Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not a dry summer

We have about half of our range done, we have the dirt to finish the other side, but we keep getting enough rain (more than enough of late) that Sunday when he came with the front end loader, it was like trying to stack soup, then we got about 2 inches of broth on Monday to make more soup, waterfowl may make it a home soon.
One I'd just like to get it finished, there are a couple of rifles, I want to sight in, and two I'd just like to have it done.

One bright spot was at the local big box Wal Mart & they had both 9 mm & 45 Auto on the shelf, 3 100 count boxes of each, I was in the middle of purchasing 2 of each, when my excavator walked up & bought the other two, so Wal Mart is out of ammo again

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