Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'll disagree

380 is not the 'new" 9 mm

 Pocket 380's are convenient to carry, for people that do not think they will actually need a gun. The ammunition is more expensive, than 9 mm, and you can only hot rod a round so much before you start blowing guns up, so it isn't all that much more powerful than before.

The vast majority of people that carry the tiny 380's don't shoot much, as it gets uncomfortable pretty quick, so they may not notice the cost, of ammo, and if it is what they have, they will likely be able to defend themselves. My opinion is 380's make a decent back up, and if deep concealment is required they suit the purpose. The reality is that most people who do carry, the odds are in their favor of never having to use the gun, so I admit the 380 works real well there.

There are a lot of down sized 9 mm's that are relativity the same size,with guns like the new Glock 43, the S&W Shield, there really is no excuse not to up-size to 9 mm. Yes I'm aware that you do lose the full potential of 9 mm in the smaller shorter barrel guns.

Do not take it that I'm saying if you chose to carry a pocket 380, you have made a bad choice. Life is full of choices, Personally I prefer to carry a full size gun in 9 mm, right now it is a Government model 1911, along with a pocket 9 mm as back up, also a 1911 style, that my spare mags will fit in. A lot of people will say I made the wrong choice, but in the long run they don't have to live with my choice.

But anyway you cut it 380 is not 9 mm.


B said...

.380 is the new 9mm like 9mm is the new .45.

Neither is true.

There have been improvements across the board in propellants and bullet design. But the fact is that bullet weight makes for more energy, which still affects performance as much as anything.

But some gun is better than no gun. First rule in a gunfight: "Have a gun"

David said...

1911 Commander in .45 ACP as primary, LCP in .380 as a backup.