Thursday, March 15, 2012

So why not just tell lies

to get you way?

Since elected governor, Kasich has signed into law numerous bills allowing guns to be purchased with fewer restrictions. Under his administration, the gun waiting period was shortened from three days to one, handguns were permitted in bars and restaurants, there is no longer a requirement to register or license a firearm, no penalty for guns purchased or sold without a background check, no penalty for someone who has bought a gun for someone who legally cannot, and no law requiring local or state government to have any record of gun ownership.

There has been no change in the waiting period to purchase, it is usually an instant check with NCIS, and they can still delay the purchase up to 3 days, it is a Federal program that Kasich has no control over.

Yes the state has allowed carry in restaurants, and bars out of nearly 250,000 license holders only one has violated the law since it went into effect.

In the state there has never been gun registering or licensing, other than some cities, there has never been a penalty for selling a gun without a background check, if the sale is private.  

Purchasing a gun for someone who cannot legally own one is a "Straw man purchase" and illegal under federal law, having a state law saying the same thing is redundant. The city or state having a record of gun ownership is defacto registration

The person and gun in question, the gun was purchased legally, and the person stole the gun, (A Crime) he was under 21, (A Crime) He carried the firearm onto school property (A Crime) He used a firearm with intent to injure and or kill (A Crime)

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