Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I guess he really likes


I prefer AR's, and mine are all standard parts, so spare parts will fit any of them, and I have run them for months and over a 1000 rounds without cleaning and they have continued to well run. I owned one AK for 3 years, and never ran a round through it, so really can't comment for or against.  Back when I did compete in tactical competitions in the mid 90's never saw an AK shoot as accurately as the AR, but could have been the shooters. I'm not sure there is an advantage to a gun that always works but does not hit as well, as a gun that hits, but takes more care to keep it running. Guess it is like my gun is better than your's weather it is a Glock, a 1911, an AK or an AR.........  But to each his own. Having faith in your system is important, and if your choice is the best for you so be it, it just does not make it the best choice for everyone. 

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