Wednesday, July 06, 2011


This one involved a 5:11 Thumb drive holster


Gary Evens said...

I have seen a lot of comments on the Internet regarding this video. Most of them "blame" the ND on the use of the SERPA holster the individual was using when the incident actually occurred. (Earlier in the day the individual had been practicing with a 5.11 holster but then switched to the SERPA holster.) I see a combination of issues. One is the switching between two different types of retention holsters during the same training session. The other is switching types of guns during the training session--going from a Glock that has no external thumb safety, to a 1911 that does have a thumb safety. Unlike many of the comments on the Internet, I don't see the problem being the design of the SERPA holster. Instead this appears to be a classic case of switching equipment and then not thinking but instead rushing to perform the drill. It is not apparent to me if the individual had performed the same drill with the same equipment immediately prior to the ND or not. That would be interesting to know.

David said...

Of course, negligent discharges don't "just happen," and luck has nothing to do with it. While it's great he's willing to share, he's not being entirely honest until he can say, "it's my fault, I screwed up."