Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yes it seems the subconscious

Is drawn to the weapon, what the mind sees as the threat Back when I use to compete, in tactical shoots, it was always interesting when taping targets, how many rounds hit the weapon, even if at the side of the target, considered a 3 point hit , where a center chest was a 5 point hit. Even in a competition against paper targets, the brain was still seeing the gun as the threat rather than the figure wielding the weapon. So if that happens against paper targets, how much more might it happen in a real life or death encounter? I once heard I suppose second hand (An old Gunsite graduate that had actually trained under Col. Cooper.) of how the Mozambique Drill came about, that the good guy hit the bad guy twice in the chest, showing no apparent injury and the good guy then shot unaffected bad guy in the head. When the bad guy was examined the AK he was holding across his chest had taken the 2 hits. Had the shooters brain targeted the AK?
We not only have to train physically, as in going to the range to shoot, but we have to train mentally, on things such as the gun is not the problem, the guy holding the gun is the problem, take him out and the gun will do nothing. Also we can not go into a fight thinking  our tactical combo of gun and ammo or even shot placement is going to end the problem soon enough. We have to embrace the idea that we may need to problem solve rapidly, as the fight occurs. If all you have practiced is tight center chest shots, and  the bad guy that picked you is wearing armor, are you going to continue to shoot at his chest, or rapidly move to shoot  him elsewhere? You have to keep your wits and use them to prevail. 

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