Monday, March 23, 2015

Happen to me once

It was during a tactical carbine match, at my old club.We had a mocked up shoot house, we also had heavy rain, and during scoring, I noticed some of the targets in shoot house needed repair, I told the other match official we were going to fix the targets and be right up. He got distracted on the way up range,  then looked down range, didn't see anyone, and called a shooter to the line.. I will say me and the 2 guys helping me were a bit surprised when we heard "Shooter Ready". One guy with me started to panic, and I told him, to just wait, as the competitor had to shoot the target array to our right, then had to move  before engaging the targets in the windows.  Someone up range saw us about that time in the doorway and called a ceasefire. It was close but could have been worse. With as much as there is going on during a match, some could use a dedicated range watcher.
Odd writing this, I realized both the guys helping me that day have since died.
I am sure everyone concerned in the video was shaken up, and proper changes will be made for future matches.

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