Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I think in time it could be accepted

But right now they are shooting themselves, and the rest of us in the foot.

The anti's don't have much of a grass roots movement, they depend on the Bloombergs and foundations to pony up the money to finance their silly endeavors. But when you shove it their faces, by walking in with your AK or AR slung across your back, or God forbid the "low ready", you can inspire people, to write checks to the MDA, or some such group. I'm sure the gun control slobs clap in glee whenever these actions hit the news.

I know it is your right, but I'd just like you think how pushing to hard, may impact  your rights more than they are now.

To many that vote and can make donations, they see the photo below as frightening, as a strong supporter of gun rights (After 20 grand in donations I quit counting) What I see below would give me pause, and I might well be reaching for my piece.
 There are just better ways to do it.

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