Friday, August 31, 2012

Isn't that like

Brady's  #2 state for best gun control laws? 3 dead including suspect.

Our problems must be pretty small

If we have time to be insensitive, about every phase new or antique, and have people in high paying government jobs, taking time to,  write memos, likely do power points, to explain how folks sensibilities are effected by certain words or phrases, then all the major problems of this country must be solved!

America was once of the strongest brashest countries in the world, we said what we thought and meant what we said. If some podunk country messed with us we sent in gun boats and the Marines, and burned them down. The rest of the world learned not to mess around when it came to the United States, but shortly after we changed the name of the "War Dept" (as it likely offended some of the liberals), to the "Dept.Of Defense", we also started adopting those warm fuzzies, adopting terms like compromise, worrying more about how we said something than what we were saying.

I think a good analogy would be my dog and her Frisbee, she loves it I throw it, she fetches it, and brings it and drops it at my feet, then she backs up and sits down and waits for me to throw it again, now the backing up and sitting down were trained responses, as earlier when I would reach for the Frisbee, she would rush in and try to snatch it, which resulted in my hands making contact with her teeth, so after some both stern handling and sterner language, she has learned to play nice. Then she tried to put a twist in the game instead of bringing me the Frisbee, she would drop it 8 feet away, I would go get it, throw it and then she would drop it 10 feet away, and so on, a few evenings of this and I realized I was compromising, and the dog was training me. So now if she will not bring the Frisbee to me I pick it up and the game is over she must go in.   

Our government hasn't learned that, and they continue to play, but as the game changes, they play along, until they are the ones being manipulated, so afraid of offending or hurting some ones feeling.

Well this country was once one of the strongest countries on earth, as strong people with thick skins built it. So to all those sensitive people that worry so much about how they "feel" rather than getting to the tasks at hand, I can only say," UP Your's, you useless jackwagons!" and hope your panties tie themselves in double knots.   

Unless you can prove we have really solved the more pressing problems of our nation, and if you can't the government can start cost cutting spending by firing all those appointed to sensibility jobs.

Monday, August 27, 2012

9mm vs 45 vs rifle

A look at gunshot wounds

Which is a real contrast to this article

Truly Not Surprising

Gunny fired for practicing his 1st Amendment right

Bumper Sticker of the week

How Ignorent

Trained officers shot 9 bystanders, is a reason to call for more gun control

95% of the cops, only shoot once or twice a year, to qualify, and that is it.

Of course I cannot speak for all armed citizens, but I can speak of my training, and I shoot an average of once a week, and the last exercise was at night, last Saturday with only car head lights lighting the range, and shooting only one target among 7, next week if time permits I plan to re-shoot the same drills, with strobe lights instead of car lights, the NYC couldn't sort out 9 targets in broad daylight.

Perhaps if the Police Chiefs, quit spending money on drones, and armored vehicles, and spent the money on actual firearms training, and I do not mean standing still on a flat range, incidents like the shooting mentioned above would not happen.

This shooting does not indicate we need more gun control, it indicates most gun toters need more realistic training.

Knowledge and skills will overcome ignorance    

Comparing law enforcement and civilian training

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wonder if she was licensed?

never bring a knife to a skillet fight.

So when are we going to pass laws

That keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill?

With licenses and background checks this could have been prevented, of course we might have to regulate pillows, so she couldn't have smothered him. 

Not only does he catch bad-guys on TV

He catches them in real life

Why would a 22 need a fore-grip?

Man shoots fingertip off

The 1911

A Legend in Law Enforcement

Just because it sounds funny

Man shot in Dick Lane

Or the 11,493

Could, have been killed in the same matter the other 5306

My generation found that a few bloody noses and bruises didn't kill us, we kept our kick balls, and we will keep our guns, thank you, wimp.

Cops want

Guns at school, sort of

Senior Citizens

Buying more guns

Blogger Shelley Rae

Gets some main stream attention

I'm sure I'd rather be

a Squealing Pig, than a Whinny Ass

Coffee Cups

Cause Homicide

Friday, August 17, 2012

What a flipping concept

Troops to be armed at all times with loaded weapons

They should be armed stateside too

No Mass Stabbings???

So for 40 years you have lived under a rock:

I can find more if you like, there will always be crazy people and they will find a way to commit evil. So banning guns will not fix the problem, you'll just have a different problem. Carrying a gun is a good way to stop the guy with a knife when he shows up.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I keep telling people

If you are going to do it, do it correctly, do not cut corners, I hope it costs them.

Likely to become the choice of

Drug dealers and terrorists worldwide

View from Israel

He looks old enough to know better

James did you write your blog on a thing called the internet? When the Founders wrote the First Amendment, they were pretty much limited to quill pens, and cumbersome printing presses, they had no way to foresee the Internet, and I'm not sure they would have approved.  

Fantastic Idea!

All of the Anti's should join the NRA and change it from within

Better to spend their money with us, and in the five years it takes to be voting member, they might get educated

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

NRA Was Right!

Barky does want to ban guns

Sound advice

Follow the link

We hold these truths to be self evident

With the definitions for “domestic terrorism” now taking on a broad scope and encompassing almost any activity deemed as such by the Department of Homeland Security and federal authorities, it is only a matter of time before peaceful demonstrators are not only detained for their criminal terroristic activities, but held indefinitely under US anti-terrorism laws like the National Defense Authorization Act.

So quoting Thomas Jefferson

Could deny your right to buy a gun?

right-wing lunatics: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants."

Well if President Jefferson was a right wing lunatic, then I suppose I am one too

Known to carry 6-8 revolvers

The outlaw Bob Dalton was ringleader of the Dalton Gang, who attempted to outdo crime sprees committed by the James Gang. Dalton planned to rob two banks at once in broad daylight in Coffeyville, Kan. While the gang robbed the banks the townsfolk armed themselves for a shootout. The ensuing gunfight killed three townspeople and Town Marshal Charles Connelly. Grat Dalton, Bob Dalton, Dick Broadwell and Bill Power were killed while Emmett Dalton was shot 23 times but survived.

Monday, August 06, 2012

And they have a Winner!!

You may have seen that Buckeye Firearms Association was having a, Zombie Apocalypse Gun & Gear Raffle

Well the winner was chosen by a drawing last Thursday, and yep The Duck had the winning ticket, picked it up Saturday at Black Wing Shooting Center

The 3 main prizes were an Armalite/Eagle M15 tricked out with a bunch of Magpul add-ons, A Mossberg Cruiser 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun, and a M&P 9mm, also a Streamight TLR2 Scabbards from VooDoo Tactical, a selection of Hornady Zombie Max Ammunition, and a few other dodads like Tactical Bacon!

I purchased 15 tickets for the raffle, with no illusion of winning, could have blown me away like a feather, when they contacted me!

Friday, August 03, 2012

65 year old woman

Making up for lack of a penis

Ah the Drama!

Bet she could write scary story books for kids too

A bit chapped

Back in January, during one of the brief cold snaps, my car battery died, so once started I went to National Tire & Battery, now it was not only the most expensive battery I've ever purchased, but they charged me like $15 to install it. Move up to yesterday, and I need to run to the Post Office, and the car is dead, flat nothing, not even a dome light. On lifting the hood, and doing a bit of looking find the positive post covered in corrosion, enough to make getting the clamp off more than a bit difficult.

Now when I go to the local Auto Zone not only do they install for free, they always ask if I want non corrosion rings when I pay for the battery.

Car is up and running, but it will be a very long time before I return to NTB.  

Quote of the Day

Gun control activists have it all wrong because they make incredibly naive assumptions about human nature.

Yeah I was sitting in a bar

Drinking, and listening to a band, when a single thought crossed my mind, If the building caught fire, would I be able to make it to the door?, from that moment on I've never drank myself into stupid. It was a long time ago

Percentage looks impressive, when used in a small group

Report says gun control  lowered "Firearms suicides", But fails to show a significant drop in Suicides overall,

Mexican Drug Lords

Cause harm in the US,, so what are you going  to do to stop it?

 In the name of the nearly 100,000 Americans that have died from drugs and of the victims of the many robberies, break-ins , and assaults in the United States, in the past 5 years, it is time to enact meaningful drug control legislation in Mexico

I know it's bad

But that is pretty funny

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

E.O. in the making?

To limit ammo sales?

Now I know for some the value of free advice, isn't high. But I'll say the same thing that I told friends in 1992 when Bill got elected: Now would not be a bad time to stock up on things like ammo, and magazines etc,

Me, I just think some people are nuts

But I suppose you could read this, and come up with this