Thursday, September 29, 2011

Comparing AIDS

To Jihad, new journalists taught to downplay the figures

The Picture

Worth the post

Starting tomorrow

In Ohio

Now just sit back and wait for nothing to happen

Wisconsin businessess take note, those who post "No Gun" signs are more prone to robbery than those who do not post, and lose business to those who do not post signs

Oregon Court

Overturns campus gun ban

Exploding Toilets

Injure 2 DHS employees

Gun Crime Down

Gun Sales Up

Bad guys don't need guns

When they out number you 10 to 1

Forbes finally says it

Fast & Furiuos Obama's Watergate

15 Million

Really it should be higher

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guess he didn't know

about the gun show loophole

The Feds have saved us again, not from a real threat, but what have might become a threat later, besides it is a lot easier to lock up wannbes, than go after the ones that already have explosives and automatic weapons

But at least NYPD has the guns for model aircraft

When I was young

It was "harmless fun"


If someone got hurt it was flipping hilarious

Active Shooter Drill

At the Mall

No That is not Colorado!

From the 57 states team

Be sure of your target?

Shooting through the tent, not the best of ideas

We could use more ranges

Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act.

He can see the future

Jay Bookman claims to know the content of something that hasn't been written yet, says NRA should not be concerned with UN treaty.

Isn't the same UN treaty Calderon was referring too?

Cowboy Actor

Met A Real Bad Man

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DC Police

Arrest re-enactor

as for the lack of any charges, the Capitol Police say Andrews, “violated several laws that prohibit possessing or carrying dangerous weapons and explosives.

DHS at its finest

The Dept. of  Keystone Kops, er Homeland Security releases admitted terrorist and have no idea where he is

Where were they counted?

Was doing some research on the 2007 VT shooting

In looking at the FBI-UCR for 2007

I looked here and found 2 homicides listed

I looked up Blacksburg VA, where VT is located found 0

I looked up Montgomery County where Blacksburg is located found 0

So where were they counted?


Perhaps the young lady will one day understand there are times it takes violence to stop violence

Carrying a gun is not an act of fear, it is an act of preparedness

Kirby! Get on the Fifty!

NYPD running 50 cals in helos

Penis Compensation

Grandmother stops robbery suspect

Might as well ban knees and elbows

England moving to completely disarming the subjects

I said the same thing in 2008

Wayne LaPierre says Obama holding back until he is reelected

When he was elected in 2008, I told people he will not do anything in the first 4 years, or he will blow his chances at a 2nd 4 years.
If the country is foolish enough to keep him in office it is going to be a very rocky ride, and do not forget that UN treaty on small arms that is pending.

I just hope Wayne is paranoid enough.

Still Lying

The Internet Dealer did not send the killer a gun, the gun was sent to an FFL dealer, and that dealer ran the background check.

If your cause is just, you do not need to lie, and really do not blame the NRA, blame the doctor that checked the box that said the killer coud have guns, and the judge who let him slide.

Those that want to know what happen at VT in 2007 should read Shooter Down by John Giduck

Why we need safety education

At 11 he likely would have known the difference, if had been given the knowledge

The grownups also need to learn proper storage practices

I was expected to know gun safety by age 7, and by age 9 could go get the 22 rifle and go shooting anytime I wanted too. There is no practical reason not to educate children about firearms safety wether you own a gun or not.

Criminal act' ?

Or Self Defense?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dog Packs

Another good reason to carry

In my youth after breaking 2 tire pumps over chasing canines, I found a bicycle cable lock worked real well, and was easy to rinse off after fido found out he was way to close.  Once when a boxer came at me, I jump off the bike picked it up and slammed the dog in the head with the rear tire, and at least twice I rammed dogs from behind that were going after others in my group.

I thought it would be ammo

but cases are a start

Hmm 5000th post

Ohio AG

Publishes CCW Changes

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Violent crime drops

but goes up in the gun control cities

Interesting story

Had dinner with a man the other evening, who related his story of going to Ethiopia to hunt Antelope, and while there was ask if he would help dispatch a rogue lion. He agreed and went to the village, and found the lion during a night hunt managed to wound the lion with a 300 Winchester Mag. The round  went high and took out one lung and the lion bolted, one of the others at dinner suggested that the 300 was a bit light for lion and the man agreed, but defended that he was there to hunt antelope.  Tracking the wounded beast took them into some really thick bush, that they nearly had to crawl through, then the lion charged them, his guide rolled out of the way, and he found himself under a 400 pound cat, that was not at all in the best of moods, the kitty latched on and shook him like a rag doll. At that point his guide recovered, and shot the lion, so the lion attacked the guide. The hunter said he went to move, and found both of his legs going in opposite directions, one forward, and one to the rear. but he managed to find his rifle and finish the cat off.

He concluded the story with his medical evacuation  from Ethiopia to South Africa to the United States, and of his 2 year recovery, he said only around 13% of those attacked by lions survive.

The lesson? Have enough gun, and shot placement is everything.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Class Action

Ft Bragg

Loses 14,000 rounds of 5.56

Weekend of security threater

So as the country observes the 10 years since the September 2001 attack, all the toys tools, will be trotted out, the "highly trained" officers in black uniforms and tactical gear, buzzing choppers, bomb sniffing dogs, armored vehicles, the arrays of surveillance cameras.

The question begs are we safer on September 10th 2011, than we were on September 10th 2001?

The answer is yes and no

An airborne attack like the ones that occurred could well be repeated, instead of hi-jacking a plane going from Boston to LA, hijack one bound for NYC or Washington DC, there would be no time to intervene. So for that type of attack we really are no safer.

Those that want to build truck bombs just need to plan better, showing up at the local farm store with a rental truck and wanting to buy 10 tons of fertiliser will raise eyebrows, and likely prompt a call or 2,  but  those that are determined will find a way to acquire the materials. So we are no safer there ether.

The schools are not any more secure now than they were in 2001, and if Beslan was not a wake up call, not sure what is, putting up signs do not stop such things.

Likely the only place we are safer, is the case of a Mumbai style attack, but shooting like the one at I-Hop this past week proves that point moot. One witness was armed with a handgun, but he didn't want to go up against a man with a rifle, and I really can't blame him.

The government has spent 8 trillion dollars on security, but the majority of the plots uncovered have been by citizens.  The citizens that are licensed to carry should be, no I'm not saying run to the rescue, but there will be no one there to save you.

We have 800,000 cops, we have an estimated 6 million licensed armed citizens, but like the cops only a small percentage carry all of the time.

To be safer we have to get rid of denial, you cannot sit there and say it won't happen here (bet that is what they said in Oslo Norway too) It can happen anywhere, anytime.

If you are in law enforcement and authorized to carry, then carry off duty too, if you are a citizen and licensed to carry, then carry any time you can.

The Israeli's learned the hard way, do we have to pay the same price to learn the same lessons? If it can happen there it can happen here

In Joseph Ruffini's book When Terror Comes to Main St, he begs the question: "If not me, then who? If not now, then when?"

It is your choice what you do, but do remember:
"There are only two kinds of people once the bullets start flying, warriors and victims, those who fight and those who are unprepared, unable or unwilling to defend themselves. Which one are you?" Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

It is not a privilege

It is a right, you uneducated youngin

A trained and equipped people being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The problem is bigger than a billboard

"Just seeing a gun show advertised desensitizes them," Clark said. "So we want to be very, very careful with the messages that are promoted in our neighborhood."

The lyrics to the music they listen to, the movies they watch, the video games they play, the people they hang with desensitizes them, if it were an ice cream billboard would he site it as the cause of obesity?

Friday, September 02, 2011

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The highly trained

GA officer killed in training

Thank Goodness for cheap Chinese crap

 Well at least this time, I recently had a need for a hatchet, and being in a bit of hurry, picked up the one below. When I got home I placed it not to securely on a shelf, as it flipped off the blade guard came loose, and of course my automatic reaction was to try to catch it. I felt the blade slide across my palm, the moment of panic as in "What the Hell did I just do"?, but being the cheap piece of crap it is duller than most butter knives.

Lesson as in guns do not try catch dropped perceived sharp objects

Gun Porn

Cut Away M16