Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Not helping

Unless he thinks a deluge of mail asking for donations will scare them

I guess he really likes


I prefer AR's, and mine are all standard parts, so spare parts will fit any of them, and I have run them for months and over a 1000 rounds without cleaning and they have continued to well run. I owned one AK for 3 years, and never ran a round through it, so really can't comment for or against.  Back when I did compete in tactical competitions in the mid 90's never saw an AK shoot as accurately as the AR, but could have been the shooters. I'm not sure there is an advantage to a gun that always works but does not hit as well, as a gun that hits, but takes more care to keep it running. Guess it is like my gun is better than your's weather it is a Glock, a 1911, an AK or an AR.........  But to each his own. Having faith in your system is important, and if your choice is the best for you so be it, it just does not make it the best choice for everyone. 

Mandatory background checks wouldn't have helped

Inmate escapes with guards gun

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I know some will disagree

My first round in my home defense shotgun is bird shot, as I fully realize that most people do want to be shot even a little bit, now the rest of the tube is 00 buck, in case they didn't really get the message, but once hit and they realize they picked the wrong house, and turn to leave, maybe they will get out and I don't have a  body leaking all over my living room floor.

Locked out

and nobody answering

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2nd police officer killed

In what is now NY

Rangemaster courses in June

June 27-28, Sat-Sun, Combative Pistol 1, at West Elkton, Ohio seehttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/combative-pistol-1-west-elkton…
June 29, Monday, Defensive Shotgun, One Day, at West Elkton, Ohio seehttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/defensive-shotgun-west-elkton-…
For any class, if you want to avoid the on-line registration ticket fee, simply mail a check to us. Be sure to include a note identifying the course you wish to enroll in and include your email address.
1016 W Poplar Ave, Suite 106
Collierville, TN, 38017

Study shows

Why women are buying guns

Some history on the gun

That killed Lincoln

Gun Porn

Sharps Brothers unique AR Lower

A bit over the top for me, but then I'm old and traditional.

I don't care if my students are tactical

I just want them to be proficient and to prevail! They don't have to be cool to do that.

I'll disagree

380 is not the 'new" 9 mm

 Pocket 380's are convenient to carry, for people that do not think they will actually need a gun. The ammunition is more expensive, than 9 mm, and you can only hot rod a round so much before you start blowing guns up, so it isn't all that much more powerful than before.

The vast majority of people that carry the tiny 380's don't shoot much, as it gets uncomfortable pretty quick, so they may not notice the cost, of ammo, and if it is what they have, they will likely be able to defend themselves. My opinion is 380's make a decent back up, and if deep concealment is required they suit the purpose. The reality is that most people who do carry, the odds are in their favor of never having to use the gun, so I admit the 380 works real well there.

There are a lot of down sized 9 mm's that are relativity the same size,with guns like the new Glock 43, the S&W Shield, there really is no excuse not to up-size to 9 mm. Yes I'm aware that you do lose the full potential of 9 mm in the smaller shorter barrel guns.

Do not take it that I'm saying if you chose to carry a pocket 380, you have made a bad choice. Life is full of choices, Personally I prefer to carry a full size gun in 9 mm, right now it is a Government model 1911, along with a pocket 9 mm as back up, also a 1911 style, that my spare mags will fit in. A lot of people will say I made the wrong choice, but in the long run they don't have to live with my choice.

But anyway you cut it 380 is not 9 mm.

Gun Porn

Custom AR-15 Pistol build

That is enough of an excuse to buy a truck

AR-15 Console Mount

Anti Gun?

Watch your action movie flop

Guys Like

The first gun designed for women in India

Police shot him 16 times

Says he understands cops have a tough job

Choke Hold

Hearings Begin

Changes in Ohio

Monday, March 23, 2015
States that honor Ohio CHL
NOTE: These states can change their agreements with Ohio,  Check the laws before traveling.
ü  Alabama
ü  Alaska
ü  Arizona  
ü  Arkansas
ü  Colorado
ü  Delaware
ü  Florida
ü  Georgia
ü  Kansas
ü   Kentucky
ü  Idaho
ü  Illinois (In Vehicle only)
ü  Indiana
ü  Iowa
ü  Louisiana
ü  Michigan
ü  Minnesota
ü  Mississippi
ü  Missouri
ü  Montana
ü  Nebraska
ü  New Hampshire
ü  New Mexico
ü  North Carolina
ü  North Dakota
ü  Nevada
ü  Ohio (of course)
ü  Oklahoma
ü  South Carolina
ü  South Dakota
ü  Tennessee
ü  Texas
ü  Utah
ü  Vermont
ü  Virginia 
ü  Washington
ü  West Virginia
ü  Wisconsin (Only on licenses issued after 3/23/15)
ü  Wyoming

·         Ohio honors all other states

Really shouldn't count on head shots

There really is no good place to shoot people that will always make them quiet and peaceful instantly.

20 better shooting tips

From 20 trainers and  shooters

Hey I know several of those people

Monday, March 23, 2015


Wilson Combat

We are winning

But, do not let your guard down, the war ain't over.

Haven't had a Barrel Looker

But I've seen all the rest

As John Farnum said "The person most likely to shot you, is you"


Just why would you do that?

I guess he will miss out on the Darwin Award, since he survived

Happen to me once

It was during a tactical carbine match, at my old club.We had a mocked up shoot house, we also had heavy rain, and during scoring, I noticed some of the targets in shoot house needed repair, I told the other match official we were going to fix the targets and be right up. He got distracted on the way up range,  then looked down range, didn't see anyone, and called a shooter to the line.. I will say me and the 2 guys helping me were a bit surprised when we heard "Shooter Ready". One guy with me started to panic, and I told him, to just wait, as the competitor had to shoot the target array to our right, then had to move  before engaging the targets in the windows.  Someone up range saw us about that time in the doorway and called a ceasefire. It was close but could have been worse. With as much as there is going on during a match, some could use a dedicated range watcher.
Odd writing this, I realized both the guys helping me that day have since died.
I am sure everyone concerned in the video was shaken up, and proper changes will be made for future matches.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

What do you need for most gun classes?

Outside of a basic pistol or CCW class, where many instructors loan or rent firearms, most classes will require you bring your own firearms and gear. Before you "lol", you would be surprised how many people think everything is included in a shooting course.

So what we recommend is
·         Firearm for the class, and good idea to bring a back up if you own one, and be serious about your training, don't take a 10/22 to a tactical carbine class. Also recommend  that you do not take a brand new gun to class, take your new gun to the range and shoot it before class. Some instructors may have a loaner gun if your's goes down, but they likely do not have one for every student, and after you have paid for the class, and travel, no sense sitting on the side lines, because your gun broke.

·         Minimum of 3 magazines if running  a high capacity gun, 5 if running a single stack. or 2 speed loaders for revolvers, you really can't bring enough magazines to a class.

·        If a pistol class Strong side hip holster inside or outside the waist band, holster should be for that specific  model firearm, and stay open for re-holstering . For long guns a sling is a good idea. Also check with your trainer to be sure your holster is allowed in the class.

·         Double magazine pouch (we also highly recommend a proper belt)

·         Hearing and eye protection, Electronic recommended, and a brimmed hat is recommended.

·         Ammunition, can't hurt to bring a bit extra, if the class is small the Instructor may run some extra drills.   

·         Comfortable clothing for the weather (We recommend ladies avoid low cut tops, due to hot brass) When we say proper it should be sturdy and protective of the elements.

·        Additional Recommended Equipment:

 Spare gun         
 Sun screen
 Bug repellent 
First Aid Kit
Hand towel 
Antiseptic wipes
Folding chair 
Rain Gear
Bottled water, Gatorade, and snacks
Advil, Tylenol, etc.
Comfortable Footwear 

If you plan according, you will stay mostly comfortable, hydrated and alert to learn what  the Instructor has to teach you.  Training is an investment, make the most of it, and keep an open mind to what they have to teach you, just because it is not how you do it, they might actually show you a better way.

Glock 43, Glock 43

Glock 43
That's it, the wait is over, now get in line to buy it.

Another David Gregory

They likely won't proscute, but would be nice if they did

Well it is real

and Massad Ayoob has already testes, reviewed it

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Justice off track

"This is a case of a law-abiding citizen being turned into a criminal by New Jersey gun laws."

Some common mistakes in training

For those seeking training #1 really applies, really not  the best to seek out the cheapest training

#9 is ok, if carefully scripted, but unless the trainer really controls the scenario it can turn in cowboy's and indians

Still a bad idea

Worse than the "Curve"  That should make Taurus feel better. 

Yes it seems the subconscious

Is drawn to the weapon, what the mind sees as the threat Back when I use to compete, in tactical shoots, it was always interesting when taping targets, how many rounds hit the weapon, even if at the side of the target, considered a 3 point hit , where a center chest was a 5 point hit. Even in a competition against paper targets, the brain was still seeing the gun as the threat rather than the figure wielding the weapon. So if that happens against paper targets, how much more might it happen in a real life or death encounter? I once heard I suppose second hand (An old Gunsite graduate that had actually trained under Col. Cooper.) of how the Mozambique Drill came about, that the good guy hit the bad guy twice in the chest, showing no apparent injury and the good guy then shot unaffected bad guy in the head. When the bad guy was examined the AK he was holding across his chest had taken the 2 hits. Had the shooters brain targeted the AK?
We not only have to train physically, as in going to the range to shoot, but we have to train mentally, on things such as the gun is not the problem, the guy holding the gun is the problem, take him out and the gun will do nothing. Also we can not go into a fight thinking  our tactical combo of gun and ammo or even shot placement is going to end the problem soon enough. We have to embrace the idea that we may need to problem solve rapidly, as the fight occurs. If all you have practiced is tight center chest shots, and  the bad guy that picked you is wearing armor, are you going to continue to shoot at his chest, or rapidly move to shoot  him elsewhere? You have to keep your wits and use them to prevail. 

Remember the Curve?

A "hands on" report

Still sounds like something you really don't want

The Sage continues

Army wants the M4a1 to be more like civilian rifles, except with the full auto option!

How about a custom

War Hammer?

It is Not a rule

Never has been, and really you should be very careful what you say until you have a lawyer

Things wear out

Even quality gear has a lifespan

Wow isn't that

The state with the best gun laws according to crimadvisor?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hojutsu returns to Mad Duck In July

The Course: July 10th-12th Hojutsu-The Japanese Art of Shooting
This is about 5% katas (movement) in the Dojo, and the other 95 percent is shooting.
Soke Jeff Hall and Sensi Norm Hall will be teaching the course, and Sensi Dave Grossman may be along.
Course is $375 Deposits required.
Handgun, mim of 3 magazines, strong side holster, 1000 rounds of ammo. contact us at training@madduckttc.net to sign up

Background:Hojutsu, the art of gunnery, began its development in Japan in the early 1500's. Matchlock firearms were first imported by the Portuguese; after the Battle of Nagashino in 1575, where peasants with firearms defeated classical Samurai; firearms were embraced by some warriors. Hojutsu is defined as "bujutsu" or "koryu budo"- Old Tradition arts, arts established prior to 1868. The term ryu refers to the "school" or "style" of the art. I have taken the liberty of changing "gunnery" to shooting to reflect the art's use of individual weapons. The ancient martial training systems and protocol remain unchanged.
In Hojutsu-Ryu, we begin training with the handgun; the handgun is the king of personal defense, given its portability and concealability. We progress to the revolver, shotgun, carbine ("assault rifle"), precision rifle, and submachine gun. We include empty hands, sticks of all kinds, and edged weapons into the art. We practice kata using firearms and the other tools listed above, with the intent that a true master of the art should prevail in a fight from flat on his back to 300 meters away.Hojutsu-Ryu is one of the very few lethal martial arts that is combat-proven in today's world. In addition to Soke Jeff Hall, twelve Hojutsu-ka (practitioners) have won lethal gunfights; all are law enforcement officers, serving from Nevada to Alaska. Three used carbines, two used shotguns, the rest used service pistols, and shots ranged from one to eight. 95.6% accuracy was documented, all officers were uninjured, and all suspects died. Contrast this with the national average for police hits in shootings of only 16%

Instructor Bios:
soke Jeff Hall
Chief Instructor Jeff Hall has been shooting for over 50 years and has been a student of firearms combatives for 40 years. He has over 25 years of military and police experience, with a strong emphasis on SWAT. He has also studied traditional arts for 30 years, holding ranks 3rd to 10th Dan in five arts. In 2012 he was promoted to Godan (5th Dan) in Shudokan. He is an NRA Distinguished Master, one of 25 Handgun Combat Masters in the world, and a law enforcement Master Instructor. He is a retired Alaska State Trooper lieutenant who spent nineteen years on the pistol team and 12 years on the SWAT team; he has used the techniques he teaches in combat. Hall travels across the U.S. and teaches nationally for several professional training associations. He has published numerous articles and has written several training manuals. He is an NRA certified instructor in handgun, shotgun, submachine gun, carbine, and precision rifle.
Hall shot competitively for many years and studied many styles and techniques in developing Hojutsu, after finding the military and police training inadequate. However, Hall's focus on shooting is to survive lethal encounters. While some styles of shooting may do well in competition, Hall prefers what is proven in real combat. Additionally, there should be commonality in all training- the way we fight with empty hands should flow to sticks to knives to handguns, long guns, and back to empty hands. In Hojutsu, we believe that "He is Best who trains in the Severest school"- we train hard so we can fight easy.
Hall was inducted into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2005 and into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2007. Hojutsu has also been recognized by several Halls of Fame, with Jeff Hall as the head of the modern system.
Hall is currently training for the Four Weapon Combat Master test, and to become the second ever to pass the Handgun Combat Master test with a revolver.
Sensi Norman Hood Norman Hood retired as a Command Sergeant Major from the US Army after 24 years of service, and then spent six years with the Alaska State Troopers before entering Government Security Contract positions. Norm has more than 35 years of experience in operational law enforcement, training, logistical and support planning for private security companies, military and state police organizations, as well as 28 plus years conducting rifle, pistol and shotgun training, including Concealed Carry courses as an independent contractor with a private firearms academy in Alaska and as a former adjunct instructor at Blackwater Worldwide, Inc. Norm is an NRA instructor and holds the “NRA Distinguished Expert Pistol” rating. He is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and is certified by the State of Indiana as an Emergency Medical Responder, the State of Illinois as a Certified Firearms Instructor, GLOCK Professional as a GLOCK Armorer, and FEMA as an Active Shooter Responder Trainer. Norm is Shodan, 1st Dan (Black Belt) in Hojutsu-Ryu (the Martial Art of Shooting).

What happens when you cross BCM with Wilson Combat?

You get a new grip!

Maybe the rumors are true

From Glocks FB Page

Rangemaster coming to Mad Duck Training

Combative Pistol June 27/28 2015
This is an intensive weekend course that covers all of the essential skills involved in fighting with a handgun. There is an all day session Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00pm.  Topics covered in this course will include:
·         Rapid presentation from concealed carry
·         Effective gun handling techniques, designed to work under stress
·         Rapid reloading techniques
·         High speed accuracy at close ranges
·         Precision shooting at mid-ranges
·         Shooting effectively with one hand, with either hand
·         Fixing malfunctions rapidly and reliably
·         Proper defensive mindset, personal tactics, and more.
Expect to fire about 800-1,000 rounds of ammunition. This course is designed expressly for the armed citizen who carries a concealed handgun, or the plain clothes or off duty police officer.  You will need a good handgun, holster, belt, and magazine pouch, at least three magazines, a ball cap and concealment garment (vest, jacket, windbreaker, etc), eye and ear protection, and rain gear (we train rain or shine). A cooler with soft drinks and snacks is a very good idea.
You will need a quality handgun and gear. It is a good idea to bring a second gun just like your primary, in case something breaks on your primary gun. Please bring good quality ammunition. You will shoot better, your gun will function better, and you will learn faster. Leather or kydex holsters are fine—PLEASE NO flimsy nylon or cloth holsters.  Your primary instructor will beTom Givens.  Tuition is $425.00. Sign up or contact training@madduckttc.net

Defensive Shotgun I June 29th
Many people keep a shotgun at home. The shotgun is one of the most effective and versatile weapons available to the average private citizen or police officer. It is also the least understood and most under-utilized weapon system. Learn how to properly select, modify, feed and operate your defensive shotgun for optimum effectiveness. This intensive course will teach you efficient techniques for handling and shooting the shotgun under stressful conditions for self-defense. The course is typically taught in a one-day (8-hour) format and includes topics such as:
·         Shotgun Selection 
·         Types & Operation
·         Loading Techniques
·         Modifications
·         Ammunition Selection
·         Shooting Techniques

Students will need 150 rounds of birdshot, 50 rounds of buck shot, and 15 slugs.  Course fee varies depending on location ( $225.00).  If held on an outdoor range, the course will continue regardless of weather (rain or shine, heat or cold).  Please dress accordingly and bring appropriate gear and supplies. Sign up or contact training@madduckttc.net

And if the battery dies

You are screwed

Gun Porn

Custom Guns

I thought they were murses

But now they are Man-Pack's

Still not comfortable with off body carry, guess it is for those that want to carry, but don't want to carry...

Gun Porn

Tactical Lever