Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We will be there!

Officer Down

K9 Pepper, killed in line of duty.

Washington DC

Well it is a start. 8 CCW licenses issued.

Gun Porn

Colt 9mm Lightweight

I think in time it could be accepted

But right now they are shooting themselves, and the rest of us in the foot.

The anti's don't have much of a grass roots movement, they depend on the Bloombergs and foundations to pony up the money to finance their silly endeavors. But when you shove it their faces, by walking in with your AK or AR slung across your back, or God forbid the "low ready", you can inspire people, to write checks to the MDA, or some such group. I'm sure the gun control slobs clap in glee whenever these actions hit the news.

I know it is your right, but I'd just like you think how pushing to hard, may impact  your rights more than they are now.

To many that vote and can make donations, they see the photo below as frightening, as a strong supporter of gun rights (After 20 grand in donations I quit counting) What I see below would give me pause, and I might well be reaching for my piece.
 There are just better ways to do it.


Gun Makers still concerned with the White House

Not sold on this

I'd think you might need a load bearer once it was filled, and you would need a generous sized backseat or cargo area to haul it

For about 25% of the cost, I can get the same box and pack it my way

But one issue is you can still be too heavy, and that isn't tactical at all. Might be ok for storage.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Suppressors will reign

and AR's are fashion

Homemade Gun

Shame he didn't point it more ot the right

How safe are we?

From the report, a lot safer than the anti's or media will admit.
News travels much faster now a days, and what may not have been reported 30 years ago is now headline news.

Plan B

Can now be ordered, for your Shield

Things seldom go right in a fight, always pays to have a plan B. 

Looks to be a solid addition to the M&P


So in New Jersey

If you move, the law does not allow you to transport your guns to your new residence?

Wow talk about stupid laws,

Never been a fan of Promag

With so many low cost magazines on the market, I tend to look at this as a gimmick, rather than an improvement

Penny Wise, Pound foolish?

Open fanny pack  leads to two people wounded, and charges being filed

Now some folks believe, that they can go cheap, on what they carry, and how they carry, but here is a case where the Fines, lawyer, and possible jail time will eclipse, the cost of a decent safe firearm, and proper safe carry method.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

IWI to reintroduce the Galil

Now designed to accept common AK-47 & AR15 magazines depending on caliber.

I think this is smart move, instead of having  propriety magazines, that are usually expensive, and hard to find, that they will sell more rifles, if they can use cheaper magazines in common use.

Specs here  

But they have the SAFE Act

in New York

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gun Porn

.45-70 Enfield

Holster Porn

Not often you
see a single action in kydex, must be an Evil Genius.

BCM & Wilson Combat

The enhanced grip pattern of our X-TAC 1911 has become the standard with hard users who run the 1911 platform in extreme service environments. You can now get this unmatched grip security and styling in a special X-TAC model exclusive to Bravo Company MFG-The BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911. This outstanding tactical package retains the core features of the X-TAC and adds a tactical light rail and other select performance options that BCM’s experts demanded like our Bullet Proof® One Piece Magwell, solid medium trigger and tritium front sight.  Our renowned Armor-Tuff finish was chosen to offer a non-reflective and corrosion resistant finish that can stand up to the most severe global environments. In tandem with the BCMGUNFIGHTER/VZ G-10 grips, the frame’s X-tread pattern locks securely into the firing hand and reduces muzzle flip without snagging on clothes or cover garments.
"Wilson Combat has a legendary history in manufacturing fighting 1911s, and serious hard-use guns are what BCM is all about. We are very excited to collaborate with Wilson on a special gun, built to our specifications with carefully chosen and battle ready options. BCM builds weapon systems that are manufactured to meet the unforgiving needs of law enforcement, military, security and peace keeping professionals in some of the most high stress environments and situations in the world. Forged from a gunfighter's no-nonsense mindset, we believe the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 carries on this tradition in a fighting handgun."
- Paul Buffoni, President, Bravo Company MFG
This special model is available in limited quantities exclusively from Bravo Company
Only $3375

That's going to leave a mark

Most any common item can be used as a weapon

A Leatherman unlike any other

The Leatherman Tread

Was there a shift in the Earth's orbit?

Boston Globe advocates CCW licenses should be good in all 50 states

Sig Response

To ATF Letter

Top Picks for NRA board.

Sean Maloney

Tim Knight

Maria Heil

Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.

John Wayne's gun that never was.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

So the arm brace is not

a stock, if used as a brace, it appears you are legal, if you shoulder it you fall under the NFA?

5.56 or .223?

There is a difference

They will never figure it out.

More Controls Equal More Crime.

About that reenactment of the Paris killings

Perhaps it does ring true & have some reality too it. I would think for some it to be a wake up call, as a large majority of CCW holders do no more than what is required. They sit through a 4-8 hour class on average, get a license, most do not carry on a regular basis, and fewer still practice on a regular basis. Fewer still take any further training from professional instructors.

Perhaps the reenactment would have been more realistic, had they put a couple of trainers in the victim pool, and say 3 people that did some practice on their own on a regular basis, and left the balance with zero to little training, I really believe the results would have been different.

All the shooting was done inside of practical combat pistol range, so the idea they were out gunned, kind of flies in the wind.True things that might have provided cover from pistols were only concealment against rifles. We really do not not know how well trained the killers were, the one that killed the officer on the sidewalk got pretty close to make the head shot.

Owning a guitar does not make you a musician, you have to practice, and you play to the point your fingers bled, till a callous builds up, and you listen and learn from other musicians, till you get it right, and seldom strike a bad chord. But if you only do it once in a blue moon, you are likely not a musician, you just someone strumming on a wooden box. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nice stand by PARA

From their FB page:

PARA USA regrets its decision to provide firearms for use in the film "Taken 3". While the film itself is entertaining, comments made by its Irish-born star during press junkets reflect a cultural and factual ignorance that undermines support of the Second Amendment and American liberties. We will no longer provide firearms for use in films starring Liam Neeson and ask that our friends and partners in Hollywood refrain from associating our brand and products with his projects. Further, we encourage our partners and friends in the firearms industry to do the same.

Yeah about as stupid as it gets

Say Uncle says it like it is concerning the supposed recreation of the French shooting

Are you kidding me?

It appears to be an accident looking for a place to happen


For Glocks!

Lions, Tigers , and

Guns? Oh My!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gun Porn

Anyone missing a gun? 

Can't believe no one thought of it before!!!

Game Changer

Real Threat

Or another loser duped by the FBI?, so we could all "feel" safe?

Gun Gen 2.0

They have money any they like nice things

Well this will be interesting

Still skeptical of plastic copper bullets, if the cases will hold up when hot and not bend when feeding it might in time help keep cost down

Sighted vs Unsighted

Finding the balance

"Unsighted fire doesn’t have to mean you’re shooting with your eyes closed. It doesn’t have to mean hip shooting. It simply means you’re not focused on the front sight. The gun can still be up in front of your face providing a reference — both visual and kinesthetic — of where the muzzle is pointed. Let’s face it, even if your eyes are closed, the gun is still pointed somewhere. As people learn quickly during Ken’s drill, you can still get pretty good torso shots while moving even if you aren’t using the little bumpy things atop your pistol."

This is not point shooting, I suppose it is some modified hip retention shooting

This is what point shooting looks like, the only real difference from sighted fire to point shooting the eye focuses on the target rather than the front sight.

The "Grip Zone"?

I'd call it marketing