Friday, August 20, 2010

Some interesting classes last weekend

The CUES For the Armed Citizen, focused on body language, facial expressions, to use as, well cues to possible motives of people we encounter. There was even a section on spotting suicide bombers.

The Trauma Self Care course taught what and how the student could treat themselves for trauma injury, such as gunshot wounds.

The Defensive Knife course, focused on how to evade, and disarm, and how to use a knife in self defense, including several force on force scenarios, once again proving you do need some space to use a gun, when it's in your face you'll have to resort to empty hands tactics, as there will be no time to get the gun out.


BUFF_dragon said...

I'm still sad that I couldn't make it back up there on Sunday. Saturday's classes were AWESOME.
A hearty thanks goes out to you and your significant other for hosting Jim. I learned ALOT and have recommended the classes and training to several others.

The Duck said...

Glad to have you, and hope to have Jim and DPG back again