Thursday, August 05, 2010

Defensive Knife Course

Mad Duck Training will be hosting this course in West Elkton Ohio

The course will be conducted by
Jim Floyd, M.Ed., CHS-III
Forensic Criminologist & Director of Training Dignitary Protection Group,

August 15th 9am

Gain essential skills to use your knife and/or defend against a knife in a lethal force encounter!
What you you will be doing this fast paced, highly interactive and hands-on course:
Legally using force to protect yourself or a third person
Understanding the force continuum
Making use of force decisions
Reviewing knife laws
Selecting an everyday carry knife
Carrying techniques
Drawing your knife
Gripping your knife
Opening your knife using various techniques
Cutting a practice target
Moving in and out of various ranges
Stepping and footwork drills
Practicing angles of attack
Performing alive hand / empty hand techniques
Activating pressure points with a closed knife
Defending against knife attacks
Deploying a firearm (airsoft) in Force-on-Force simulations
Using improvised weapons to counter knife attacks
Protecting anatomical targets
and More!

Please wear clothing that you typically wear on the street, including the same type of shoes. This is realistic training for the real world, not a gym or dojo!
Bring any (all) knives you normally carry, or intend to carry to class with you. While this course will primarily focus on the use of folding knives, we will be happy to discuss fixed blade knives as well. ALSO, contact Jim BEFORE you go out and buy a knife, especially if you are buying one to use in this course. You can spend a lot of money on a knife (Jim knows, he has and still does!) but there are good choices that are less expensive and work well. We highly recommend that you get/have a MANUAL knife with a THUMB STUD when first learning as they are the easiest to open, properly grip and use (besides being legal in the most states!).
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