Sunday, January 01, 2012

Backward & Forward

Looking back, at 2011, it wasn't a bad year classes were a bit light about 30% lower, but I made enough to pay the bills, and for the materials.

Health was good, so that is something.

I got to attend some good training from The Warrior Summit, 2 Bulletproof Mind Seminars, The Homicide In America Super Tour, and the Vickers-Hackathorn 1911 Celebration class in Oct. and the NRA Annual meeting.

So for 2012  I hoping for fair skies,  2 or 3 more students per class, I'm looking forward to Tom Givens class on Combative Pistol here in May.

I'll also hope the country can get on the right track, and really hope the engine does not derail completely.

But as usual I'll do my best to prepare for the worse, and continue to pray for the best

All the best to all you, and your endeavors in the new year.

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