Monday, August 27, 2012

How Ignorent

Trained officers shot 9 bystanders, is a reason to call for more gun control

95% of the cops, only shoot once or twice a year, to qualify, and that is it.

Of course I cannot speak for all armed citizens, but I can speak of my training, and I shoot an average of once a week, and the last exercise was at night, last Saturday with only car head lights lighting the range, and shooting only one target among 7, next week if time permits I plan to re-shoot the same drills, with strobe lights instead of car lights, the NYC couldn't sort out 9 targets in broad daylight.

Perhaps if the Police Chiefs, quit spending money on drones, and armored vehicles, and spent the money on actual firearms training, and I do not mean standing still on a flat range, incidents like the shooting mentioned above would not happen.

This shooting does not indicate we need more gun control, it indicates most gun toters need more realistic training.

Knowledge and skills will overcome ignorance    

Comparing law enforcement and civilian training


Left Coast Conservative said...

I agree that most shooters need better training, but opportunities to do so are rare. In the SF Bay Area typical range rules prohibit use of holsters, rapid fire, or moving when shooting. How is one to train effectively?

The Duck said...

Seek out professional training, find a local IDPA club, you can play the game or use it as tactical training.
Or do like I did buy a piece of property that you can shoot on, not trying to be smart, it just turned out to be the best move I made 20 years ago.

Off Grid Survival said...

Glad to see someone else talking about that. It's absoulutley amazing how little these people actually train.

I find it ironic that this same Mayor of New york who can't stop talking about how dangerous guns are would provide his own police force with such little actual training.