Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Running the gun

The Rangemaster classes

As Tom Givens says one thing you don't have in a fight is time

He teaches you how the make the most of your time, by learning to run the gun, missing is frowned on, as misses are time, when you should be hitting, plus the added responsibility of where did those rounds end up?

He pushes you to reload faster, shoot faster and not stand around when your gun fails to go bang, to fix the stoppage right now and get back in the fight

He adds to the pressure to go at it fast, and do it right with timed drills, that can include drawing from cover, stoppages, and reloads, and movement all in one drill

Tom's class is fun, but no nonsense, and he pushes you be better when you leave than when you arrive.

He not only tells you how, but he also tells you why, which is important in the learning cycle, people will more likely embrace the how, if they understand why.

He also challenges you mentally, in other words how to keep your head in the game and think when under pressure, which really is the survival skill you need in a fight

He does not teach you how to shoot, but teaches you how to fight weather with a pistol, or a shotgun, at speeds and accuracy you have never gone before.

Look forward to training with him in the future 

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Anonymous said...


It was a great long weekend training with Tom. I absolutely agree with everything you wrote. I've already put a shorter buttstock on my shotgun. How's your shoulder feeling today?