Saturday, September 19, 2009

Need a Scorecard

There are resident ccw licenses, & then there are non resident ccw licenses.
The two most popular are Florida & Utah, but there are others such as Pennsylvania,, New Hampshire, Indiana, South Carolina, Maine, 20 in all.

Some are as easy to get as filling out an application & writing a check. Some you have to go to that state for training. One exception is Utah that certifies Non Resident Instructors, that can offer the Utah approved course where they live. Some although the law is in place to issue non resident licenses they are nearly impossible to get (Maryland, New Jersey)

One of the issues is not all states that honor the resident license of another state, will honor the non resident license, of that same state. For example New Hampshire issues non resident licenses, but the only non resident license they honor is their own.
There was a recent falling out between North Dakota, NH & FL. ND honored both resident & non resident licenses, but FL & NH refused to honor ND non resident, license, so now ND only honors non resident from states that honor their non resident.

Several of the states are honor states, Indiana for one will honor a CCW license from any other state. There are states that only honor other states through Reciprocity Agreements, in other words the 2 states in question have agreed to honor each others license. For example Ohio has reciprocity with 18 states, but there another 9 states that honor Ohio's CHL. For example Indiana honors Ohio, but Ohio does not honor Indiana, so for a Hoosier to carry in the Buckeye state they need to acquire ether a Florida or Utah license.

So before acquiring a non resident license, or if you are traveling outside your own state you should know where you can & cannot carry, and perhaps the best & most up to date single source on the net is . Do not check it once & assume you are good to go, as these agreements can change from time to time (Nevada recently dropped both FL & UT, but picked up OH, NE recently changed their law & suddenly honored a bunch of states so things change.

As of today Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, & South Carolina do not honor Non Resident Licenses from anyone but themselves if they issue one at all.

If you are going to carry you need to know, so add Handgunlaw to your favorites, and stay legal.

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