Monday, May 21, 2012

Rangemaster Day II

Tom Givens gave a good accounting of the FBI Miami Shootout in 1986, it was a bad day for the Feds, but even when a shoot goes bad there are things to be learned. Mainly in this case you can miss across the hood of a car, you can't miss fast enough, and the bad guy is not down until he is down.

With Rangemaster, you are not just learning to shoot, you are learning the how and why of a fight. That it is not speed that wins, but control that wins. It is usually the person with the first hits that win, not those that shot first.

On the range, other than some stoppages all the guns made it through, nothing broke, there was a an XDm, one Sig, and the air-weight  S&W, the rest were a mix of Glocks, 1911's and M&P's

The Doctor from Louisville with that hammer less pocket rocket, got applause from the entire class for shooting the entire course fire. Not sure if I would have hung in there for 2 days.........

Although Tom had more drills planned, but the heat and humidity took the class down more than the heavy rate of fire. As he said people suffering heat exhaustion do dumb things, and it was time to bring the class to an end, while still on wave. 

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Gary E. said...

As one of the 16 "survivors" of this weekend's RangeMaster class, I must admit that I learned a lot and my shooting skills improved considerably. Yes, it was hot and frustrating at times. Yes, Tom pushed us hard. And yes, we are all the better for it! A big "thanks" to John for bringing this excellent training opportunity to Ohio.