Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Korean M1 Carbines

Still blocked from import, and the Garands are still a maybe

New Hampshire

The next 'constitutional carry' state?

Overwelm the senses

Yet another "Smart Round", but less lethal

Self Guided

Smart Bullet

At 18

We will trust you to fight and die for your country, but we don't trust you to have a gun here at home

So Starbucks

could lose a couple hundred customers or they could lose *6 million

* estimated number of CCW license holders

After all they were way out in Arizona

How could those in Washington DC know what they doing out on the frontier?

Here in America

doing that could get you killed

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be vary quiet

we hunting wabbits

The Safety Rules apply to

Cannon as well

From an email

A sadness occurred to me today,
When an innocent act can have dangerous repercussions it is sad. There is a large packing bubble laying in the yard here at work where we smoke. I was going to pop it but on second thought I was concerned someone might shoot back at me. lol

CCW without permit

fails in Colorado

Maybe the Deputy's

Finger should be taken out of service, after "misfire"

A chief deputy found that when the slide of the handguns is brought back a short distance and goes back down again, the weapons would fire on occasion

So why didn't they go off when they were being loaded?

Somebody picked the wrong house

and died, it does not matter that it was an 18 year old woman, she shouldn't have been doing what she was doing

Meet the people that are stockpiling

Just in case

I still think they are cooking the books

The 2010 UCR said crime was down 6%, then reported gangs had increased 40%

Use whatever you have

Elderly woman beats moose with a shovel

Monday, January 23, 2012

Kids and toy guns

Some think they are bad

Now I grew up with:
And a bunch of others, but I dam well knew the shotguns in the  the corner of the kitchen were not  to be touched without asking first

I ask

Why wouldn't we?

They are for the most part better trained than most police, and the augment that a 9mm will bring down jetliner is old, tired and stupid.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Indy 1500

It was a standing room only gun show, it was hard to see much of anything, but still fun to attend, did see Tam and met Shooting Buddy, but I think I'll wait until June to attend again, at my height, I did see a lot of backs today.

79 AK47's for


ATF Get's its wish

SW dealers must report  multi able sales

So the straw buyers, no longer have one stop shopping

Monday, January 09, 2012

If they grow this big

We are going to need bigger cats!

They Match!

Decided to build an AR to go along with my Wilson CQB

Tech Stuff, the CQB is a 9mm, and it came with an extra fitted 38 Super barrel, it has an Ambi safety, crowned barrels, and night sights. The AR has a Wilson Light weight 1/9 twist barrel, YHM Sights, Magpul handguards, Tango Down grip, CMMG lower parts kit, built on a PARA USA lower, and a "New Spirit flash hider, the rest is pretty much std mil spec parts

How can an Instructor do that?

My shooting career began with the NRA basic pistol course, which is a fantastic foundation, but left me feeling, well, empty. I aced the written exam, was only given the opportunity to shoot six rounds and was sent on my way

6 rounds? That is not enough, not nearly enough, that is just enough to know what it is like to fire a pistol, not enough to learn to shoot a pistol.

Over 1,000,000 went to war

But few returned

Friday, January 06, 2012

What A Hit Piece

Let's act ;llike we know what we are talking about, yes there should be a concern that LEO killed was up 20% (Real Number around 16),  and of course not every officer was shot with an "assault rifle", some were killed with their own guns, or by fellow officers, or some that died  in 2011, were shot 30 years ago.
But don't leave it up to ABC to tell the truth.

Soon as I finish my beer

You can treat my gunshot wound

Is this really going on?

As part of the reinvention of the Department of Homeland Security to serve as a tool of political repression,
DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint

Part of that responsiblity

Is being trained to use it


And related items create jobs

The 90 year old

Must have been compensating

You are correct Bonnie

But as it turns out, bears are not the greatest danger at Mt. Rainier. Rangers told us they largely ignore humans unless they’re provoked. It’s unfortunate that the same can’t be said for some people.

Which is why law abiding persons who have no intention of commiting a crime, should be allowed to carry the means to protect themselves, because people like Ben Barnes don't give a dam about the rules or signs, and if you get in their way they will hurt or kill you.

You can choose to be a sheep, but if you do, do not complain about the price you pay when you encounter the wolf.

Seal shots himself in head

To show a woman that  his gun was "Safe"

The last thing you do to prove a gun is safe is violate all the primary safety rules.

Everyone knows you don't drink and drive, and you don't drink and handle guns.
You Do Not point guns at things you do not want to destroy, and you always keep your finger off the trigger until you have made the decision to fire.

Lastly no matter how highly trained you are, bullets will not bounce off of you.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Clerk got very Lucky

Bad guys are not gun guys

Predictive Policing

In Santa Cruz CA, sorta sounds like a movie

Thought you had heard it all?

Woman sues for being hit by flying body parts

Strange Accident

Gun goes off inside of range bag, kills reserve deputy

When guns are banned

Gun violence goes up


New York Times story twisted data on N.C. gun owners

One thing went up 15% in 2011

Firearms sales, nearly 16,500,000 NICS checks, which is up from 2010 at 14,400,000

Of course the Brady Bunch will say there are fewer gun owners, they are just buying more guns, but I do not believe, a smaller number could substain those kinds of numbers.

Interesting Concept

Monday, January 02, 2012

He got Fired

But at the least he is alive to be fired

Nearly 500,000

Background checks in 6 days

Of course the usual hand wringing "33 Round Assault Clips", and Hinting at a record number of people shot, when in past years over 100,000 have been shot annualy on average

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sharp Pointy

 Couple of late additions to collection were a SOG Fasthawk, and a Boker AK47 Auto

Backward & Forward

Looking back, at 2011, it wasn't a bad year classes were a bit light about 30% lower, but I made enough to pay the bills, and for the materials.

Health was good, so that is something.

I got to attend some good training from The Warrior Summit, 2 Bulletproof Mind Seminars, The Homicide In America Super Tour, and the Vickers-Hackathorn 1911 Celebration class in Oct. and the NRA Annual meeting.

So for 2012  I hoping for fair skies,  2 or 3 more students per class, I'm looking forward to Tom Givens class on Combative Pistol here in May.

I'll also hope the country can get on the right track, and really hope the engine does not derail completely.

But as usual I'll do my best to prepare for the worse, and continue to pray for the best

All the best to all you, and your endeavors in the new year.