So another chapter of security theater ends, and the world is saved

Well in my opinion

They should just close down the golf course, and expand the gun range

Golf courses are an absolute waste of good firing ranges

We call it complying

They call it a loophole