Saturday, March 24, 2012

It really is a good idea

To know your target and is what beyond

Although all the facts are not in

Politicians are sticking with Stand your Ground, but saying it does not apply in this Zimmerman shooting

Now it is good they are not wringing their hands saying anything about the law itself, but they shouldn't be playing Monday morning quarterback, until the investigation is completed 


For something different made it to a gun show mainly went to find some 308 for the FN I bought last week.

Crowded, lots of tupper-ware, which most folks prefer these days, they work well for most peoples purposes.

Ammo prices seem to be holding steady so far.

Did score some ammo for $10 a box

Just not a lot to oh and ah about...........

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ruger no longer taking orders

They have 1,000,000 guns on backorder

Positioned for attack inside US?

Best bet would be more armed citizens

In Brady's Paradise

5 police officers injured, while waiting for armed police to arrive

2 Garands

I found this interesting: 
The Springfield Armory M1 on the right I bought in ether 2009, or 2010 through Southern Ohio Gun, and other than a quick cleaning, and replacing the oil infested stock, it went to the gun  safe.
Finally in December I got it out to fire it, and found what I thought was cosmoline in the chamber, after some industrial style cleaning it turned out to be a broken casing, and after a few hours with my local smith, we found the case was so corroded in place,it was not coming out, and the top of the barrel under the hand-guards was heavily pitted, he said I could re-barrel it but he was somewhat suspect that some of the other parts might inhibit it functioning correctly, and suggested I ether use it for a wall hanger or part it out.

The Springfield Armory M1 on the left, I bought from an individual at the last gun show I attended, he told me it was a CMP gun, and it is indeed clean, the bore is shiny there is no pitting, and it functions well.

But what is interesting is they are less than 1000 apart in serial numbers, and the one on the right is the newer of the two.

Forget the pity

Just get out of our way

Chicago has all the gun laws you want, how is that working out?


Tom Givens who owns Rangemaster will be conducting his Combative Pistol Course here at Mad Duck Training May 19-20 2012

We are keeping this at no more than 12 students, and seats are about gone

Info here

Can you say


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2009 all over again

My training partner who is also an FFL, says his distributor told him they already looking at ammunition shortages already this year, just like it was in 2009


M14 Fails

Guess you are

never too old to set a record

Gun Porn

  lots of chrome

Making your own bullets

From spent 22's


Gun Makeover

I was right

It was an umbrella 

Mentioned it here

Safe Direction Applies

Even to Air Soft, and even if they were doing force on force training, it appears they were not using proper safety equipment

The last time I did F on F I thought safety goggles would be enough, and came away looking like I'd been hit in the face with buckshot, ordered a full face mask the following day.

They are not toys


Remove magazine first, then clear chamber, I always recommend they work the action at least 3 times, in case , on a semi when more than one round is ejected that is a clue that you didn't remove magazine


On choosing concealed firearm

Chasing Bad Guys

Not really a good idea

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012


On the ground

I would never shoot to kill

I would shoot to live, if they die that is their problem

No they are not

That is why when it comes to kids and guns, we have to be adults

Would a "No Knives" sign

Prevented this?

Maybe we should require all of those that want to have a knife be licensed, and have all knives registered, and ban assault knives.

If the government does not trust

The US Marines with guns, they don't trust you ether

Wise Man

Wants Eddie Eagle in Schools


Do not try to catch falling guns!

So why not just tell lies

to get you way?

Since elected governor, Kasich has signed into law numerous bills allowing guns to be purchased with fewer restrictions. Under his administration, the gun waiting period was shortened from three days to one, handguns were permitted in bars and restaurants, there is no longer a requirement to register or license a firearm, no penalty for guns purchased or sold without a background check, no penalty for someone who has bought a gun for someone who legally cannot, and no law requiring local or state government to have any record of gun ownership.

There has been no change in the waiting period to purchase, it is usually an instant check with NCIS, and they can still delay the purchase up to 3 days, it is a Federal program that Kasich has no control over.

Yes the state has allowed carry in restaurants, and bars out of nearly 250,000 license holders only one has violated the law since it went into effect.

In the state there has never been gun registering or licensing, other than some cities, there has never been a penalty for selling a gun without a background check, if the sale is private.  

Purchasing a gun for someone who cannot legally own one is a "Straw man purchase" and illegal under federal law, having a state law saying the same thing is redundant. The city or state having a record of gun ownership is defacto registration

The person and gun in question, the gun was purchased legally, and the person stole the gun, (A Crime) he was under 21, (A Crime) He carried the firearm onto school property (A Crime) He used a firearm with intent to injure and or kill (A Crime)

Employer has little regard for employees

The law you have now did not stop the killer in 2010, and it won't stop a killer in 2012.

If an employer is going to deprive employees the means to defend themselves, they should be required to provide armed security at all times, not just at work, but  during the commute to and from work also.

My right to have the means to avoid injury or death, should trump your right to what inanimate objects I can have in my vehicle on your property.  Now if I were viewed as a person rather than just a number in the accounting process, you might see my point of view.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

No greater sin

than telling a person to do nothing

The mental injuries of giving into violence are not something people heal from,
What a CROCK

H/T to Uncle

There are only two things that deter crime
Surety of capture, and surety of punishment, the criminals of DC have been assured that nether will happen. 

Words that get attention

on the internets

Thursday, March 01, 2012

So how many have to die

Before we license and register knives?

Teach your kids to fight

Back in the day, if you were bullied, you ether stood up or you ran and hid. Back in my day, lord am I that old?, it was settled in the school yard, or at a bus stop, the bullied sometimes won, and sometimes they didn't, but ether way the large majority of the time the bullying stopped.

Somewhere things changed, and the bullied are punished as much as the bully himself, in other words we gave protected status to the bullies, we somehow made it bad to stand up for yourself.

It wasn't pretty there were black eyes, busted lips, broken noses, and even a few cracked ribs, but all of those things heal. But what does not heal is when you make someone helpless. 

Bullies are cowards, they really are afraid, and most of the time are trying to prove to themselves they are not afraid, by picking on the smaller, the weaker, those that don't quite fit in. We have given them free rein, and the problem has mushroomed to a point that we can no longer control it or them.

The victims are told they have to play nice, and endure the taunts, that if they respond they will pay a price, and by making them helpless, drive them to desperate measures.

To quote Theodore Roosevelt:
"No greater wrong can ever be done than to put a good man at the mercy of evil, while telling him not to defend himself or his fellows. In no way can the success of evil be made more sure"  


“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

Teach your kids to stand up, and teach them how and when to fight, they will be better adults for it