Well turns out to be a small class there were 7 students, but right after lunch, one guy from Cleveland got a casing down his shirt and did 2 360's on range, sweeping me another student, and the Instructor twice.
Seemed like a nice enough guy, but he also seemed wired a little too tight, first off  he was an hour late, then when we started loading mags, he misplaced one of his and got a bit accusatory, then found it in his back pocket, then right after lunch, I found him messing with his holster, he had a Blackhawk Sherpa 2, and he disabled the lever, he said it wasn't working right, it was shortly after that that he did his dance, and got dismissed, I really think he had just physicked himself out
The drills so far are pretty simple a mix of speed and precision
We did have a one shot shooting contest for a Streamlight flashlight, me and the officer from Owensboro tied we had to shoot a 3/4 inch sticker at 5 yards, whoever had the closest center hit on the sticker won, and we were both cut the center so close the Instructor declared a tie, so we each got a light, said it was the first time he had had a tie, in an instructor class, in 7 years
Of course I found it interesting myself and Mad Duck alumni make up half of the class
The trigger on my Gen 4 Model 17, is chewing up my trigger finger, but other than the 25 yard drill I'm keeping them in there, at 25 yards, I dropped one low, and had one miss
It was hot today, and no type of shade on range, and the classroom AC blew out this morning, they did get it repaired, but not till after lunch, tomorrow is suppose to be cooler
Ok well gonna chill out, get some dinner and crash