Friday, August 31, 2012

Our problems must be pretty small

If we have time to be insensitive, about every phase new or antique, and have people in high paying government jobs, taking time to,  write memos, likely do power points, to explain how folks sensibilities are effected by certain words or phrases, then all the major problems of this country must be solved!

America was once of the strongest brashest countries in the world, we said what we thought and meant what we said. If some podunk country messed with us we sent in gun boats and the Marines, and burned them down. The rest of the world learned not to mess around when it came to the United States, but shortly after we changed the name of the "War Dept" (as it likely offended some of the liberals), to the "Dept.Of Defense", we also started adopting those warm fuzzies, adopting terms like compromise, worrying more about how we said something than what we were saying.

I think a good analogy would be my dog and her Frisbee, she loves it I throw it, she fetches it, and brings it and drops it at my feet, then she backs up and sits down and waits for me to throw it again, now the backing up and sitting down were trained responses, as earlier when I would reach for the Frisbee, she would rush in and try to snatch it, which resulted in my hands making contact with her teeth, so after some both stern handling and sterner language, she has learned to play nice. Then she tried to put a twist in the game instead of bringing me the Frisbee, she would drop it 8 feet away, I would go get it, throw it and then she would drop it 10 feet away, and so on, a few evenings of this and I realized I was compromising, and the dog was training me. So now if she will not bring the Frisbee to me I pick it up and the game is over she must go in.   

Our government hasn't learned that, and they continue to play, but as the game changes, they play along, until they are the ones being manipulated, so afraid of offending or hurting some ones feeling.

Well this country was once one of the strongest countries on earth, as strong people with thick skins built it. So to all those sensitive people that worry so much about how they "feel" rather than getting to the tasks at hand, I can only say," UP Your's, you useless jackwagons!" and hope your panties tie themselves in double knots.   

Unless you can prove we have really solved the more pressing problems of our nation, and if you can't the government can start cost cutting spending by firing all those appointed to sensibility jobs.

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