Friday, January 16, 2015

About that reenactment of the Paris killings

Perhaps it does ring true & have some reality too it. I would think for some it to be a wake up call, as a large majority of CCW holders do no more than what is required. They sit through a 4-8 hour class on average, get a license, most do not carry on a regular basis, and fewer still practice on a regular basis. Fewer still take any further training from professional instructors.

Perhaps the reenactment would have been more realistic, had they put a couple of trainers in the victim pool, and say 3 people that did some practice on their own on a regular basis, and left the balance with zero to little training, I really believe the results would have been different.

All the shooting was done inside of practical combat pistol range, so the idea they were out gunned, kind of flies in the wind.True things that might have provided cover from pistols were only concealment against rifles. We really do not not know how well trained the killers were, the one that killed the officer on the sidewalk got pretty close to make the head shot.

Owning a guitar does not make you a musician, you have to practice, and you play to the point your fingers bled, till a callous builds up, and you listen and learn from other musicians, till you get it right, and seldom strike a bad chord. But if you only do it once in a blue moon, you are likely not a musician, you just someone strumming on a wooden box. 

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