Monday, November 25, 2013

What to consider when picking a firearms class

We are not interested in competing on price, our price is our price, and includes everything you need for the course. I've known of low cost classes, that once you arrive, they do fingerprint cards for the magical Florida License for just an additional $25, need to borrow a gun? that will be $20-35 dollars, and you will have to use our ammo at some inflated price

I do not care about the quantity of people I've trained, I care about the quality of the training I give.

We keep our classes small to give each individual personal attention, and training, when someone boasts they have trained 40,000 people in 9 years, how much actual training or individual attention was  given to any one person?

So if you are shopping for firearms training I suggest the following

Does the Instructor have time to discuss the course?
How Long has the Instructor Been Training?
How Often Does the Instructor do Training?
What is the Instructor/Student Ratio?
What  % of women does he train?
Does he work with other Instructors?
What will be covered in the Class?
Ask him about his/her Credentials
Can he reference where to find the laws for self defense & concealed carry?
Will he give references?
What will the range-time consist of, how many rounds?, Will there be structured drills?

Prices can vary, but don't chose a course on price alone! Not all Instructors are the same, interview them, & see what they offer. Do they have the knowledge, skills, & attitude you are looking for?

"The bitterness of a wrong choice lasts longer than the pleasure of a low price."

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Anonymous said...

This is a great checklist for those looking into training. Some are questions new concealed carry people don't think to ask because they just don't know. Choosing the right instructor can mean the difference between really being prepared and not being able to defend oneself in a dangerous situation. That said, folks should recognize that one training class won't prepare them, no matter how good it is. Learning should be ongoing.