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Handgun Retention Course: August 17, 2014
One of your worst nightmares, you are in public, and someone has “Made” you, and they attempt to grab your gun. Can you prevent this, and retain control of your weapon and prevail? Or are you going to be a victim of your own gun?

This course focuses on the ability to retain your handgun in the event someone would attempt to remove it from your person.  This is a physically demanding course and can result in personal injury during the training..  Mouth guards and groin cups (for guys) are strongly recommended.  It is recommended you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty as you may be fighting on the ground. This course will be held outside in real world conditions, rain or shine.

A valid CCW permit or LEO is prerequisite to taking this course.  The fee for this course is $65.00 and the course is 4-6 hours in length. 10am start 
Certificates will be presented at end of class
We have a minimum of 10 students with a maximum of 20 students.

Equipment requirements
1.  Personal Safety Equipment
2.  Blue or Red Training Gun Optional

The Instructor:

 Don Mason.  Is owner/operator of Excel Martial Arts and Excel Defense where offered quality personal self defense instruction with 20+ years teaching experience. 
Don has trained in various disciplines of martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, American Kenpo, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing since 1975 and have trained with pillars in the martial arts community such as Rickson Gracie, Royce Gracie and many others.
He currently holds a 5th degree black belt Master Instructor status.
He has serves as the   village of Bettsville, Ohio since 2005 where he is the current Chief of Police.
OPOTA Handgun Retention Instructor.
OPOTA Semi-Auto Handgun, Revolver, & Shotgun Instructor.
NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety Instructor.
NRA Certified Metallic Cartridge Reloading & Shotgun Shell Reloading Instructor.
NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.
NRA Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor. 
Certified Glock Armorer.
Certified Gunsmith.
Certified GLOCK Instructor Workshop
AR-10 * AR-15 * M-4 * M-16 Armorer.

Contact John at Mad Duck Training or call 937-787-4414
Full payment required 2 weeks before the class, we accept checks or money orders, In the event the course is canceled there will be a full refund. If you cancel less than two weeks from course date your payment will be forfeited, unless we have someone on standby.

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