Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ongoing at Calebs

my take on it: The majority of the folks that work at Xe are just really wanting to do the job they were trained to do, and well hey the pay is great, with the way things are going why spend 4-20 years in the military, get out & work at Lowes? If instead you can go to work making $1000 a day? Are there some that would go after American citizens if so ordered sure they would, a survey in the early 90's of SF'rs found that around a third would also do the same thing. But the government does not need to round up anybody, besides look at the expense of doing it.

To get the control they want over the masses consolidate the banks, take control of some major companies, & sign some international treaties, and trade agreements and they will strip away most of the rights we have, ignore those that scream the loudest, and have the media label them as extremists.

Even with today's military being all volunteer, the country squirms with every lose of young men & women, but they hardly shrug when it's some faceless private contractor getting blown away. The country wants 2 armies, one that looks all pretty and marches real nice and is the symbol of strength, and another one that does the dirty work. Put a 25 year old in a US Marine uniform and get him killed the country mourns his lost, put that same guy in khakis a polo shirt give him a $1000 a day and kill him, nobody cares.

There was a time when we took care of each other, we took care of the poor I can't help but remember my dad telling the story of one of the neighbours coming over, and explaining how another farmers oat crop had been ruined, and wondered if dad had any oat seed he could give. As it happened he had entire bushel basket of seed in the barn, that he had no plans to use it was a good a way as as any to get rid of the unwanted seed, he started to pour the entire basket into the trailer, but the farmer stopped him, and said "No, just a little, if everyone gives just a little he can get back on his feet" But then someone came up with the not so bright idea, that someone else should take care of people like that, and the idea grew & grew until somebody else was taking care of everything.
For 2 generations we have heard you can't protect yourself, give the bad guy what he wants, & let the police take care of it, let somebody else handle it. Would not the natural progression of that type of thinking be our army really can't defend us, get somebody else who can? So someone else like Erik Prince provides a service for the want, and suddenly he's the bad guy? It is the minority of the people that can take care of themselves, stand as it were on their own 2 feet, and think for themselves, it's the majority that can't, and they want to pass the buck to somebody else. Because well they want someone else to take care of them.

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