Monday, September 19, 2011

Interesting story

Had dinner with a man the other evening, who related his story of going to Ethiopia to hunt Antelope, and while there was ask if he would help dispatch a rogue lion. He agreed and went to the village, and found the lion during a night hunt managed to wound the lion with a 300 Winchester Mag. The round  went high and took out one lung and the lion bolted, one of the others at dinner suggested that the 300 was a bit light for lion and the man agreed, but defended that he was there to hunt antelope.  Tracking the wounded beast took them into some really thick bush, that they nearly had to crawl through, then the lion charged them, his guide rolled out of the way, and he found himself under a 400 pound cat, that was not at all in the best of moods, the kitty latched on and shook him like a rag doll. At that point his guide recovered, and shot the lion, so the lion attacked the guide. The hunter said he went to move, and found both of his legs going in opposite directions, one forward, and one to the rear. but he managed to find his rifle and finish the cat off.

He concluded the story with his medical evacuation  from Ethiopia to South Africa to the United States, and of his 2 year recovery, he said only around 13% of those attacked by lions survive.

The lesson? Have enough gun, and shot placement is everything.

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