Monday, November 29, 2010

So what do you do for 12 hours?

From an email:

"Well the class was everything you said and less.  I was really frustrated. I was made the range officer and told not to teach anything. There were a few new shooters that really needed some one on one and I had 30 plus others to watch out for at the same time, class totaled 62 I had them all in 2 shifts. The class was pretty much "the booklet". He said that people did not need or want to know about guns, gun parts, how guns worked, different ammo, or how to shoot, other than keep it pointed downrange and shoot 100 rounds. Yes the money is and would be nice but I don"t think I want my name connected to that.  Thanks for the info and advice"

Gee as instructors I thought we were suppose to cover all that stuff, like gun parts, and you know like how to shoot, you know knowledge, skills etc., and I can't help but ask how can one guy keep 30 shooters safe? I have found over the years, that people, at least most really do want to know about these things before they carry a gun.

The New XM25 Battle Rifle


25mm grenade launcher, a 25mm Grenade is not all that big of a payload, and at $35,000 each, it should go out, hunt, and kill terrorists all by itself.

Can't see the forest for the trees

So blame the NRA

Chicken Little mentally

Require registration and annual inspection of every gun


Barky thinks the idea has merit

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Deal Alert

Clint Smith Videos 50% off until the 28th

Coupon Code: trsale

Better to go out standing

than on your knees begging

Rifle Barrels only last

6 seconds

The Old Man is Gone

What can I say about Art? 

He was one of the more unusual cats I've met, and I suppose I was his human. That's the way it is with cats you don't adopt them, they adopt you. He looked a lot like a Maine Coon cat, his long fur making him appear bigger than he was.

When I met Lady D in 2001, she had Art, and Alf, at that time he was a bit more than physco, just walking into the same room with him would freak him out. He moved here in 2002 and within a couple of months not only did he settle in, but he settled down,  It seemed that the quiet of the country agreed with him more that the city he had moved from.

By 2003 he had matured, and he took on the roll of guardian, whenever one of the dogs got a bit pushy, he would come flying from where ever he was at the time, he would always place himself in harms way to protect. His hair fluffed out his back arched giving the appearance of a cat much larger than he was. One night he backed the Doberman all the way in the fireplace which did have a fire going, and the dog gave ground until her butt started burning, then she only wanted to escape. In 06 the Rotti went after one of the cats, and Art leaped up and wrapped himself around her head like a coon skin cap, till she gave ground. It was a sight watching the dog trying to shake loose that bundle of fur with an attitude.

He would do the same when the other cats had disagreements, putting himself between the aggressor, and the victim, until things calmed down, He just seemed to prefer harmony over chaos.

In 2005 he began following us down to the range and would hang out with us while we were shooting, and what I mean by hangout he would sit on the shooting bench, by 2006  he would go with the classes when they were shooting, only the Instructor classes, not the beginner or CCW classes, somehow he knew the difference.
He would get up on the backstop and walk around right behind the target rack, or be weaving his way the length of the benches. Or perhaps just off to the side, a hot casing bouncing off of him from time to time, which he would just ignore.
By 2007 he wasn't as involved with the range, but gunfire still didn't bother him, in 2008 when we built the new training building, he resented it, but made it a point to come out and intermingle with students during breaks

He was a gentleman, except when it came to spaghetti,  then a bit more than demanding, but all in all he was the quiet little lord of his domain.

He will be missed and remembered

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rules 1 & 2 violated

Deputy wounded in training

New Movie Coming

Cowboys and Aliens
sort of an 1800's "Men In Black"

AX Attack

Police do not mention if it was an assault ax, or a regular ax

Polymer AR15

For $120 complete

I've had one made of carbon fiber for about 4 years, and it still shoots well, while I really do not need another AR, for that price it would be worth checking out

Sig P238 Liberty

Features gold inlay

New Russian Rimfire

Details for MP 161K

Campus Carry

Other than the mention of Kent State, seems spot on

Home Invasion Ends well

2 armed bad guys shot

PVS on part of bad guys

Barky said he supported the 2nd Amendment

But he selected Travers for ATF Directors slot

If appointed, here is where he stands:
- Establish a “best practices" protocol for voluntary gun surrender programs

- Destroy all firearms that come into the possession of any law enforcement agency (even if such firearms were initially stolen and then recovered)

- Track and follow all private gun sales in a national data base with a mandatory background check on the purchaser

- Limit the sale of “multiple handguns”

- Mandate a “ballistic fingerprint” for every gun that is sold

- Require that every gun come with a lock

- Require that every owner provide for a federally regulated “safe storage” for his weapons, and “prosecute those who fail to comply with [those] safe storage laws.”

- Enact legislation “to allow federal health and safety oversight of the firearms industry.”

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If there is a lady in your life you love

Order this book

Man Blasts TV with Shotgun

after watching Bristol dance

A bit unusual

Murder suspect storms police station

No one died when he attacked those that had the proper tools

New Holster

Shame he couldn't be convicted

For being stupid

To me it is common sense if you are going to pocket carry, that gat belongs in a "Pocket Holster". I've heard and read about a lot of accidents, and near accidents concerning pocket carry, but not one involved a gun that was in a holster.

My partner had a student fling a Kel-Tec across a jewelry store that was posted when his keys got entangled in the trigger guard.

A few months ago a fellow in a nearby city carried his pocket gun in a bar, and when he reached for his keys discharged the a .380 into his girlfriends leg, bet a pocket holster would have been cheaper than all the charges he faced.

I also know of a guy that got in a situation, and pulled his 38 out of his pocket by the barrel, and pointed the grips at his attacker, lucky the appearance of the gun caused the bad guy to run.

Maybe your cat

or dog, but not your kid

Seems like the latest in dumb ideas.
If a predator can snatch a fat house cat, he is not going to work hard to get a rat

You summed it up

The problem with this argument is it is based on the assumption that criminals are reasonable people, rather than desperate and savage animals.

Those that want to carry guns realize that criminals are unreasonable savages, and there is no predicting what they will do. I think they would rather have the ability to fight back, than be helpless lambs slaughtered at the whim of a desperate criminal.

Well then quit complaining

and move to Italy

Whodoneit deepens

Seems the two ladies shot, were from Australia and at this point appear self inflicted

I was a bit

disappointed with this list

Leaving out the Sharps 45 110 from Quigley Down Under

Friday, November 12, 2010

SCAR in 22lr

Speaking of pens

Having just purchased a Schrade Tactical Pen  (mostly for the heck of it)
Having been trained in the Mini Baton, (Kubaton) I see this as being very similar tool for self defense, but the primary reason I carry a pen is to write things down, and find the tactical pen not well suited for that application, it does indeed write, but you have to unscrew it, make a note or 2 and screw it back together, which is a bit of pain, as a regular pen is just plain easier to use for that intended purpose.

Now really the tactical pens are a disguised version of a weapon (ie: a pen)

Now I have a friend who has worked in forensics, and pathology, and other research, found that regular old Bic pens have the deepest pentration in a human chest wall of about any pen on the market.

So really about any pen does a good job of writing, and about any pen can be pressed into service as a weapon, and for the most,  regular pens are more affordable, and do the primary job of writing a lot easier

L-R Bic, Free Glock Pen, Schrade Tactical, Zebra F-402
Cost-wise the Bic runs about 12-15 cents each, the Schrade was $24.95, and refills run about $1.50 each

Want a shooting challenge?

Try Dots

 Ten dot sets are printed on each target. Each dot set looks like a triangle, with a dot at each corner. Only one shot is fired on each dot set, for a total of 10 rounds. If the shooter hits one dot in the triangle, they score one point, hit two for two points, and if you shoot through the center and touch each dot, you get four points. The total possible score is 40. Many shooters score zero, and this is only at nine feet.

Much todo about nothing

"We have not had a hot cup of coffee in four days,"

Wow no hot coffee in 4 days? Imagine that, they better be passing some more laws to address that problem

The Taurus Judge

on steroids

Get shot, have lunch

see doctor

Maybe it was a really good sandwich

We needed to know this?

How cats drink

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Alder wood
Time change, pc problems, bunches of paper work, and a 12 hour class, regular blogging will resume tomorrow

Friday, November 05, 2010

One Year ago today

Ft Hood shooting

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

Keith Olbermann suspended

Looks more like a shotgun to me

Sarah Palin goes shopping

When under attack by a man with a gun

returning lead, works better than a kind word

I am a bit amazed at how dumb some educated people are.

Victims of baseball bat violence

and victims of knife violence, and victims of fist violence etc

Maybe the Brady's should just get congress to ban violence, instead of the method the violence was employed.

So explain to me

according to the FBI crime is down, while in cities like Chicago it's not

Perhaps in the cities that ban or restrict guns, only the outlaws are armed, and they can roam free without fear.

When we should see crime rates climbing, it has instead dropped, and the one thing no one seems to want to acknowledge is it could be 6 million Americans have CCW licenses, have detered crime, cause the bad guys just don't know who might be packing. Except in cities like Chicago, LA, NY, DC.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Well everyone I voted for won except 2

Those two be the Ohio Governor, and The Ohio AG,
I am concerned the New Governor, will be like the last RINO, and stall any improvements in Ohio CCW laws
The New AG could start fiddling with the Reciprocity Agreements, and limit where we can carry

Stay tuned

Mosin Nagant


Tuesday, November 02, 2010