Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Para

Well new to me, a Tac Five, it's been discontinued by Para. It's the LDA action, in 9mm (18+1).

I haven't looked up the specs, but I was guessing it had an alloy frame, as it does not seem that heavy, but considering it must be in the balance of the design, it's still lighter than a standard 1911 (39 ozs). I was considering the Para P18, but there are none around, what with Para moving to the USA, restarting production is no easy task.

This one has a nearly unbelievable trigger, as good as my single actions, and better than my Gunblog 45. (the target was the last 16 rounds in the first box of ammo, at 7 yds. (Given I had been up & down ladders most of the day painting, I'd say gun is capable of tighter groups)

Found Hi-Cap mags at CDNN for $29.99, and if you bought 5 they threw in an extra one.

They arrived today & they are Para mags made in Canada, even with shipping, it came out around $26.33 per mag with shipping

Some may ask what I need it for, but to be honest I passed "need" a long time ago, it was a want.

I know some will say why not 40 or 45?, but with the general lack & higher cost of ammo 9mm will more than suffice, and besides I don't like the "Jolt" of 40, & I don't want a paperweight because I can't find 45, besides I have enough 45's to feed now.


BUFF_dragon said...

Congrats, looks great....

Caleb said...

I have one of those. It actually has a steel frame, Para saved a lot of weight by using a classic guide rod and a lightened barrel.

One thing - mine sometimes had trouble cycling standard pressure 9mm rounds, but really enjoyed +P and NATO rounds.