Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How about a whole bunch of the fringe visited Washington DC Sept 12th?

Seems some think it was over a million, some say it's not, I orignally used the higher number that was reported here, and here which they have now downgraded, and not likely I'll believe much of what ABC says

Hours before Saturday's protest began, it was clear that the crowd of people opposing Obama's big-government policies would be larger than many anticipated. There are no official estimates of how many attended, but there's no doubt that the turnout, from the crush on Pennsylvania Avenue to the crowd at the West Front of the Capitol, was big -- perhaps in the 100,000 range.

Update, 9/15 The British take on the 9/12 march
Update, 9/21


Bitter said...

Where are you getting a legitimate 1 to 2 million estimate? Not even the organizer who announced that ABC said the number can back up his claim. (And ABC said they definitely never claimed it.)

The Duck said...

Hey just picked it off the net Michelle Malkin for one, http://michellemalkin.com/2009/09/12/yes-the-picture-is-real-nutroots/

Bitter said...

Except ABC never reported it. A guy from Freedom Works claimed ABC reported it, but he finally admitted it was based on a rumor and he didn't get the number from ABC.

The quote about it being the largest event on the mall also appears to have been lifted from a different story. LGF points it to stories about other events.

The city estimated around 60-70K, which would be more than a successful event. The photo from the event also appears to be a fake. Folks believe it came from a Christian gathering in the 1990s given that an entire building is missing that was opened several years ago.

Assume that if a number doesn't quite add up that it probably isn't accurate. Two million would do more than shut down the entire city. One million would also shut down the city. If anything, the problems that would cause with Metro would have forced coverage with the major outlets.

The Duck said...

Well I don't recall that I mentioned ABC other than I didn't care what they had to say. the articles I linked may have but I didn't