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Make sure it is unloaded

Make sure the action is open, before field stripping
Have no ammo within arms reach

If you need to go fast

 select fire

Mode 3 SF is a non NFA Tac-Con trigger system paired with a USM4 Rifle platform that provides, select fire capabilities while allowing the shooter to maintain accuracy and control of the weapons system. In semi-automatic it functions as a high-quality single stage 4.5 lb pull trigger that delivers zero take-up, a crisp break and has no over travel. In 3rd mode it transfers the force from the bolt carrier through the trigger assembly to assist the trigger back onto the front sear. This gives the USM4 the fastest reset possible allowing the shooter to deliver accurate and sustained fire making split times dramatically decrease without a sacrifice in accuracy. This system combined with USM4’s quality products makes the Mode 3 SF Rifle the fastest and most controllable BATFE approved system on the market.


Gets Italians panties in a bunch

Gun Porn


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Sorry Mitch

But walking on stage with a rifle, is just a show, and you have no back bone

I endorse her

There is NO "ONE" gun

Hilton Yam moves to modern design

Seems everyone wants to find the "One", but there isn't one, there are choices.
With those choices come certain commitments, choose a 1911, yep more maintenance, more cleaning.
With polymer you can let things slide, but I have to say with the attitude "Glock's never break" some let it slide to far, and guess what?,  they do break.
Last summer I took the Glock Armour, and Glock Instructor courses, now it was a small class of 6, but by the end of the first day 2 Glock's went down, and one had issues the next 2 days, so a 33% failure rate. Do I point at the gun or question the maintenance of the gun? 
Last year had an officer taking an Instructor course, with his department   issued M&P, and the gun had constant problems, but it was pretty apparent that it had been rode hard and put away wet more than once, and I strongly advised he get it to his Department's Armour.
I've knocked slides open with a mallet, on M&P's XD's, when they locked up so tight the 280 lb 6 foot linebacker couldn't get them open, I watched  a new Glock Gen 4, spew it's parts down range after 3 shots.

Over 25 years ago, I bought my first semi auto  handgun, it was a used Smith 39, and it didn't take long  to find it wasn't right for me, and somewhere in there I discovered the Browning High Power, it fit well, I shot it well, then 2008 I started shooting 1911's, and I accept the fact that after class, I'll have to clean my gun, can't just throw it in the range bag, and go to dinner, and I shoot enough that I keep a small inventory of springs around to keep it running. I also don't work on my own car, so if I want modifications done to my gun, I have a professional do it. I've had one 1911 that went back to the factory 4 times,  and they ended up  replacing it, with a different model, no I'll not mention the name, they took care  of the problem, so no brand bashing. Now if that had been my only experience with 1911 I may have gone another route

I can see why a Police Department would have issues with 1911's as not every officer is going to maintain their firearm, so choices like M&P's, & Glock's make a lot of sense. As Larry Vickers said" if you going to treat you gun like your lawn mower get a Glock" (yes you may maintain your's, I don't)

When new shooters ask me what I recommend my go to gun, is the M&P, I own several, I just don't carry one. I own Glocks, and have  had XD's  some FNP's around here somewhere and  a SIG, all dam fine guns.

Over the years read plenty of accounts of  people successfully defending themselves with "cheap"  guns Ravens, Titans, Bauers,  A good friend stopped a guy with a Jennings 22 many years ago, and recently a lady in Detroit stopped a home invasion with a Hi-Point (carbine, no hits), guns that many of us look at with distant, but they served their purpose. I am not saying get a cheap gun, and hope for the best,  at least invest in a decent quality firearm, if you can.

Choices and purposes, many guns, many  choices, for most their gun will never see a 1000 rounds of ammo, they buy something, maybe take a CCW class, and maybe it just, gets put in the dresser door "In case" they need it.

This is the age where we run torture tests to see who makes the best gun, oh the Gwahck ran 80,000 rounds with nary a problem, but the Model XZ345 only ran 30,000 rounds before a part broke, seriously?  Then if someone else ran the the same test, but the results were reversed would I change my mind? Really only a small small percentage of people ever fire that many rounds in their lifetime.

In my mind every gun is about one shot from  breakage, that old adage of Clint Smith: "One is none, two is one".  My car started every day, then one day it didn't, starter just quit, but it had started 100's of other times. It had proven, it was very dependable up to that moment, you should have a plan if it doesn't do what is expected.

Rather than worrying about brand or type, learn the gun you have, read the dam owners manual and maintain it, know's it's limits, it's abilities. Understand your 22 Magnum LCR is not going to do the same job  as a Glock 19, although it may well meet your requirements. 

So it is a matter of choice, you are not right, and well neither am I. Do not base you decision on what someone else said, but of study and use, budget, time, etc. It is a personal choice, and if I make I bad one, I'll live or possibly die by it, but it was my choice.

If you are ever in a gunfight, at that moment the least of your worries will be brand name, but of surviving, and prevailing, learn to use it. Keep it clean and lubricated, keep at least a rough log of rounds so you know when to replace  recoil springs etc.

Understand they all jam, malfunction, and break, the important thing is learn your choice of gun

Monday, March 03, 2014

I hope some politicians have brains in CT

The Coming Storm?

Will the state try a couple of high profile raids with plenty of media coverage, to scare people, then give a short extension to comply, or will the citizens of Connecticut stand their ground for their rights?